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What is fish bait?

Fish bait , is a food product that fish will eat , and areattracted to . And is used to catch fish. The food used, is usuallysomething the fish are used to eating , like some ( Full Answer )
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What is power bait?

power bait is.. power bait is simply an artificial bait that will catch a variety of fish. it comes in many forms, the most common being a clay-like pasty substance. suppos ( Full Answer )
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What is badger-baiting?

\n. \nBadger-baiting involving the baiting of badgers, is a blood sport outlawed in the United Kingdom by the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 as well as the Protection of Badgers ( Full Answer )
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What is link baiting?

Answer . Link baiting is a new and progressive method of increasing link popularity. You can easily create quality content on Link Bait .once it is online people will com ( Full Answer )
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What is jail-bait?

The term 'Jail-bait' describes an attractive (in every aspect) girl who is below the age of sexual consent, therefore if herself and a man were to have intercourse, he would t ( Full Answer )
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What was bull baiting?

bull baiting was a entertainment done in the Elizabethan times most people liked bull baiting
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What is bull baiting?

Bull baiting was a practice where dogs were set against a bull in an arena, essentially a bloodsport. Often the hooves of the bull were removed and it had to stand on it's blo ( Full Answer )
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What is cured bait?

Cured bait is live bait that have been been kept for 24 hours or more. Many times bait is injured when they are netted and the injured fish take a day before they die off. If ( Full Answer )
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What is bait advertising?

"Bait advertising," more commonly referred to as a "bait and switch tactic," is the action of a source attracting and misleading an interested party through its presentation o ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bait?

Rate, wait, late, mate, ate, faith, date, great, hate, narrate.. ANd many many more! ;)
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What is jerk bait?

A jerk bait is a lure that when u are reeling back in u give the rod a little jerk and it make the bait look alive .
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What does baited mean?

Baited means that the place u want to fish is baited. so u dont have to prebaite u just fish away!
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What is Bait and hook?

HOOKS There are hundreds of hooks patterns on the market and it ishardly surprising that the beginner often makes an unsuitablechoice.Luckly,manufacturers have begun to realis ( Full Answer )
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Bait bands what do they do?

Bait bands are for holding pellets to your hook. Hair rig bait bands are the best to use cause they come ready to use.
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Why do narcissists bait you?

They love attention. Even negative attention. Baiting you for conflict makes them feel powerful. Never take the bait and get away from them completely ASAP.
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What bait for brim?

small jigs Best bait for bluegill, redear and other sunfish (bream) are worms,crickets, small inline spinners.
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How do you get bait in Zelda?

In wind waker, you have to buy it from Beedle. Beedle's this guy who sells stuff in a boat in specific spots. He's got Hyoi Pears (which help you control birds) and All-Purpos ( Full Answer )
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What is bait protein?

well bait is what you use to catch fish and tht is mea. U have kno wat protein. so put them 2getha.
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What is the best bait?

The following is just my opinion and I'm not an expert by no stretch of the imagination, but this is what works best for me in the areas I fish the most: The best way to find ( Full Answer )
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What is the slang meaning of bait?

The word "bait" means something used to lure someone or something into a trap. Urban slang uses the word to mean someone very attractive.
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What has bear baiting got to do with shakespeare?

It is referenced in many of his plays, usually symbolic of a character's current situation. (For example, Macbeth's "They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, but bear-like ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the bait armor in AQW?

It isn't a drop from shark bait, but a reward for one of Twilly's Quest. Same with his Fin, Sword, and Head. I may be wrong.
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What is a bait in Club Penguin?

To catch the big red fish when fishing. Leave a yellow fish on the line of bait. Make sure you position the yellow fish by the mouth of the red fish. The red fish will get hoo ( Full Answer )
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What is the bait on Club Penguin mission?

1.It depends which mission you mean. The best way to find out is to search on Google for '(the name of the mission) Walkthrough.' The best results are Youtube videos. 2.i ( Full Answer )
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What is the Bait Bus?

Bait bus ia abput these girls who trick straight guys into haveing sex with the gay guys the put a blind fold ont the straight guy while a gay guy sucks there dick and when th ( Full Answer )
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What is the homophone of bait?

Bate: to moderate or restrain. To lessen. "With bated breath" is probably the usage most frequently encountered. Often, this homophone is seen in the words abate (as in, "th ( Full Answer )
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What is bait-and-switch?

a technique in which a business offers to sell a product or service, often at a lower price, in order to attract customers who are then encouraged to purchase a more expensive ( Full Answer )
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What is half bait and full bait in horse riding?

Half baiting a horse is renting a horse for a certain amount oftime for all lessons and to use in horse shows. Full bait isrenting a horse for a longer period of time.
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What can you use for bait?

Generally you can use anything the fish generally eats as bait. Thsi will vary depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Common live baits include minnows, worms, ( Full Answer )
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What is Link bait?

Link bait is any high quality content which attracts 1000s of backlinks to your website which will help you improve serps.
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What is a bait aerator?

A bait aerator is a small device that you attach the a 5 gallon bucket with bait in it and it pumps bubbles in the bucket giving the bait fresh "air". It kindof keeps the wate ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the bait in Zelda?

First you need to get a jar. Then, find some bee larva. Then put the jar out like a fishing rod. Finally stand on the bee larva and hit the same button you put the jar on you ( Full Answer )
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What is a baited hook?

It is a fishing hook with something to catch marine life attached to it, such as fish or worms.
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Baited in sentence?

You can use the word baited in a few different ways in a sentence.You can say "I have baited if fish hook with a worm".