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What to do when your going bald?

Stop worrying .have definite periods daily sleep. don't use shampoo . they contain NaOH(caustic) which is harmful to your hair sand skin instead of use mild alkali soap like d ( Full Answer )
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Is there a cure for baldness?

There is only one permanent natural cure available: surgical hair restoration (or 'hair transplant surgery'). Current medicines do not cure baldness - they are just vehicle ( Full Answer )
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Why do you go bald?

You can go bald as you get older because of old age. You can also become bald if you have cancer, or because of stress.
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How do you stop balding?

It's all about blood flow, really! its pretty simple. all you need are fingers and your bed or a chair or something like that. 1. (rumour) it may work give it a shot, anythi ( Full Answer )
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What causes baldness?

Baldness is hereditary, and its caused by naturally occurring high levels of testosterone in the blood stream of that individual. The high levels of testosterone cause a dimin ( Full Answer )
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Why is Voldemort bald?

Numerous explanations: . He inherited the trait from his father . He'd rather conserve his strength then spend it making hair . He has been tied up with a snake too long an ( Full Answer )
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Was Cleopatra Bald?

I researched that...and it is thought that even though it was common and not unusual to wear wigs and be bald in Ancient Egypt, she was not bald. She had her own hair. She was ( Full Answer )
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How does it feel to be bald?

it probably depends on the face shape the person has, and whether they're male or female. but, i mean bald can look good on girls too. i guess it's really just a matter of tas ( Full Answer )
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How can you prevent baldness?

Obviously there is no 100% guaranteed method to preventingbaldness. Family history/genetics/gender etc... will determine howlikely it is that you will eventually go bald. Howe ( Full Answer )
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Why are bald people bald?

They are bald becasue the bladness causes the bald spot to be bald on the bald. But the baldness of the bald headed one is not bald due to not being blad but being bald on the ( Full Answer )
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Why is your hamster bald?

If a hamster is bald or is losing its fur, it may be rubbing up against something which is causing it to lose fur. Your hamster may be old enough to be losing fur. I have a ha ( Full Answer )
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How do you get bald?

We might end up getting bald when we keep wearing hats for a long time as it will be very hot that the hair will drop. Even when you dry your hair using the hair dryer you act ( Full Answer )
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Why is Cheryl bald?

Because the bald gene requires testosterone to activate. She has too much! The gene was likely carried from the mother if she is bald as well. She herself did not go bald beca ( Full Answer )
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What can I do to reverse balding?

To my knowledge, there is nothing that you can do to reverse balding permanently, but you can use Rogain or Propecia which really only works temporarily, while you are using i ( Full Answer )
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Which presidents were bald?

The five balding presidents were: . John Adams . John Quincy Adams . Martin van Buren . James Garfield . Dwight D. Eisenhower
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As bald as a what?

As bald as a sphinx cat? or As bald as a naked mole rat? Those are my suggestions.
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Why is Krillin bald?

He thought all martial artists shave their hair for concentration like Master Roshi but he is just normally bald, making Krillin feel bad
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Is Althea bald?

exceptionally but denies the fact cause she's a diRKHEAD!!!. exceptionally but denies the fact cause she's a diRKHEAD!!! It means "healing" in ancient Greek. Althaea was M ( Full Answer )
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What is a homophone for bald?

Bawled - The tiny 3 year old bawled for hours after her mother leftfor work.
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What age do bald eagles get bald?

They aren't really bald, they just have white feathers on their heads. . I think what the person is asking is : "What age does the eagle's head (and tail) turn white?" T ( Full Answer )
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Who is bobo balde?

Bobo Balde (born October 5, 1975 in Marseille) is a French-born Guinean footballer for whom the majority of his career was spent playing for Scottish team Celtic.
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Why are Buddhist bald?

They aren't. Most of the Buddhists you pass everyday in the street look like everyone else - hair, glasses, T-shirts, comb overs - only in cheap movies relying on stereotypes ( Full Answer )
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Why animals are bald?

In wild species it is mostly due to a diet that would makes a mess of head feathers/fur - gore from carcasses or fruit juices or nectar. In a very few species, such as some mo ( Full Answer )
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Why are surenos bald?

Not all Surenos are bald, as far as the one's that are bald it's cause they choose to shave their heads but it's not a requirement that u have to shave ur head to be a Surenos ( Full Answer )
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Why are Buddhas bald?

The representations of the Buddha are contemporary representations of a historical figure that never sat for a portrait or photograph. Like Christian depictions of Jesus and t ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you are balding?

build your body up! it's the only other way to get chicks! and make sure you're completely bald so you can go for the pitbull look!
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Who is bald in bollywood?

Puneet Issar is bald in bollywood. He is presently in the big boss house. He is a strong contestant of that house.
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What makes a bald eagle bald?

The 'bald' eagle isn't actually bald. It got its name from the white colouring of the feathers on its head.
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How you can fight with baldness?

Shave your head every day(this is extremely important), put castor oil for 1 year, and after the year let it grow your hair. It works incredibly
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How prevent baldness?

Well if it is in your genes you can't but you could slow it down if you treated your hair very well. if your gonna go bald you will go bald, solution remove the follicles from ( Full Answer )
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Are bald eagles actually bald?

No They Are Just Called Bald Eagles Because Of Their White Heads On Top Of Their Most Commonly Brown Or Black Bodies. And FTW 8D They Get The Term Bald Eagles Because Accordin ( Full Answer )
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Why is a monk bald?

There are a number of reasons. . It helps make Buddhist monks recognizable as Buddhistmonks. . Since the earliest Buddhist monks often slept in the forest onrocks or under ( Full Answer )
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How to treat baldness?

Baldness can be treated by taking medication such as Propecia orRegaine or scalp surgery. Wearing a wig is also an option fortreating baldness that does not involve medicine o ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of baldness?

It means the condition of hairlessness. By extension, it can refer to anything which has lost or is missing its outer covering. Tires which have lost their tread suffer from b ( Full Answer )
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What are bald or balding tires?

A bald tyre is a tyre whose tread has become worn down to a smoothor nearly smooth surface. A bald tyre is extremely dangerous asgrip on the road surface is reduced and skiddi ( Full Answer )