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What is a balk in baseball?

A balk is any of a large number of illegal actions made by a pitcher when he is on the rubber. When this happens, the ball is declared dead and all base runners are awarded th ( Full Answer )
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What does balk mean?

When a pitcher stops while in motion or when a pitcher is set andmakes any sudden movements or turning of the shoulder in order toconfuse the batter. In this case, any runners ( Full Answer )
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Who is balke Lewis?

Balke Lewis was a contester in America Idol Season 6. He reached the top 2 .He is also known for his Amazing Beatboxing ability , and remakes of several songs especially "You ( Full Answer )
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What is a fielder balk?

A fielder's balk occurs when one of the fielder's is not in fair territory when a pitch is delivered. According to the rules, all fielders, except the catcher, must be posit ( Full Answer )
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How do you use balk in a sentence?

If you balk at doing your own homework, you will not get the benefit of the learning and practice it is intended to give you.
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What does the term balk mean in baseball?

I am referring to a pitchers balk. There are some illegal moves that a pitcher can not do after he gets in position. Usually some sort of incorrect movement of the hands. B ( Full Answer )
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What is a fielders balk in baseball?

The only fielder that is able to balk is the pitcher. a balk occurs when there is a base runner and the pitcher makes an incorrect move, in essence trying to trick the runner ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your balk walkover in a day?

It's not possible to learn how to do a backbend walkover in just ONE DAY . It takes hard work, concentration, and dedication. If you really want to learn how to do a backbend ( Full Answer )
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What is a balk in Major League Baseball?

In baseball, a pitcher may commit a number of illegal motions or actions which constitute a balk. A balk ordinarily results in an immediate dead ball and nullification of any ( Full Answer )
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What makes a balk?

The vast majority of Balks are called on the pitcher, but a Balk can also be called on the catcher. With runners on base, if the catcher steps out of the catcher's box before ( Full Answer )
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How do you use balks in a sentence?

If your using it as a verb: He balked at making the speech. Noun: He made a balk. HOPE IT HELPED! :)
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Can a balk be called on the catcher in baseball?

One Answer: A balk can only be called on the pitcher. A balk is when a pitcher interrupts the pitching motion. Another Answer: In addition to the usual and commonly kn ( Full Answer )
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Can a catcher balk in baseball?

The catcher can cause a balk, but the balk is charged to the pitcher. If, during an intentional walk, the catcher steps out of the catcher's box before the ball leaves the pit ( Full Answer )
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How many balk calls are there?

There is only one call for a balk. When a pitcher is in the stretch and a runner or runners are on base, the pitcher must pause before throwing to homeplate. There can also be ( Full Answer )
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In baseball how can the catcher commit a balk?

catcher's balk A rarely called violation of catcher's interference charged as a balk when a catcher leaves the catcher's box before the pitch is delivered, especially on a ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a balk in Softball?

I am very familiar with ISA, ASA, and College Softball rules and I have NEVER heard of a balk being called in softball, the main reason for this is runners cannot leave the ba ( Full Answer )
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Balk at first base?

If a runner is on first, and the pitcher balks, he is awarded 2nd base. The balk rule was instituted to keep pitchers from deceiving the runners.
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How can you say the word balk in a sentence?

"I am using the word balk in a sentence." Okay, serious this time the area on a billiard table behind the balkline "a player with ball in hand must play from the balk"
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Is fairuza balk a lesbian?

I don't care if she is or not, I'd lick her bunghole for days either way!
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When is a pitch considered a balk?

the most obvious one is when a pitcher starts his motion towards home plate but then throws over to the bag where the runner is.
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What is a balk in softball?

A balk is when a pitcher does his/her windup but does not actually pitch the ball. It usually occurs by accident that the ball slips out of your hand the wrong way or somethin ( Full Answer )
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What is balking in baseball?

An illegal movement made by the pitcher before he pitches the ball. Here is a mini article I found from Wikipedia on a few actions. Balk actions A pitcher is restricted to a ( Full Answer )
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How old is Alfred Balk?

Alfred Balk was born on July 24, 1930 and died on November 25, 2010. Alfred Balk would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 85 years old today.
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What is a 'catcher's balk' in basebal?

A Catcher's Balk is the Catcher leaving his position in which hecrouches at behind the home plate because in the rules, he is notallowed to move out of his crouch box which is ( Full Answer )
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What does balk mean in sports?

In baseball it means when the pitcher does a pitching motion towards home plate, but holds on to the ball, to try to pick off the runner on base. If that happens, the runner a ( Full Answer )
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What mean balk?

To stop short and refuse to go on, or as a noun, A wooden beam or rafter.
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How did Fairuza Balk begin her career?

Fairuza Balk began her career as a Dorothy Gale in the Disney film, Return to Oz. She is now 38 and she has won awards for that movie, for being the best female lead.
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What is Fairuza Balk famous for?

Fairuza Balk is famous for being an actress in the United States. Some of the films she has taken part include Dorothy Gale in Return to Oz and the lead role in the 1996 film ( Full Answer )
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What Is The Definition Of Balk?

bôk/ verb . verb: baulk ; 3rd person present: baulks ; past tense: baulked ; past participle: baulked ; gerund or present participle: baulking ;verb: balk ; 3rd pers ( Full Answer )
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Does Balk Have A Silent Letter?

Balk is pronounced as bawk or bok . So, the L could be considered silent, depending how a person pronounces that word.
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What is balk in baseline in badminton?

A balk is a deceptive movement made by a member of the opposing team to confuse the opponent. A balk is also known as a feint.
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What has the author Ralf Balke written?

Ralf Balke has written: 'Hakenkreuz im heiligen Land' -- subject(s): National socialism, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, Politics and government
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What has the author Willem Balke written?

Willem Balke has written: 'de Kerk Op Orde?' 'Calvin and the Anabaptist Radicals' -- subject(s): Anabaptists