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What is an Irish ballot?

Answer . Everyone gets together, becomes plastered, and then votes for the new president. This has happened for the past two elections.. Answer . Everyone gets together ( Full Answer )
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What is an Australian ballot?

An "Australian ballot" is also known as a secret ballot, in whichone's vote is cast in a private booth. a secret ballot provided at public expense (gradpoint)
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What is ballot fatigue?

Answer . ballot fatigue , also called voter fall-off, or roll-off, which refers to a voter completing only the first part of a ballot . The length, complexity, and manne ( Full Answer )
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What is a secret ballot?

A vote in which each person's choice is secret, but the totaled votes are public.
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What is a ballot system?

An absentee ballot is canidates. absentee ballot for handicapped or those out of town or country electronic ballot voting paper ballot voting system soon [ as there is ( Full Answer )
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What is an absentee ballot?

A ballot marked and mailed in advance by a voter away from the place he/she is registered.
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What does ballot mean?

A ballot is a device used to record votes. Often a paper sheet with holes that can be punched to indicate votes. However can be electronic or other medium as well.
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When were absentee ballots created?

On Jeopardy the 16th of October 2008 the category for the final question was Presidential Election History. The answer was DUE TO THE LARGE NUMBERS OF MEN AWAY FROM HOME, IT W ( Full Answer )
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What is the secret ballot?

Answer: . It allows citizens to vote in private and so avoid being pressured to vote a certain way
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What was The secret ballot?

A secret ballot is a voting method in which a voter's choices in an election or a referendum are confidential. The key aim is to ensure the voter records a sincere choice by f ( Full Answer )
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What is a special ballot?

With a special ballot, an elector can vote by mail or in person at the office of any returning officer.
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What is the origin of the word ballot?

the origin is where the word came from but the specific origin of the word ballot is latin root word.
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What are the parts to the Australian ballot?

The four parts of the "Australian Ballot". 1. The ballot paper is printed at public expense.. 2. The ballot paper lists all candidates by position, as well as any other prop ( Full Answer )
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What does cast a ballot mean?

A ballot is a card used to register a vote in an election, so tocast a ballot means to submit your vote.
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What are sample ballots?

Sample ballots can refer to a sheet that lists sample candidates - such as a presidential runoff that lists Stephen Douglas against Abraham Lincoln, or Jane Doe versus John Do ( Full Answer )
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What is an bedsheet ballot?

If you mean bedsheet ballet, that's kind of like the horizontal tango, or the cucumber rumba.
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What is office group ballot?

A ballot that contains the names of all the candidates that are running for a public office that is catigorized by what office they are running for,
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What is the origin of ballot?

They frikin live up your butt so it is an butt hole origin you dik
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Who counts the ballots and how do they do it?

Well it is done by a machine. After you cast your vote you would go put your ballot in a state of the art machine which has a memory card and at closing time they lock it up i ( Full Answer )
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What is a electronic ballot?

when taking a vote it is electronically operated as opposed to manually (ballot boxes, ballots, etc...)
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What is an austrailian ballot?

Australian ballot , also called secret ballot , the system of voting in which voters mark their choices in privacy on uniform ballots printed and distributed by the go ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of absentee ballots?

they are completely useless and are only used to make people happy. It makes those who are not local during an election think their vote counts, but it does not.
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How do cardinals cast ballots?

Cardinals under age 80 at the start of the conclave can vote. Theprocedure is secret but the cardinals cast paper ballots that are laterburned after they are totaled.
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What is the recipe for Ballot Box Brownies?

Ballot Box Brownies . Ingredients: . 1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine . 3/4 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa . 2-1/4 cups sugar . 1/2 teaspoon salt . 3 eggs . 1 teaspoon v ( Full Answer )
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Why does the us have a secret ballot system?

Because man, the United States didn't want the voters to be intimidated or bribed by trusts and the people who were running for election. Got it, dude? And it started in Austr ( Full Answer )
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Is there such thing as mail-in ballots?

Yes, some states, such as Washington State, employ a mail-in ballot system in order to increase voter turnout.
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What is value of 3cent ballot stamp?

That would be Scott number US 1584. It can be purchased for 20cents mint and 15 cents in used condition.
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How did Obama get on the ballot?

I am not sure which ballot you are asking about, but throughout his career in politics, he has gotten on the ballot the same way as any other successful candidate: he announce ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by an absentee ballot?

An absentee ballot is a ballot wherein the person voting cannot be present at a polling station, but whose reason for not being present falls within certain guidelines imposed ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on the ballot for presidential elections?

In order to get on the ballot, you have to file a petition with theproper election official. This must be done in each state. Thesignees must all be registered voters in the s ( Full Answer )
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What has the author J Ballot written?

J. Ballot has written: 'Food systems and society' -- subject(s): Food supply, Women in agriculture, Women in rural development