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What are balls?

Balls are a spherical shape that has the diameter of PiR 2 . These spherical object are made in many sizes both by man and by nature. When man made, it is usually a child's pl ( Full Answer )
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What is a ball?

Balls are objects typically used in games. They are usually spherical but can be ovoid. In most games using balls, the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is ( Full Answer )
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Which ball bounces higher an old ball or a new ball?

Answer . OK A NEW BALL BOUNCES HIGHER BECAUSE A NEW BALL IS NEW AND DOES NOT HAVE WORN OUT SIDES SO THATS WHY.. Alternate approach: . It may be neither the new ball nor ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to put a ball in to ball?

I'm thinking you mean to put a ball into Baulk. In Billiards, it doesn't apply to snooker or pool, a cueball in the Baulk area must be played down the table, that is out of Ba ( Full Answer )
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What do you do to a ball?

You can kick it, throw it, bounce it, hit it with a racquet or a bat, juggle it and do many other actions with it.
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Can you play ball with a popcorn ball?

if it is something simple like catch, yes. But if you are playing basketball or soccer then it will probably fall apart lol XD
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What is ball?

It's a round shape, spherical object that is used in varioussports, occasions and other miscellaneous activities. Dictionary answer: see also Sphere My answer: a 3D objectw ( Full Answer )
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Is ball four a dead ball?

If the pitcher throws four balls to one batter, it means that the batter would get a free base. However, the ball is not dead. For example, if the fourth ball was a wild pitch ( Full Answer )
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What is Floor-ball ball made of?

The Floor-ball is composed of plastic and has holes constructed throughout the entire structure of it. The official ball is 72mm in diameter.
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Is a hurling ball a ball?

It is about the size of a tennis ball, containing cork inside and two pieces of leather stitched on the outside in the same pattern as a tennis ball, but with the edges of the ( Full Answer )
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Can balling balls bounce?

it can because its a ball but not really because its heavy and its not like basket ball that not so heavy
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What is a hyper ball and cherish ball?

an hyper ball: Another name for an ultra ball in japan, as the orange stripes on the top form a H. An cherish ball: an event ball that is all red same catch rate of an poke ( Full Answer )
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What is on the ball?

"on the ball - aware of what is going on and quick to respond and take action ( informal )" - Encarta ® World English Dictionary © Basically to be alert and ready ( Full Answer )
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Why are balls called balls when referring to balls and strikes?

A "strike" is a "fair ball" -- one that passed through the strike zone. A "foul ball" is one that passed outside of the strike zone. "Foul" is also used to refer to a ball tha ( Full Answer )
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When Where and Why is The Capulet Ball?

Where? At Capulet's house. Why? It is an old accustomed feast, basically a tradition. When? In Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet.
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What is volleyball ball?

It is a sport in which 6 players have 3 chances to pass the ball back over the net to another team of 6
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What are the balls?

"The balls", can have different meanings. Depending on the context,it could have very different meanings, in a causal or relaxedsituation, "the balls" most likely refers to a ( Full Answer )
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A ultra ball or a great ball?

witch one is better? great balls. other people think its ultra ball because of the key word ULTRA. but if you want to catch good use some ultra balls and then a great ball. it ( Full Answer )
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How do you bump the ball in volley ball?

A bump is often used to receive a hard serve, or a ball that is too low to pass on above your head, and is one of the basic skills to master in Volleyball. The precision is no ( Full Answer )
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How do you hand ball a foot ball?

you hold the ball in what ever hand you are mostly using(left or right handed) and clench your fist while following through with the ball
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What is a dead ball in volley ball?

A dead ball is when the play stops for one reason or another. . A live ball becomes dead when: . The ball touches an antenna or touches the net outside the part of the net ( Full Answer )
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Which ball goes higher a small ball or big ball?

Because of gravity, a ball with a larger mass will take more energy to bounce than a small ball (of the same material) will, so a small one will usually bounce higher.
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How do you rack the balls in eight ball?

The easiest way to rack in 8 ball is by number. Start with the one followed by the nine then the two and ten then three and eleven. When you get to the five and thirteen put t ( Full Answer )
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Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or a soccer ball?

From personal experience I'm almost positive that you can kick a kickball further than a soccer ball. Of course someone rather athletic could be able to kick a soccer ball fur ( Full Answer )
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What is a page ball swing ball and yorker ball?

A yorker ball hits the cricket pitch around the batsman's feet. When a batsman assumes a normal stance this generally means that the cricket ball bounces on the cricket pitch ( Full Answer )
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Which ball bounces the highest a tennis ball or a rubber ball?

According to an experiment for a school assignment that I for maths,a rubber ball bounces higher than a tennis ball- well the balls that I used. Here is a table in which I col ( Full Answer )
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How to get ball?

There are many ways to get a ball. You can go to a store andpurchase any kind of ball you want. You can also borrow a ball if afriend has an extra one.