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What is bane and boon?

bane is nothing but something harmful or against nature or in simple disadvantages.whereas boon is advantages
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What is wolves-bane?

Answer . Is a common homeopathic medication with the Scientific name of Arnica.. Answer . It is a a flowering plant.. answer 3. its a name of a monster on adventure q ( Full Answer )
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What is the bane of computers?

Easy. A SledgeHammer. or Water. or fire. or idiots. Well, maybe its not so easy. Lots of things can kill a computer
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Is science a bane?

I wouldn't call science a bane, but it does deserve to be considered a mixed blessing. Science gives great power to humanity, but humanity does not always use its power wisely ( Full Answer )
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What is boon or bane?

The phrase "boon or bane" means pros and cons. It is used to referto the good and bad of something.
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What rhymes with baneful?

There are no perfect rhymes for baneful. Words ending in -ful which fit the pattern: 1. abuseful 2. adventureful 3. affrightful 4. aidful 5. almightful 6. amaz ( Full Answer )
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Why science is bane?

ye s ,I think that science i s bane becau s e there are many di s advantage s of s cience. there i s waste of money in electricity. there are many doctor s then they take ( Full Answer )
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What is a bane?

The noun bane is a synonym of curse, as in a nuisance, annoyance, or impediment. The proper noun Bane is a supervillain from the comic Batman. He is a heavy man who has a s ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for bane?

Bane means a source of ruin or harm, a bad problem, a curse, ordestruction. Stretch marks are considered to be the bane ofexpectant women.
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What is chill bane?

It roots in native American culture of the current Canada/United States region. It is a condition where a person who grew up in extreme cold/chilly weather, and their blood do ( Full Answer )
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Who is Darth bane?

Darth Bane is a fictional character from Star Wars, a powerful SithLord who lived 1000 years prior to the setting of the movies.
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What is the boon or bane?

Boon is something that is beneficial to be thankful for. Bane is something that causes misery or death.
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What is hell bane?

well... hellbane is my username for a lot of things but if u want to know what the words mean hell is satans layer, opposite of heaven bane, in context is like: the bane ( Full Answer )
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How strong is bane?

Without Venom, He can lift half a ton, with venom he can lift as much as 10-40 tons depending on amount of dose.
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Why is technology a bane?

Last time someone used the word 'bane' they were having problems. Technology used responsibly is a blessing not a bane. Be aware that this and similar sentiments can be used ( Full Answer )
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Who is bane in starwars?

Bane is a bounty hunter from Star Wars the Clone Wars TV series, and the Hutt council hired him to free Ziro the hutt--captured during the movie for trying to kill Jabba's son ( Full Answer )
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What is sea bane?

I think this is the answer but im not sure its true. Its a smallpurple flower. A woman who eats its leaves will not bear a child.EDIT: This is from a fantasy novel and was a p ( Full Answer )
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Who is bane in Batman?

Bane is a brilliant world-class fighter and tactical genius who augments his great physical strength with a steroid called venom . ~ Look to the related link below for more in ( Full Answer )
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Can Halloween be baned?

in some cities it can be, some cities also have it on the day before or the day after too
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Why technology a bane?

Last time someone used the word 'bane' they were having problems. Technology used responsibly is a blessing not a bane. Be aware that this and similar sentiments can be used ( Full Answer )
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Does Darth bane have a ghost?

in a fateful duel with his apprentice Darth zannah, he tries to take over her body, leaving his a charred, lifeless bump on the ground. she survived it and bane died, but she ( Full Answer )
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Baned from Howrse?

Hi there! In future you could be a little more specific with your question, as you have left me guessing! I'm assuming you mean 'banned from howrse'. This isn't a question ( Full Answer )
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What is jamma bane?

A system of land tenure, known as Jamma , was formerly instituted in Kodagu during the pre-colonial Paleri Dynasty of the Lingayat Rajas [5] . Jamma agricultural lands ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell banes?

The spelling "banes" is the plural of the word bane, which does not have a plural in most cases. The uses that do are the meanings "killers" or "repellents". The similar comm ( Full Answer )
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What is the adverb of bane?

The word bane is a noun, a ruining or spoiling influence. There areno adjective or adverb forms.
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What are the banes of science?

Science is a bane because it is sometimes misused and that misuseoften has negative effects on health and the environment.
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What is a TV -a boon or a bane?

tv is harmful and also to some extent it also changes the mindset of a person pertaining to what he or she watches.
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Is democracy in India a boon or bane?

well am for on this topic. i think democracy is a boon.coz it isn't reasonable that the progress of our country be dependent only in the hands of one person. if the ruler is n ( Full Answer )
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What is Boon or a Bane?

A boon is something to be thankfull for, it is a blessing and a benefit. A bane causes misery and distress. (Bane comes from an old European word meaning death and destruction ( Full Answer )
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How do you get baned on Fantage?

You get banned if you say a bad word or do something that's mean. First Ban- 60 minutes; 1hour Second Ban- 24Hours, 1 day Third Ban-48-72hrs, 2-3 days maximum
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How does bane die?

he doesn't die in the comics. however, in the movie he appears to die (you can never really know for sure) when selina kyle shoots him with a rocket from the bat-pod
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What is the prophecy of bane?

If under fell, if over leaped. if life was death, if death life reaped, something rises from the gloom to make the underland a tomb hear it scratching down below rat ( Full Answer )
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Why was racism baned?

Racism is not banned. A few laws outlaw race DISCRIMINATION by employers and unions, even if that conduct is not motivated by racism.
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What are baneful effects?

You are seeing it in the Congress of the United States. Nasty wrangling and gridlock, far from the national interest.