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Where is Romeo banished to?

He isn't banished anywhere he is banished from his town that he is currently living in. Meaning he can go anywhere else. *He is banished to Mantua
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Was scar banished in the Lion King?

No. It was never stated Scar was banished, but he, for the most part, personally secluded himself away from the pride.
In Romeo and Juliet

Why was Romeo banished?

So he was banished from Verona for killing Juliet's cousin Tybalt and is not able to spend time with Juliet anymore unless she runs away to live with Romeo who knows when Juli ( Full Answer )
In Old Testament

How do you banish demons?

A widespread Christian superstition is that demons are real and can somehow take possession of a person. According to this view, the demon can be made to leave by prayer or by ( Full Answer )
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Is undertaker banished?

that was a long time ago...... i started crying. vickie said she will restaded the undertaker. sooo yep the undertaker came back. WHOOOO
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What does banishment mean?

To banish is to exile, to remove, to "kick out" a person from a society or area. Banishment means being banished.
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What does banished mean?

banish - expel from a community or group . banish - ban from a place of residence, as for punishment . banish - expel, as if by official decree; "he was banished from his ow ( Full Answer )
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How do you Banish in Gemcraft?

(It's not to obvious and never seems to be explained in the strategy guide) If you click on a monster to select it, and it is still selected while it enters your castle (at ( Full Answer )
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What does banish mean?

To expel from or relegate to a country or place by authoritative decree; condemn to exile. To banish a person is to forbid that person from being in the particular region (typ ( Full Answer )
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How do you banish a ghost?

When you think of "ghosts" you probably think of deceased people. However, the things inhabiting homes and graveyards are actually demons that are tricking people into thinkin ( Full Answer )
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Why was Napoleon banished?

He was exiled because he was considered a threat to the peace and tranquility of Europe.
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Who is a hobbit that was banished?

Smeagol was banished by his Stoor tribe. He lived alone and became known by the horrible sound he made in his throat: Gollum.
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What is a sentence for banished?

After committing treason against the king, Luke was exiled from the kingdom of Exampleia. He was banished to Italy, where he died five years later. The children were ban ( Full Answer )
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Why did prince Zuko get banished?

For talking back is the main reason but his dad thought he was weak because he did not fight back.
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How do pagan's banish evil spirits?

Blessing our homes, offices, etc. to banish negative energies, spirits, etc. Certain crystals hold protective energies so we wear them. Protection spells can also be cast. All ( Full Answer )
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Why was zukos mom banished in avatar?

No one can be entierly sure, but from the way Ozai put it in the Day of Black Sun, she killed Azulon to save Zuko and put Ozai on the throne rather then Iroh. She may also h ( Full Answer )
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Why did Napoleon banish snowball?

Napoleon banished snowball because he was trying to tell the animals what was really going on and napoleon wanted to be a tyrant while snowball was trying to keep that from ha ( Full Answer )
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How Does Jesus banish Legion?

From the NIV "A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. 12 The demons begged Jesus, "Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them." 13 He gave them per ( Full Answer )
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Why was lucifer banished from heaven?

lucifer was banished from heven because he thought he was better than god and began bosting about it.god found out and said to him lucifer you are the same as the rest of the ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when your friends banish you?

Find friends with less of an attitude problem who you have things in common with. You should find someone who will love you, not abandon you.
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Are banishes real?

Do you mean Banishes like getting banished or like the mythical creature that eats you? ANSWER 2: I think you mean "banshees" which are characters in the same mode as le ( Full Answer )
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Why does the prince only banish Romeo?

Tybalt was breaking the law by fighting with Mercutio and should have been sentenced to death for doing so. Romeo was only carrying out the presumed sentence of the law by kil ( Full Answer )
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Where was cordelia banished to?

Cordelia is not actually banished. Her punishment is that he doesn't give her the rightful dowry which is the third of the kingdom. She leaves on her own accord. Lear tells he ( Full Answer )
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Why was Hamlet banished?

The main reason is that he kills Polonius and generally acts crazy. It is also likely that the king is also trying to get rid of him for his own purposes. When Hamlet stages h ( Full Answer )
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How do you banish algae?

BioGuard makes a product called "Banish" that kills all types of algae in swimming pools. Pressure washing with bleach water will get rid of algae on surfaces. Removing ( Full Answer )
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What did the titans do that they were banished to tartarus?

Cronus, the most powerful Titan of all, had heard of a prophecy that his son would overthrow him. He then began to eat his children (the 5 original Gods/Goddesses besides Zeus ( Full Answer )
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Why was giratina banished?

giratina was banished because of its violence upon the world of reality aka the world of Pokemon
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Is banish a noun?

No, the word 'banish' is not a noun; the word banish is a verb : banish, banishes, banishing, banished. The noun forms for the verb to banish are banisher, banishment, a ( Full Answer )
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Why did Augustus banished?

August banished members of the aristocracy rather than execute themfor a variety of crimes. He exiled his daughter, Julia, because shewas involved in a sex scandal. He banishe ( Full Answer )
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Is banished an adjective?

Yes, it is (meaning sent away). It comes from the past participleof the verb banish.
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Is banish an adjective?

No, it is not an adjective. Banish is a verb. The word "banished"could be an adjective.