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What is bank?

A bank is a place where people deposit money and save their incomes. Banks offer interest on money saved and also offer other services such as loans and mortages.
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Why are piggy banks 'piggy 'banks?

The obvious answer is that Piggy Banks are saving boxes that are shaped to look like a Pig, they have a slot on the top in order for you to put your money into, plus a removab ( Full Answer )
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Why do banks bank?

because if they dont bank they dont get money, and there will be no banks
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Where is the bank?

A bank is a financial institution which is used to carry outtransactions, deposit your cash, and keep your savings safe at. Abank is normally located in every town (usually in ( Full Answer )
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What does a bank do?

In basic terms a Bank accepts money for deposit - paying interest for the use of people or companies money - protecting it and then turns around and lends that money out charg ( Full Answer )
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What do banks do?

Banks provide depositories for funds, and allow individuals, companies and organizations to move funds without the need to withdraw cash and deliver those monies to pay debts. ( Full Answer )
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Who does the bank answer to?

In the U.S. the bank answers to the office of the comptroller of the currency. The federal reserve and state regulators also set some regulations.
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What banks acts as a bank for other banks?

It varies from country to country. Every country has a central bank that is the bank for other banks in the country. Ex: Federal reserve system - USA Reserve Bank - Ind ( Full Answer )
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Is woodforest bank a good bank?

Woodforest bank is a banking institution for the financially screwed up. Those who have screwed up their credit or check cashing privilege end up here. It offers "second chan ( Full Answer )
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Overseas banking offshore banking?

Any overseas banking, is essentially off-shore banking. Overseas and/or off-shore banking implies you are banking with a bank that is not locally present in your country and/o ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have banks?

Banks are an integral part of an economy because they keep the cash flow circulating between those who have surplus and those who need cash. Banks accept deposits from peop ( Full Answer )
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Money Remittance- Bank to Bank?

Deposit for krungthai bank of thailand. Date.07/03/2556 deposit of book bank no.325-0-35661-1 sa f 2555727 mr.thongchai chaiyakoj amount +++++++++43,850.00 baht฿. Thank y ( Full Answer )
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Is HDFC bank a nationalised bank?

HDFC Bank is not a nationalised bank. As of now, there are 25 Nationalized Banks in India: 1) State Bank of India 2) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur 3) St ( Full Answer )
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Is ICICI Bank a nationalized bank?

No. ICICI Bank is not a Nationalized Bank. It is one of the largest private sector banks in India. Nationalized stands for a bank that is fully or partly owned by the Govern ( Full Answer )
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Is orchard bank a real bank?

I can tell you this you better check them out real close because they look like the guys connected to the fake mail that comes to your email address who keeps wanting all your ( Full Answer )
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Is hdfc bank international bank?

Actually Yes and No. Yes - If you are not an Indian and you have a HDFC bank branch in your country. Since HDFC bank has its roots in India, it is an international bank for ( Full Answer )
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What banks are nationalised banks?

There are many nationalized banks in India. Their names are as follows: . State Bank of India & its subsidiaries . Allahabad Bank . Bank of Baroda . Bank of India . Bank ( Full Answer )
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Is there a bank by the name of Barclays Bank?

Yes. There is a bank by the name Barclays bank. It is one of the largest private banks in the world with headquarters in England. They operate in many countries and are one of ( Full Answer )
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Do banks lease bank guarantees?

No, Basically banks don't lease Bank Guarantees.You have to hire a leasing company.You have to pay a % and transfer the money to an escrow account.After the guarantee reaches ( Full Answer )
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Can a bank freeze bank account?

Yes. The bank can freeze any account that is held by a customer with the bank. But, this does not happen at the banks wish. Usually a legal order by law enforcement agencies ( ( Full Answer )
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Why bank start core banking?

Core Banking is a feature wherein officers of a bank in one branch can view the details of customers and accounts of the same bank's other branches. This was created to ensure ( Full Answer )
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Is bank of bikaner a scheduled bank?

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India and is also a nationalized bank that has many banks that are associated with it (Actually it owns and controls these banks) ( Full Answer )
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Is yes bank a government bank?

No. YES bank is a private bank. YES Bank is a scheduled bank that is approved by the Reserve Bank of India to provide banking services in India. It was founded in the year 200 ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits for the bank from the e banking?

By and large, e banking is paperless. That's a savings for the bank. Much time in a bank is spent in processing paper. Remove the paper, realize the savings. Another thing is ( Full Answer )
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What is local area bank bank?

In some cases, the Regional banks set up by the governments are not being run profit­ably for various reasons. Secondly, these banks are not meeting fully the credit requir ( Full Answer )
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What do bank tellers do at the bank?

Some duties of a cashier are: . Greet customers with a smile . Accept deposits from customers and credit the account into their bank accounts . Accept withdrawal requests ( Full Answer )
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Is yes bank an foreign bank?

No. YES Bank is a scheduled commercial bank that is allowed to provide banking services to the citizens of India. They can also accept fixed deposits from customers and pay in ( Full Answer )
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Is bank of baroda bank a government bank?

Yes. Bank of Baroda is a Government Bank. Mr. M D Mallya is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda. BoB is the 3 rd largest bank in India after State Bank of In ( Full Answer )
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What is banks?

Banks are financial institutions extending finance to individuals, industries for overall economic growth of the country. In fact banks are the backbones of the economy of any ( Full Answer )
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What is bank and banking?

Finance is the life blood of trade, commerce and industry. Now-a-days banking sector acts as the backbone of modern business. Development of any country basically depends upo ( Full Answer )
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What is a bank?

A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits andchannels those deposits into lending activities, either directly byloaning or indirectly through capital markets.
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What is banking-?

Banking is an activity ,which involves acceptance of deposits for the purpose of lending or investing. A banker is one who undertakes banking activities.