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Who banned marijuana?

1937 saw the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act in the United States. Harry J. Anslinger (Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner) testified in hearings on the subject that the hemp pl ( Full Answer )
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Why was the potlatch banned?

Potlatch was banned because an intolerant federal government banned the potlatch from 1884 to 1851, ostensibly because of native treatment of property and Christian persecutio ( Full Answer )
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Is Rockhopper banned?

no this is stupid hes not banned i know there's a ramor but its not true

Why is smacking banned?

Smacking is banned in many European countries because it's a form of physical violence towards children. These countries recognise that children should not be smacked just so ( Full Answer )
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How can you get banned?

here are some ways how you can get banned below. ~Most people believe that you can get banned for swearing, however! They now created language so there is no way to get banne ( Full Answer )
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What is ban?

If you get banned you are not allowed to go in the game again(exept on that)
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How do you get banned?

Here are some things you can be banned for. You can get banned for being profane - even words that SOUND like swears can ban you. You need to know that swearing in a room with ( Full Answer )
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What is the ban?

The "ban" refers to God's command to the Israelites "utterly destroy" the 7 tribes living in the land of Canaan (Deut. 7:1,2) Jerusalem Bible translates as "curse of destructi ( Full Answer )
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Is ban a noun?

Ban is not a person, place, idea, or thing, therefore not a noun. 'Ban' is an abstract noun, like 'permission', the antonym to 'ban'.
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Why are banned items on airplanes banned?

Because air safety regulations have deemed them to be a safety risk for the crew and passengers aboard airplanes.
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Why was Catholicism banned?

You would have to specify both the time and place at which Catholicism was banned to get a specific answer, but I can tell you that at any time and place at which Catholicism ( Full Answer )
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Where is hunting banned?

National parks, reserves, property owned by others (unless you havetheir consent), goverment property (unless its a designated areafor hunting) etc. Depending on where you liv ( Full Answer )
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Is there a ban on trampolines?

No, there is not a ban on trampolines, there was a rumour of one being introduced as a result of incidents taking up so much of the NHS' time. These injuries and incidents are ( Full Answer )
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Can you get banned from mechquest?

You can be banned from Mechquest if they (Artix and the gang) catch you using cheats or making illegal weapons in the game (custom weapons).
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How do you get banned from

By constantly using profanity and giving nonsense answers. Supervisors will give warnings, if they are not listened to and you will eventually get blocked. It is a lot easi ( Full Answer )
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Why do songs get banned?

Because someone with power or a LOUD voice gets offended, and thinks they know what's best for every one else.
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Is the marijuana banned?

marijuana IS illegal in England and is CLASS B, it USED to be CLASS C but got moved up a class in recent years mainly due to super skunk a strong form of cannabis which is ver ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to ban landmines?

If you are an average person, then there is relaly nothing you can do. The gorvernment only has the power to sign this treaty that says that landmines are forbbiden. Unlesss y ( Full Answer )
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Can you get banned on toontown?

Yes, you can get banned on Toontown for hacking with 3rd party programs such as cheat engine, using bad language with chat or speedchat plus, being mean, and a lot of other th ( Full Answer )
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What games are banned?

Well it depends where you live, for example, rape games and the sort are illegal in some countries and not in the rest. Some Arab countries also forbid pornographic games, oth ( Full Answer )
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Is hcg banned or not?

No, HCG is not banned. There are some forms of HCG that require a prescription to purchase, but the popular HCG drops do not require a prescription. With the HCG diet you can ( Full Answer )
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How do you ban homework?

well, are you a student or a teacher? you could hold a protest. speak up. complain to your boss. write about it. explain. WHY? why do you want to ban homework? that is a ques ( Full Answer )
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Where will they ban smoking?

Well, here in Long Beach, California, they already banned smoking from beaches and public parks. If you're lucky, they might ban smoking in other states. Let's just hope they ( Full Answer )
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Why do they ban books?

Books are banned because overzealous people believe what they are supremely right and what they have to say and what they think is more important than what someone else has to ( Full Answer )
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Who can banned a book?

The Legion of Decency and its branch line, the National Office for Decent Literature were among the private safeguards.. Internally, the Movie Production code banned certain t ( Full Answer )
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How do you get banned from church?

back in the old days you were banned for being a heretic or a nonbeliever. today is almost the same but it's not as aggressive. today people are breaking the church law in so ( Full Answer )
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Can you get banned from Roblox?

Yes it is possible to get banned from roblox but you must break one of the rules.
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Can Bungie ban you?

Bungie, the entertainment company, yes. They can ban you from their website at their own will, as well as any of the currently supported xbox live Halo games. It should be not ( Full Answer )
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Where are books banned from?

Do you mean from what places are they banned, e.g. schools, particular countries; or do you mean which particular institutions ban books? If it is the former, an example is Sa ( Full Answer )
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Why was i banned from WikiAnswers?

aah yes the banning problem i am SO sorry for your bans everyone the only reason you get banned is because if you use bad language or indeed unrealistic answers to other peopl ( Full Answer )