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How do you put Banter in a sentence?

keep up the banter. keep up the banter. keep up the banter. keep up the banter. keep up the banter. keep up the banter. keep up the banter
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What does banter mean?

The word banter is used to describe good natured playful teasing.An example used in a sentence would be "Sarah and Mike engaged insome light banter during their first date."
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How do you use the word banters in a sentence?

Banters refers to an exchange of light, playful remarks. An examplesentence is: Tom and Debra's banters were really harmless.
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How do you use the word banter in a sentence?

He regaled his guests with friendly banter while his wife put the final touches on dinner. . Most situation comedies create some humor from banter between their characters.
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A sentence using the word banter?

You could hear the banter between the children from the kitchenwindow. Banter is friendly conversation in the sentence provided.
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What is a witty banter?

\nWitty banter is a slang term for having an amusing and intelligent conversation between one or more people.
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What is bantering?

lively, playful talking. ie. It was difficult to concentrate on reading the assignment because of all the banter. from the room next door.
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What is the difference between bantering and bullying?

Bantering, even if unfriendly, is usually consensual and mutual. Members of certain ethnic cultures are probably more likely to do this than others, and it is all meant in goo ( Full Answer )
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How do you get music on LG Banter?

Step 1 Determine if the cell phone is capable of storing music. While the phone may be new, it may not be able to store music. . Step 2 Use the wireless web on the cell phone ( Full Answer )
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Is the lg banter a good phone?

dont go w/ the contract. go 4 the prepaid. more $ upfront but will save u a mill $ in the long run .
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What are people thinking about the LG Banter?

hi1 how r u 2day? I'm fricilia paz 20 yrs old sumo restler the call me sumo. kidding that's my mom's friend. bye peace 2 all people.time 4 my job!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ( Full Answer )
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How is the LG Banter?

The Lg Banter is pretty good! I think it is good for teens who text alot! But really its good for anyone! I wish I had one. I'm so lonely. yes it is verry good it can do ( Full Answer )
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What is a banter application?

Their conversation could only be described as banter, it was so light hearted, good natured and fun to hear.
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How does the LG Banter compare with the LG Tritan?

The LG Banter cell phone has a full sliding 4-line QWERTY keyboard from Alltel. New Alltel Phones - LG Banter will be $50 after rebates and a contract. This handset other ( Full Answer )
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What is bed room banter?

also called pillow talk or sweet talk, the conversation between two lovers before, during or after intimacy.
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How do you change the skin on your lg banter?

you go into settings: display: wallpaper: then u choose main screen or shuffle shuffle does go to your home screen, its just a various amount of pictures when u choose main ( Full Answer )
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How do you put music on your lg banter?

you can get a micro SD card, and you can transfer music on it to your computer, however the lg banter doesnt want to read the dumb card.. :) hope i helped.
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How do you delete songs on an LG Banter?

Go to Adios and go to my Adios then press play and choose options.Then scroll down to DELETE and click it. That's how you delete it.
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How do you use bantering in a sentence?

Bantering on the phone about high school gossip, the teenage girl managed to slander nearly all of the girls in her freshman class. Bantering means chatting in a witty, amus ( Full Answer )
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Use banter in a sentence?

This is casual, playful conversation. Here are some sentences. . Their playful banter went on until they had to go to school. . His banter made me laugh. You usually he ( Full Answer )
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Does the lg banter have a SIM card?

Not necessarily, it depends on what network you are on. Not all phone's have a Sim card's, try asking your cell phone provider.
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How do you get opera mini on your LG Banter?

You can download it by going to Opera's official website (easily available through Google search) through your phone's current browser.
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Can banter be bullying?

No, BANTER is not BULLYING. BANTER is playful teasing. -------------- True only if both parties think it is playful, if either party feels threatened, belittled or forced ( Full Answer )
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Is banter an adjective or verb?

"Banter" can be used as a noun or a verb. To make it an adjective you would need to use "bantering". "His bantering discourse annoyed everybody."
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How do you hack into LG Banter touch cellphone?

Well its not much of a hack but you can download a video converter and download movies or music videos and convert it to 3gpp at 15fps and watch them on your cell phone. You c ( Full Answer )
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Why could banter sometimes cause problems?

Banter can sometimes cause problems socially if the topic of conversation is inappropriate, or if rumors are spread while bantering. Banter can also cause problems in the busi ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Banter - 1986?

Banter - 1986 was released on: France: 15 May 1986 (Cannes Film Festival) Spain: 22 August 1986 (Barcelona) Spain: 25 August 1986 (Madrid) USA: January 1988