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What is bare with you?

If you mean "bear with me" then it means be patient with me and give me some time and then you will understand better (for expample while I do something or listen while I expl (MORE)
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Bare you no or bear you no?

Bear, if you're talking about a sentence like "I bear you no harm." Bare means naked or blank. Bear means an omnivorous mammal or to posses and use.
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What is bare nuclei?

if an atom is deprived of all its extra nuclear electrons orbiting around the nucleus then it is referred as bare nucleus . from google

What is a bare proton?

A hydrogen ion. (a hydrogen atom has a one proton nucleus and one electron, if it loses the electron you have a hydrogen ion - just a lonely proton) (OH! There are hydrogen (MORE)

Where is Cleopatra bared?

If you mean where is Cleopatra buried, the answer is that we don't know. Her tomb has not been found. If you mean where is Cleopatra buried, the answer is that we don't know. (MORE)
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What if you barely get pimples?

If you barely get pimples then consider yourself lucky! there's nothing wrong with you, you just are really fortunate to not constantly hiding your face because of acne.

Is baring a word?

"Baring" is a form of the verb "to bare" meaning to expose. E.g. "Ballgowns baring the shoulders are again in fashion."
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What is a bare noun?

A bare noun is a noun that is not preceded by a qualifier (anarticle, an adjective, a determiner, a pronoun, an attributivenoun). A bare noun is most often a plural noun or a (MORE)