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What is a Bare Dominium?

A bare dominium is a limited real right in a property whose income has been stripped off. For example, A took a bond from B Bank to buy a building. There is a 20-year lease in ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bare?

1 syllable : aer, air , ayre, baehr, baer, bahr, bair, bare , bear , behr, Blair , blare , caire, chair , Cher, Clair, Claire , clare, dare , darr, derr, dreher, ( Full Answer )
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Can you love someone you have barely talked to?

Yes, you can as long as u know some stuff about them including first and last name, but make sure it is love and not just a crush. Give it some time and get to know them a lit ( Full Answer )
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What does bare mean?

Bare means naked / nude, or to reveal everything. Ex. Joan decided to bare her soul to John.
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What is bare with you?

If you mean "bear with me" then it means be patient with me and give me some time and then you will understand better (for expample while I do something or listen while I expl ( Full Answer )
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What is a grain of barely?

I am pretty sure it is used in cearel and some bird food. Source
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Bare you no or bear you no?

Bear, if you're talking about a sentence like "I bear you no harm." Bare means naked or blank. Bear means an omnivorous mammal or to posses and use.
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What is bare land?

If referring to "Bear Land\Country" it's typically an area that has a lot of bear wildlife. So if you live in "Bear Country" there are possibly bears and other large animals i ( Full Answer )
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What is bare machine?

a computing machine that doesn't contain or you may say doesnt have enough space for any run time environment like OS, and it directly deals with the hardware connected to it. ( Full Answer )
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What is bare metal?

Bare metal is considered as metal stripped down to its bare surface, no paints or any sort of coatings on the metal surface.
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What rhymes with bared?

Some words that rhyme with bared: . cared . dared . faired . layered . paired . pared . squared
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What is a bare cable?

Bare cable is simply a conductor without a coating, sheating, or covering. It is just bare wire.
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What does to bare arms mean?

Bare arms means, your arms (limbs) are uncovered. To bear arms means to carry a weapon.
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Why are there barely any shades of brown?

Wikipedia has 39 pages in the category "Shades of Brown", so I'm not sure about the question. Any paint store would have dozens of hues, tints and shades of brown.
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Bare nerve endings feel what?

Assuming the nerve endings are attached to a living person, bare, exposed, or cut nerve endings relay impulses to the brain that are interpreted as "severe, extreme pain". Ner ( Full Answer )
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Why are there barely any seasons at the equator?

There are barely any seasons at the equator because the length of the day stays almost the same throughout the year and at midday the sun is always high in the sky.
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What is bare nuclei?

if an atom is deprived of all its extra nuclear electrons orbiting around the nucleus then it is referred as bare nucleus . from google
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What is bare Act?

bare act consists only on the sections and not on the commentary, judgements and case laws.
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What is a bare proton?

A hydrogen ion. (a hydrogen atom has a one proton nucleus and one electron, if it loses the electron you have a hydrogen ion - just a lonely proton) (OH! There are hydrogen ( Full Answer )
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Which is grammatically correct bare feet or bare foot?

When using the phrase as an adjective of adverb, you use "barefoot". Example: He walks around barefoot all the time. Her heal broke, so she took off her shoes and walke ( Full Answer )
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What is correct bare foot or bare feet?

Well bare foot is "barefoot" with no spaces in. Bare feet is alright. we normally use barefoot as in " Can i go barefoot". Bare feet is "PE is done in bare feet"
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Is bare an adjective?

Yes, it can be. Examples are "the bare truth" or "the tree was bare of leaves." Bare can also be an adverb, where it functions differently from the adverb "barely." (The ( Full Answer )
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Where is Cleopatra bared?

If you mean where is Cleopatra buried, the answer is that we don't know. Her tomb has not been found. If you mean where is Cleopatra buried, the answer is that we don't know. ( Full Answer )
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What if you barely get pimples?

If you barely get pimples then consider yourself lucky! there's nothing wrong with you, you just are really fortunate to not constantly hiding your face because of acne.
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Does bared have an adverb?

The word "bared" is a past tense verb or an adjective. The adverb "barely" can mean in a bare fashion, or it can mean scarcely, hardly, narrowly.
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What is a synonym for bare?

The synonyms depend on how the word is used in context. The adjective bare (uncovered) can have the synonyms naked, exposed, undressed or unclad. The adjective bare (hav ( Full Answer )
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What is the bare zone?

The bare zone is a nightclub where bears of all kinds hang out. Grizzly bears, black bears even yogi bears. Hope I helped
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Is baring a word?

"Baring" is a form of the verb "to bare" meaning to expose. E.g. "Ballgowns baring the shoulders are again in fashion."
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What is the bare marriage?

Bare marriage is the Chinese practice of marrying without any traditional marital benefits. It is common in the practice of arranged marriages where the couple know little abo ( Full Answer )
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What is Baring machine?

A bearing is a component that is present is most machinery.Bearings help parts of a machine to rotate or move in a straightline.
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Is barely a verb?

No, it is an adverb. Like scarcely , it implies a narrow sufficiency or opportunity. Examples: We could barely see the ship at that distance. We barely made it to the t ( Full Answer )
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What is a bare noun?

A bare noun is a noun that is not preceded by a qualifier (anarticle, an adjective, a determiner, a pronoun, an attributivenoun). A bare noun is most often a plural noun or a ( Full Answer )