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Why do people barf?

People barf when people saw something smelly and disgusting can barf. Open your mouth and su ck the air inside your stomach can barf.People just eat food and full then jumping ( Full Answer )
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Why do you barf?

People barf because they either ate something bad or theyare sick OR YOUR ANOREXIC. actually bulimic HAAAHAHAWW..
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What rhymes with barf?

arf (like a dog barking) Try 'scarf', or (depending on your accent) laugh, chaff, half, etc. Wharf
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CaN you barf?

Well we all can it's just not a very descent question to ask but the answer is yes
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What is a baby barf?

Barfing a little in your mouth and is sometimes known to have a burning sensation in your mouth afterwards
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Why is barf orange?

sometimes it matters what you just ate and that is just what color it is
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Why Is Barf Green?

It's not suppost to be green or yellow. If it is, it's called "Bile" witch is green or yellow and smells really bad. If you are throwing up bile, you should go to a doctor rig ( Full Answer )
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Why do babies barf?

i ain't an expert but it might be because you give them too much food ?? :S
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Can chickens barf?

I've seen a chicken 'barf' after drinking too much water too quickly. Not sure about food, though. Seems like they could.
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Do lizards barf?

Hey I'm gonna answer you question but my mate told me and i think they can whys'thaa?xx