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Why do people barf?

People barf when people saw something smelly and disgusting can barf. Open your mouth and su ck the air inside your stomach can barf.People just eat food and full then jumping ( Full Answer )
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Help you barf?

Look at something iky or stick you finger down your throght or mix water with salt then drink it really fast or it wont work
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Can horses barf?

no horses cannot throw up so they get VERY sick because they have to keep the stuff humans would throw up in their stomachs.
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What is barf made of?

chunks of the food you ate the day before or the food you ate a few minutes/hours ago
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Why do you barf?

People barf because they either ate something bad or theyare sick OR YOUR ANOREXIC. actually bulimic HAAAHAHAWW..
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Why can't horses BARF?

Horses can't throw up. Why?Horses have a band of muscle around the oesophagus as it enters the stomach. This band works as a one-way valve. Food passes down the oesophagus int ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with barf?

arf (like a dog barking) Try 'scarf', or (depending on your accent) laugh, chaff, half, etc. Wharf
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How do you make fake barf?

Custard mixed with green food colouring then throw in some chopped carrots and small bits of green leaves (like cabbage)
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CaN you barf?

Well we all can it's just not a very descent question to ask but the answer is yes
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Can humans swallow turtles without barfing?

Actually, humans can but they must have a significant stomach and, the turtle must be small and cooked. Also with no symptoms or any possible disease's.
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What is a barf bag for?

Well sometimes people can get air/sea sick and a barf bag is for when they have to barf they can barf in the bag instead of barfing all over the place
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Why do humans barf?

People Barf because to much food builds up in your stomach and you Barf to get it out!
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If someone barfs one time how many pounds do you lose?

Generally when you vomit food you are vomiting food that has not yet been digested into your body. So you don't lose weight at all. Bulimic people (people who induce vomiti ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean when your dwarf hamster barfs?

If you mean be sick, it wasn't. Hamsters have got two pouches, one either side of their face, which it uses to collect food. When the pouches are full it will go to a corner, ( Full Answer )
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Why does your cat keep barfing?

its called a hairball try iams hairball care i did work but my cats old so it didnt help him but it worked for my friend's cat so gl
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What is a baby barf?

Barfing a little in your mouth and is sometimes known to have a burning sensation in your mouth afterwards
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What does it mean when you baby barf?

I want to know what it means when you baby barf and a line comes out,and if you baby barf it probably mean you ate something you body is rejecting it because you body doesn't ( Full Answer )
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Why is barf orange?

sometimes it matters what you just ate and that is just what color it is
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Why Is Barf Green?

It's not suppost to be green or yellow. If it is, it's called "Bile" witch is green or yellow and smells really bad. If you are throwing up bile, you should go to a doctor rig ( Full Answer )
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Why do babies barf?

i ain't an expert but it might be because you give them too much food ?? :S
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What is a barf mister?

A barf mister is a dude (boy) who has barfing problems and uncontrollable gaging with explosive diarrhea!
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How do you barf on command?

Poke the dangly thing in the back of your throught use your finger of a tooth brush
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Can chickens barf?

I've seen a chicken 'barf' after drinking too much water too quickly. Not sure about food, though. Seems like they could.
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Do lizards barf?

Hey I'm gonna answer you question but my mate told me and i think they can whys'thaa?xx
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How do you get you your cat to stop barfing?

You won't be able to, it's quite natural for them to do so in order to get hairballs out of their stomach. Although there doesn't necessarily need to be any hairball in the th ( Full Answer )
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Who is barf-bag in the movie holes?

Barf Bag is the guy at the start of the movie that takes of his shoe and sock, to get bitten by a rattle snake, to get out of camp green lake.
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How do you barf a rainbow?

Split you computer screen into 3 sections: 1. (its a website) 2. Rainbow Unicorn Attack (RUA) 3. tecno kitty (on youtube) Start to play RUA at the same time as watc ( Full Answer )
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Do pigs barf?

Yes, and it is the most stinky thing you can imagine. It is worse than baby diapers.
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What are the main reasons for barfing?

The main reasons for barfing are eating the wrong kinds of food or a bacterial or viral infection. Over consumption of alcohol can also lead one to vomit.
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Is barfing unusual?

Barfing, or throwing up, is not unusual, but it is also not something that should happen commonly or constantly. There are many reasons that a person might throw up. Some of ( Full Answer )
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Is barfing going through puberty?

No. It is not normal to barf, due to puberty. Maybe you have another problem you should get checked out.
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Does pooping make you barf?

pooping doesn't make you barf unless you have a wierd disease. andim only a fourth grader so dont ask me anything. i only know thatthe people who answer these questions are re ( Full Answer )
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Can you barf in your sleep?

Yes, you can because when you wake up and barf is on you bed, YOUBARFED IN YOUR SLEEP!!
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Is barf a bad word?

Barf is an informal word. It is also an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Bones and Raw Food. It deals with the feeding of uncooked food to dogs, cats and other carnivores ( Full Answer )