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What is productivity bargaining?

A form of collective bargaining leading to a productivity agreement in which management offers a pay raise in exchange for alterations to employee working practices designed t (MORE)
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What is collective bargaining?

a process in which union and company representatives meet tonegotiate a new labor contract What happens in collective bargaining? representatives of unions and companies n (MORE)
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What is Plea bargaining?

Its a criminal law term used to define the process in which the accused agrees to plead guilty to a lesser criminal offense in which they were originally being charged with... (MORE)
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Functions of collective bargaining agent?

A collective bargaining agent acts as a representative foremployees in negotiations. The agent also announces any strikesthat may occur and engages in legal proceedings on emp (MORE)
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What is bargaining?

Bargaining is another word for negotiating - if you go to a market to purchase some goods and then argue with the shop keeper for a better price, that is bargaining. Bargainin (MORE)
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What is concession bargaining?

The 1980's brought in a new era in negotiated wages and benefits. The changing economy and high unemployment levels caused unions to severely adjust their strategies to save j (MORE)
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What is distributive bargaining?

It is the Zero-sum or win-lose negotiations(where one party's gain is the other party's loss). It occurs when a fixed amount of assets or resources are to be divided (such as (MORE)
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What is corrupt bargaining?

Corrupt bargaining is when one barters something of high value, but gets something seeming very valuable, but in reality constructed of cheap material, which would cause it to (MORE)
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What is plead bargaining?

To give evidence in court against someone else in exchange for a lower sentence for their own crimes.
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What is meant by good faith bargaining?

Googled: Requirement that the parties to a contract (such as a collective bargaining agreement ) regularly meet and discuss with a willingness to reach an accord on pr (MORE)
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Is plea bargaining a crime?

No, this is a procedure used in criminal court when the prosecutor tries to get the defendant to plead guilty to the charge in order to get a lesser charge than a maximum sent (MORE)
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What are the advantages of plea bargaining?

Defendant gets a shorter sentence for a reduced criminal charge. Prosecutor gets a guilty conviction - and doesn't clog the court calender with a needless trial - which sa (MORE)
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What is the difference between decision bargaining and effect bargaining?

The difference between the two is in effects bargaining you are negotiating with the union on a decision that has been made in exercising your rights's to manage . For example (MORE)
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What are the principles of collective bargains?

Unions cannot GET anything employers are not willing to give. Bargaining is TRADING: employers have the jobs, pay, benefits, and power. If unions want some of that, they give (MORE)
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What is involved in collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining frequently requires a third party to help the parties reach an acceptable solution. In these situations, such strategies as mediation, arbitration, and c (MORE)
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What is collective bargaining and what are the stages in collective bargaining?

What is Collective Bargaining Collective bargaining is a process whereby trade unions, representing workers, and employers through their representatives, treat and negotia (MORE)
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What is a bargaining strip?

The phrase you are looking for is bargaining chip, not strip. It could be a piece of information with which you gamble, or a poker chip. ***But if you are sticking with 'ba (MORE)
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What is bargainable staff?

bargainable staff - has got a union to take care of your well being, usually rank and file employees
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What is attitudinal Bargaining?

process of confronting an abrasive or competitive person withquestions that bring their conduct into the open.
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What is multilateral bargaining?

Refers to negotiations in the public sector where the authority to commit to a collective bargaining agreement may be shared by the executive and legislative branches.
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What is a bargaining chip?

The term "bargaining chip" is used to describe a circumstance that gives a person or entity an advantage over another in negotiations. For example, the payment of a debt quick (MORE)