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What can kill a barracuda?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nA machine gun.\n25000 volts\nAn underwater blender\n. \n Answer \n. \nLarge barracudas will eat small barracudas, and humans fish for the (MORE)
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What is a barracuda?

Any ferocious marine fish of the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical body and large mouth with projecting lower jaw and long strong teeth.. While dangerous to swi (MORE)
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How do you get past Barracuda?

In Guitar Hero III? Well that is a relatively easy song. If you would practice a little you might get it!
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What is The environment of the barracuda?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size (up to 6 ft in length and up to a foot in width, for some species [2]) and fe (MORE)
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How does a barracuda move?

When you turn your pump on, it creates a water flow in your pool. Barracuda's move around with the flow of water that is passed through the pool.
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How do you avoid barracuda?

Barracuda are fast, strong fish, that usually pose little threat tohumans. However, to be safe, you can avoid becoming a barracuda'ssnack by never approaching a barracuda and (MORE)
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What is a barracuda made of?

It's a fish. Its body structure is pretty much the same as any other fish. Gills, stomach, bones, all that stuff.
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Where is barracuda caught?

There are about 18 species of barracuda, found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.
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What is is a barracuda?

its a vicious type of fish that lives in both freshwater and saltwater... it usually eats feeder fish or basically whatever fish that can fit in its mouth. it can grow up to 6 (MORE)
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How tall is a barracuda?

Many of the barracuda fish weigh over 100 lb (45 kg) and reach a length of 10 ft (3 m). Your welcome! =D
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How do you spell barracuda?

That is the correct spelling of "barracuda" (toothy fish, or the Plymouth Barracuda named for it).
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Why is a barracuda not endangered?

They're about 30,000 left. That is a lot. The population trend of the barracuda species is unknown, but neither is considered endangered.
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How does a barracuda breathe?

A barracuda is a fish and like other fish it uses gills to extra oxygen from the water in which it swims.
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Is a barracuda fast?

Barracuda is designed for speed. Top speed for the species is 36 mph (58 kph).
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What are Barracuda Networks?

Barracuda Networks is a company that insures secirity for computers. it blockes and protect said computer from harmful data and such, this is the first time i have ever heard (MORE)