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Can US Marines be stationed at US Navy bases?

Yes, they are part of the Navy. At most Naval Stations the US Marines provide the security. There are Marines stationed on certain ships that also provide security on board.
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How do you send letters to someone stationed on an Army base?

Address it as follows: Name and rank of the person That person's Unit (i.e. 3rd Plt, D-Btry. 1st Bn. 41st FA, 56th FA BD) (If state side) the post name, state, and zip code (MORE)

What operation Base Transceiver Station perform?

Transmitter section multiplexes baseband signals and modulates it with a carrier,then frequency translates IF to RF by frequency synthesizer and mixer. combines the power to t (MORE)

What is the worst air force base to be stationed at?

Opinion Minot AFB hands down. I know they talk a big game that the base is close knit and they take care of each other; not true. In fact, it's just the opposite. In the shor (MORE)

Can active duty be stationed at a guard or reserve base for humanitarian reassignment?

Most Guard and Reserve units have armouries. While there are a couple of posts which are owned by states (Fort Pickett, Virginia, for example) and posts which have fell into a (MORE)

How does the Base Transceiver station works?

BTS works by regularly sending beacon signal in its coverage range, registration the mobile station in its coverage and as soon as the mobile station invokes service a free ch (MORE)
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What is the function of an Airport Extreme Base Station?

  Airport is Apple's name for their wireless connectivity. The Airport base stations take the wired Internet connection coming into your home/office and enables computers (MORE)

Can army be stationed at a marine base?

It's extremely unlikely a thing to happen. Air Force Combat Air Controllers would have a much higher probability of that than any Army personnel would.
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