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What is a base?

In chemistry, a base is the opposite of an acid. It has a pH higher than 7. When mixed with an acid it forms a neutral solution with a pH of 7. acid + base = water + salt. p ( Full Answer )
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What are bases?

Bases as in chemicals are substabces that have a pH higher than 7. They are also known as alkali
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What is base?

Base has several definitions: Noun The lowest or bottom part. The part of a plant or animal organ that is nearest to its point of attachment. The point of attachment o ( Full Answer )
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What is an base?

A base is the bottom of a building ( it holds the building so it doesn't fall) I think this is right 😁
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What is RNA's base?

A, G, U, C A connects to U and visaversa G connects to C and visaversa A stands for Adenine G stands for Guanine U stands for Uracil C stands for Cytosine
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What is Easter based on?

Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus after he died on Good Friday. We celebrate Easter by giving each other chocolate eggs ( the egg symbolises new life ).
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What is a base solution?

A base solution is one that measures higher than a 7 on the pHscale. These substances are incredibly harmful.
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What are characteristics of bases?

Characteristics of bases are: bitter in taste, soapy feel onfingers, mostly react with acids and precipitate salts, turn redlitmus paper blue, contain metal oxides or hydroxid ( Full Answer )
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How can base tell an acid from a base?

The difference between acids and bases is that acids have mare hydrogen ions then hydroxide ions ( and it has to be in an aqueous solution). *ACID* if it has more hydrogen i ( Full Answer )
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Length in yards from base to base?

There is 90 feet between bases, and a yard is 3 feet. So length in yards from base to base is 30 yards
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Which base pairs with which base in DNA?

In DNA the base pairs are Adenine with Thymine and Guanine with Cytosine. In RNA Thymine is replaced by Uracil so the base pairs are Adenine with Uracil and Guanine with Cy ( Full Answer )
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What does base A and base G bond with?

In DNA , A (adenine) is paired (by hydrogen bonding) with T (thymine) . In RNA , there is no T, and A pairs with U (uracil) . G (guanine) pairs with C (cytosine ( Full Answer )
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What is a bases?

there are 4 on a baseball field. 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate
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Where are the bases based in Antarctica?

Most research stations are situated on Antarctica's coast. Twoexceptions are the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and the VostokResearch Station.
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What has a base?

Areas or fields of study that use "a base" as the description mightinclude: . chemistry - acids and bases . baseball - 4 bases . geometry - example, the base of a triangle ( Full Answer )
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Why alkalies are bases but bases are not alkalies?

Because, "alkali" is basically the term for a base in a liquid form, whereas a base is an alkali in a liquid or gas form so cannot be called an alkali because it is not liquid ( Full Answer )
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A base is a?

A base is a compound that produces hydroxide (OH negative) ions in solution. Basic, or alkaline, solutions contain lower of H positive ions that pure water and have pH values ( Full Answer )
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How can you get acid and bases?

You have a couple of them at home. Citric acid in your lemon and orange. Hydrochloric/sulfuric acid in your drain cleaners. Lye (sodium hydroxide) in drain cleaners. Acetic ac ( Full Answer )
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What drinks are bases?

There are no food drinks known to me (as beverage expert) that are basic. All carbonated softdrinks, fermented and fruit juice drinkshave pH lower than 5 . Only tap water mi ( Full Answer )
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What is an inorganic base?

It is simply a base which is not a carbon compound. A base is theopposite of an acid.
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What is a hub-based?

A coaster brake is hub based. Internally geared hubs. Some generators are hub based as well.
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What are the purine bases and pyrimidine bases?

They are the nitrogen bases that are attached to RNA and DNA. In DNA, adenine and guanine are purines and thymine and cytosine are pyrimidines. In RNA, thymine is replaced by ( Full Answer )
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WHY is NaNH2 a base?

It is a strong base because it is highly soluble in water forming the NaOH and NH 3 which further produces NH 4 OH .
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What is ''base of support?

Base of support is the area between your feet. The wider and more solid your base of support is the more stable you will be. Base of support is crucial when you what to stay s ( Full Answer )
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What is Sunnah based on?

Sunnah is based on the utterences and practices of the holy prohet Muhammad (S.A.W). What He forbids, remained silent on a practice, likeness, dislikeness.
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What is the Zodiac based on?

The zodiac is based on the apparent movement of the Sun on theecliptic. Some reckon it is actually Jupiter instead of the Sun,since it also traces the zodiac in its orbit.
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What is a base anhydride?

A base anhydride is derived by substracting a water molecule from the base molecule (as same as in acid anhydrides). As an example, the base anhydride of ammonium hydroxide is ( Full Answer )
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What is first base second base and third base in a relationship?

1st base is kissing. 2nd base is kissing and petting each other. Getting to3rd base refers to oral sex. The idiomatic expressions are based on the great national pastime of Am ( Full Answer )
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Does a base use a base clef?

most of the base interments use the base clef i think the cornet or trumpet is the only interment that uses treble clef.
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What is an acid base-base indicator?

An acid base indicator is a substance that changes colour due the PH of the medium in which it is dissolved.
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Is magnesium chloride a base or a base?

Magnesiusm chloride is a is neither acid nor is also a hardness causing substance in water
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What are the bases?

first base- kissing second base- feeling breast, rubbing his package. third base- fingering her, stroking him. home- sex
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Where do you base?

BASE is an acronym for buildings, antennaes, spans (bridges), and earth(cliffs).Ê Base jumping is the most dangerous recreational hobby on the planet, with one fatality for ( Full Answer )