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Basis in sap?

Answer . Hi, The abbrevation of basis is Business Application Software Integrated solution. Basis is a function/module (like Finance, Materials, Quality, Production etc ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of grammaticality?

Accepted usage. Grammar of any language is based on how a native speaker uses a particular language to communicate. From sounds to mechanics all elements must be acceptable.
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Basis of guidance?

True guidance make sure that the disciple do not face a problem which was faced by guide. this is the true sharing of knowledge. then only a disciple can substitute master.
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Test basis?

All documents from which the requirements of a component or system can be inferred. The documentation on which the test cases are based.
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What is physiological basis?

There are many physiological basis for behavior. The physiologicalbasis takes place in different areas of the brain that affectdifferent behaviors.
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What are the basis of iman?

to believe that there is no God But Allah to worship Allah as you see him, and if you can't believe that he is seeing you
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Who is Count Basie?

Count Basie was a jazz pianist, organist, bandleader and composer.He was born on August 21, 1904 in New Jersey, US, and passed awayon April 26, 1984 in Florida, US at the age ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of Islam?

What is Islam? Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealedthrough all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of theworld's population, Islam is both ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of history?

Truth is the only basis of history. It is often distorted with ommisions , exaggerations,and outright lies. It is done to conceal crimes and for political purposes such as to ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of Rapunzel?

Question: 1 What is the story rapunzel about? 2 What are the characters in rapunzel? 3 Why did Rapunzel throw down her hair? 4. How does isolation relate to rapunzel? 5. Where ( Full Answer )
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What is basis risk?

Basis risk in finance is the risk associated with imperfect hedging using futures. So Basis = Spot price of hedged asset - Futures price of contract
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What is actuarial basis?

An actuarial basis is a calculated risk based on standard tables. For example, a life insurance premium is calculated on an actuarial basis depending on the persons age, sex, ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of Christianity?

The basis of Christianity has to be the truth, more specifically the truth in regard to our relationship to the God who created us and who is Living, Infinite Truth. This re ( Full Answer )
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What are the basis for manners?

The basis of Manners is to literally be disarming. Most Manners were developed to head off aggressive or reactionary behavior of uncivilized , aggressive people. To show lack ( Full Answer )
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What is basis of manners?

"What is basis of manners?" . The basis of manners is getting along with those around us, by showing respect for others, as well as ourselves. Manners will vary from place ( Full Answer )
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What are the basis for annulment?

I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability. The bases for annulment are many - very many and I will not attempt to enumerate all of them because this is beyo ( Full Answer )
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What are the basis of guidance?

Generally the basis of guidance is a in house guidance counselor.The counselor can offer one on one or classroom guidance.
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What is the homophone of basis?

Basis and bases are homophones. Homophones are words that soundalike, but have different meanings and often different spellings.
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What are the basis of credit?

Character. This refers to the personal integrity of theborrower. His determination to pay can be evaluated by his pastbusiness record. Character also includes personal habits ( Full Answer )
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Basis in a sentence?

It's my daily basis that I sleep and eat everyday. It's my daily basis that I get at least 2 hours of outside time. (sunshine) It my daily basis to eat healthy. Hope this hel ( Full Answer )
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What is definition of basis?

It is a relation that provides the foundation for something. It is also the most important or necessary part of something.
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What the basis of physics?

The basis is pretty much that the human race is curious and we wanted to study the way things moved and interacted with each other. This is what Sir Isaac Newton was thinkin ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of acupuncture?

It is based on a view of the meridians that regards them as conduits or pathways for the qi, or life energy. Disease is attributed to a blockage of the meridians.
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What is the basis of Tragerwork?

Tragerwork is based on the theory that many illnesses are caused by tension patterns that are held in the unconscious mind as much as in the tissues of the body.
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What is the basis for pricing?

The cost of the sum of it's parts and labor plus a bit extra for profit for the manufacturer.
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What is prn basis?

prn means pro re nata in Latin. It means "in the circumstances" or "as the circumstance arises." Commonly used in health and medical fields to mean "as needed." So prn bas ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of friendship?

the basis of friendship would be trust, honesty, and getting a long together and being there for one another
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What is the basis of a kilometer?

The world official standard of length is the Metre. (In USA they spell it - Meter. They like to be different to the rest of the world.) A French scientist Charles Marie de La ( Full Answer )
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What is intracompany basis?

Intra company basis known as decision variables that affects the amount of trade credit i.e. investment in receivables. There are many external factors which affect the credit ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis for the problem?

The basis for the problem is just about anything that creates the problem. For example, an argument or a disagreement between several people might be the basis for a problem.
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What is the basis of egosentrism?

The basis of egocentrism is basically someone who can only think of themselves in any situation. Egocentric people are usually unable to cope other people's opinions and facts ( Full Answer )
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What is the basis of a crystal?

The basis in crystals is that it is uniquely arranged in a givensolid or liquid.
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What is a basis for Christianity?

The Son of God (Jesus Christ) coming to earth to die for mankind'ssin so that man can be reconciled back to God and not spendeternity in hell.
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What is prorata basis?

In means 'in proportion'. For example, if money is given out pro rata, every one gets an equal share
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What The basis for growth?

For plants it needs air, water, soil, sunlight, and a goodtemperature. For animals they need food, water, compassion andguidance.