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What are basking sharks?

A very large shark (Cetorhinus maximus) that measures up to about 12 meters (40 feet) in length, feeds on plankton, and often floats near the surface of water. . For the (MORE)
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How big are basking sharks?

The largest basking shark on record was 12.27 metres long and weighed 19 tons, though there have been unconfirmed larger ones found. The average basking shark is about 6 to (MORE)
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What is basking?

Basking is usually associated with laying out in the sun. Maybe on A rock or warm land. It is to expose yourself to warmth. Most likely with Reptiles and us humans. As in "Tan (MORE)
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What do basking sharks eat?

They eat plankton. Plankton. Like the Whale Shark, they are filter feeders, and are quite harmless to humans.
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What animal basks?

Most reptiles will bask in the sun - as they can't raise their own body temperature.
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What is turtle basking?

\nyou use the skin of a turtle and make it into a basket.
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Is a basking shark a whale shark?

No it is a different species of shark. It still in hauls plankton like the whale shark, it is a bit smaller.
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Do basking sharks attack people?

no.... though they are quite large, they are very gentle sharks and only eat plankton and small fish. Plus, they only swim like 5kph.
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What is a synonym for basked?

sunbathed, luxuriated, indulged You would probably see the word used mostly to do with sunbathing but it implies being face on, so... supinely limp in the warm heat and late m (MORE)