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What are basking sharks?

A very large shark (Cetorhinus maximus) that measures up to about 12 meters (40 feet) in length, feeds on plankton, and often floats near the surface of water. . For the ( Full Answer )
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How big are basking sharks?

The largest basking shark on record was 12.27 metres long and weighed 19 tons, though there have been unconfirmed larger ones found. The average basking shark is about 6 to ( Full Answer )
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What is basking?

Basking is usually associated with laying out in the sun. Maybe on A rock or warm land. It is to expose yourself to warmth. Most likely with Reptiles and us humans. As in "Tan ( Full Answer )
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What do basking sharks eat?

They eat plankton. Plankton. Like the Whale Shark, they are filter feeders, and are quite harmless to humans.
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Are basking sharks the nicest sharks?

Don't really know how "nice" would apply to a Shark. They're notcuddly and sociable. But since they can't eat humans, I assumeinability to do severe damage can be seen as "nic ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for the word bask?

"I will bask in the glory of my first-place medal." "Turtles like to bask in the sun to warm up."
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How fast can a basking shark swim?

The basking shark can swim up to 4-6 miles per hour. They generallydo not swim fast unless they are hunting prey.
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How do you use bask in a sentence?

To use the word bask you would need to write the sentence in the present tense. Example sentence: When I go to the beach I bask in the sun. (basked is in the past tense, will ( Full Answer )
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What animal basks?

Most reptiles will bask in the sun - as they can't raise their own body temperature.
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How do you get red eared sliders to bask?

I own red eared sliders for some time now. First you have to buy a basking platform called a turtle dock from zoo med and its very easy to install. Depending on the size of yo ( Full Answer )
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Does a basking shark have teeth?

Yes. Adults have about 500 teeth. The first 3-4 rows are functional (top jaw) :) The first 6-7 rows are functional (bottom jaw)
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How does a Basking shark defend itself?

I dont know. I read somewhere that they have mucus a ll over theirbodies. That could make them slippery to predetors. (basking sharkhave super tiny teeth)
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What is a baby basking shark called?

A baby basking shark is called a pup. This term is used until theseyoung sharks mature and are able to fend for themselves.
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Does a basking shark kill people?

Basking sharks are plankton feeders and if they ever kill anyone it might be by accidental tipping over a boat, they don't bite people. They can't bite because their mouths d ( Full Answer )
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What does turtle basking look like?

all you really need is a rock that is big enough to hold the turtle and it has to go above water to let the turtle climb out of the water and onto dry land to bask. Above to r ( Full Answer )
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Can basking sharks eat piranhas?

Hugely unlikely. . Piranhas are kinda big to eat for a filter feeder, and they livein different parts of the World.
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Why do lizards bask in the sun?

Because they are cold blooded, but they like to be warm, so they use the sun's heat to keep warm.
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Are basking sharks harmful?

Basking sharks are pretty much the most harm less shark alive. It filter feeds and it has puny little teeth. I wouldn't recommend going near the mouth, in which it might suck ( Full Answer )
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Why do alligators bask in the sun?

Alligators are cold blooded animals, they can to warm their blood themselves and when cold do NT move very fast. They bask in the sun to let the sun warm their blood and allow ( Full Answer )
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Is a basking shark a whale shark?

No it is a different species of shark. It still in hauls plankton like the whale shark, it is a bit smaller.
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What is the homonym of bask?

Basque is a homonym of Bask. A basque is a tightly fitting tunic. If you capitalize the "B" on Basque, it identifies the Pyrenees people.
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Why do crocodiles bask in the sun?

It's because to protect their eggs. Did you know that there are more female croc's in the world. It's because of the temperature. They turn into girls or boys depend how hot o ( Full Answer )
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Why can't humans bask in sun?

they can but some people can get skin cancer for sitting in the sun for to long using tanning beds can give u skin cancer too.
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Do basking sharks attack people?

no.... though they are quite large, they are very gentle sharks and only eat plankton and small fish. Plus, they only swim like 5kph.
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Can your beared dragon bask in your jacket?

No they can't, they can be kept warm in your jacket but never bask. Only under a proper basking light will they bask.
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How do you bask in a sentence?

Everyone else was in the pool, but Brittany decided to sit in the lounge chair and bask in the summer sun.
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What is a synonym for basked?

sunbathed, luxuriated, indulged You would probably see the word used mostly to do with sunbathing but it implies being face on, so... supinely limp in the warm heat and late m ( Full Answer )
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Do snails need to bask?

most snails prefer the shade and damp places. IF a snail basked, it would most likely dry out of get scorched.
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What type of noun is the word bask?

The word bask is not a noun; bask is verb. The noun form for the verb to bask is the gerund basking .
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Which is bigger megalodon or a basking shark?

Megladon reached a maximum total length of 15.9-20.3 metres (52-67 ft) , the basking shark reaches a length of 6-8 metres (20-26 ft), so a megladon would have reached over do ( Full Answer )
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Why does a painted turtle basks in the sun?

all turtles have too bathe in the sun it keeps their shell healthy and makes them feel relaxed just don't give them 2 much light or they'll die if they have been in the sun fo ( Full Answer )
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Where does the basking shark mate?

no body really knows but they think that they swimm all the way up to the north pole and do it under the ice.