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Who is lance bass?

lance bass and lacey schwimmer are in love lance bass is a former member of the band nsync
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How do you catch a bass?

well... First of all if you wanna catch a freshwater bass you want good bait. I recommend that you use fake soft frogs, and when you use the fake soft frogs you should always ( Full Answer )
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How do you play the bass?

well I learned by playing the clarinet first i've been playing for two years now. It really isn't that much different then playing the clarinet, it's just an octave lower.
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What is a double bass?

The double bass or contrabass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed stringed instrument used in the modern symhony orchestra. It is a standard member of the string sec ( Full Answer )
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How do bass move?

usually in schools of about 5-10 fish every few hours they migrate to a different feeding area or bedding area if disturbed
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What phylum is a bass in?

A bass is a fish. All fish are vertebrates. All vertebrates are in the phylum Chordata.
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How do you fish for bass?

If your just starting bass fishing you are going to need to get a decent rod and reel. I would recommend a medium to heavy rod and a good spinning reel. Just stick to the name ( Full Answer )
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Songs with bass?

here's a list: -Gonorrhea by lil Wayne -Let's go by trick daddy -did it on 'em Nikki minaj -b.m.f. by rick ross -black and yellow by wiz khlaifa -bojangles by p ( Full Answer )
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What is bass?

It describes tones of low frequency or range. In musical compositions these are the lowest parts of the harmony.
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Is greenday have a bass?

Yes, Of course Green Day have a bass. Pretty much evey band in the world has a bassist, with the excepyion of the doors.
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Who was George Bass?

George Bass was a sea explorer who, together with Matthew Flinders, proved that Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land) was an island, and not connected to the Australian mainland.
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Why do you slap on the bass?

you do because it is an alternative style of playing than fingerstyle or pickingslapping is more percussive and you can get different sorts of tones
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What class is Bass in?

The largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are actually sunfish. The true basses are the white bass, striped bass, and yellow bass, and white perch, of the Morone group.
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Who is a bass composer?

Someone who composes bass music is a simply a composer. You could call him/her a bass composer but no one really does.
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What is a bass riff?

A Riff, is a main tune played in guitar. any cool peice of music such as "cant stop" by the red hot chilli peppers for example is a riff. A Bass riff is just the correct term ( Full Answer )
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What is figred bass?

Figured bass is a type of writing found in Baroque music mainly. It is when a harpsicord part isn't written out but is shown by numbers over the bass part. So for example if t ( Full Answer )
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What is a sea bass?

Fish used for a variety of foods and can be prepared in many ways. Lives in ocean
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What are bass fish?

SEA BASS The sea bass love surf and strong tide over rocks or reefs.Bass are often found close to shore with accurate casting in the surf frequently the key to successful bai ( Full Answer )
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What is bass and treble?

Bass and Treble are Types of Settings typically used by Multi-Channel Mixers to allow users to raise or lower the Output Gain of Pre-Set Values among an Equilizer inside the M ( Full Answer )
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What family is the bass in?

if you are talking about the really big one then its in the string family
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What is the diff between bass and bass?

One is a musical instrument and the other is lunch. when you say it one sounds like (base its like a guitar but with only 4 strings that are much thicker than guitar string ( Full Answer )
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Is there bass in bass lake?

yeah there is because i fish there before and i caught a 5lb bass !! the answer is yes!!
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How do bass reproduce?

They spawn on beds. The males typically make a bed in the spring and the female lays her eggs in it. Then the male releases his sperm on the eggs and guards the bed until the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Thomas Bass?

He is an aspiring entrepreneur looking to network with as many people as possible. Check to network with him.
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What the treble and bass for?

Treble and bass clefs show where each note is. E.g. the treble clef shows that g is the note where the dot of the treble clef is. The bass clef shows that the note f is wher ( Full Answer )
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What are the basses of DNA?

Nitrogenous bases of DNA are Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine, and Guanine. Adenine pairs with Thymine and Cytosine pairs with Guanine.
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Do bass eat other bass?

Yes, Bass will eat other bass if hungry and given the opportunity. though they do protect their own offspring during the spawning process by fending off other predators until ( Full Answer )
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Is a bass considered a bass guitar?

what do you mean? like if someone says " I play a strat guitar " and another says "I play bass" then yes bass is a bass guitar. Any instrament can have a bass. like Viola is l ( Full Answer )
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What is a string bass or double bass?

The Double Bass is the largest, and lowest pitched, instrument in the orchestral family of string instruments. It is played by using a bow, also known as arco, or plucking the ( Full Answer )
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What is bass tenor?

bass tenor isnt a voice type. tenor is a high male voice while,bass is a lower voice.
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How do you get best bass?

You have to know where the bass are. They are always in the lily pads. I always catch mine with fake worms. Hope I helped. :)
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Are bass endangered?

You have to be more specific with your question. There are many species of fish called "bass", some are truly bass, while others (such as the Micropterus family of sunfish, li ( Full Answer )
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Is trumpet in bass?

While there's such a thing as a bass trumpet, the vast majority oftrumpets play in the treble range.
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What characteristics does a bass have?

Well it honestly depends, most Bass are usually dark brown, darkgreen or dark grey in color on top, depending upon their waterhabitat. Striped bass have dark brown spots and s ( Full Answer )
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Is Bass a drum?

A bass drum is a large drum that produces a note of low definite orindefinite pitch. It is usually the Biggest drum in a drum kit andis usually played on the drums, on a march ( Full Answer )