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When do you bathe?

Answer . You should probally take one every other day. That way, you're not stinky, or you get dry skin. If you're exercising, you should probably rinse off after your work (MORE)
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Why do you bathe?

Mostly people bathe because it is hygienic and generally healthy. Most importantly, it should make you smell better. Bathing removes dead skin that can attract bacteria and mi (MORE)

What is a bath?

Bath is a city in England that has many Roman-style baths. A bathis also a ceramic basin used for washing oneself. A bath is whatone takes when he or she is dirty and needs to (MORE)

Is it bathes or baths?

"Baths" is a plural noun - "we took baths every Saturday night." "Bathes" is a verb - "she bathes in the tub."

You can do it to a bath?

Do what to a bath? Smack it? Yea I guess you good, you would just have a big bruise on your hand. Well actually that depends. Do you have strong hands and a tub made of jello? (MORE)
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Do you take a bath or have a bath?

Either is correct, but the idiom take a bath (or take a shower ) is more frequently used in the US. Take a bath and have a bath are both correct. In older times, the term (MORE)

What can you do in the bath?

When you go and have a bath you can put bubbles and put bath bombes and turn the water a little bit hotter so you can relax more. To make bubbles, just add a lot of champoo, (MORE)
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Why is bath in somerset called bath?

I think Bath is called Bath because the Romans built the Roman Baths in Bath. I do not know for sure but this is the obvious assumption. Bath used to be called Aquae Sulis. (A (MORE)
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Where is Bath?

Bath is a city in the English county of Somerset, located 97 miles (156 kilometres) west of London and 13 miles (21 kilometres) south-east of Bristol.