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In the battle of Gettysburg who led the battle?

Confederate general Robert E. Lee led his army of Northern Virginia against Major union general Meade's Army of the Potomac in the Battle of Gettysburg.
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What were the battles of seven days battle?

The Battle of Oak Grove; The Battle of Beaver Dam Creek (Mechanicsville); the Battle of Gaines's Mill; the Battle of Garnett's/ Golding's Farm; the Battle of Savage's Station; ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to battle buck in the battle tower?

First, you have to go to the Multi Battle room and have 2 eligible Pokemon participate. If you've helped Buck before, then he will appear in the Battle Salon. Press 'A' on him ( Full Answer )
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Battle description of the battle at Vicksburg?

The Battle of Vicksburg was a major turning point in the war. It was over control of the Mississippi River, for the Confederate (the south) states had it and the Union (the no ( Full Answer )
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What is a battle?

Battle means: . a military fight between groups of soldiers, ships, airplanes,etc. . a violent fight in which people use weapons . a fight between people or groups in whic ( Full Answer )
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What is a battle axe in the Battle of Hastings?

A battle axe is a heavy axe that can penatrate a knight's armor and it can chop off someone's head. It is so heavy that, if you miss, you won't have time to swing it again. It ( Full Answer )
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What was the battle of Lexington or the battle of concord?

The battles were two major battles on the same day. Lexington happened first on the morning April 19, 1775 when the British patrol marched into the town and met 77 colonial me ( Full Answer )
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Who were the battle leaders of the battle of Yorktown?

Charles Cornwallis was the british general and george washing ton was the American general and Comte de Rochambeau's french army and Francois de Grasse's french fleet
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What is battle on?

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What battles led to the battle of Britain?

bombing of the british airfields Answer: The German blitzkrieg in the opening months of 1940 had overrun Norway, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, and most shockingly, France, wit ( Full Answer )
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How do you battle in Digimon Battle?

First you approach the Digimon and when your close enough u right click it. That will arrange a battle. After that when you start the battle, your yellow bar must be full for ( Full Answer )
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What if she did not battle you?

Without more information, this question cannot be answered. Who is the she and who is the you?
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What was the battle before the Battle of Hastings?

The battle of stamford bride which was Harold II Vs Harold hadrada some say the reason he didnt win the battle of hastings was becasue his army had to march 1000 miles up and ( Full Answer )
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What was the battle strategy in the battle of Cannae?

The Romans had more troops and were arranged in three rows, Hannibal had less troops all arranged in one line. As the Roman troops surged forwards, Hannibal's central troops b ( Full Answer )
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Did the Battle of Gettysburg have little battles in it?

The battle of Gettysburg was one large several day battle, it was one of the bloodiest battles, I think it's the battle where the creek bed ran red, although I am sure there w ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to battle on battle field heroes?

ga naar die site van battle field heroes maak account aan moet je downlaoden en dan druk je op play now komt er programma druk op toestaan en dan speel je het
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What kind of battle was the Battle of Midway?

It was a sea and air battle - the first to take place between carriers and planes on both sides. It came about because of the fantastic work of the US cryptographers who could ( Full Answer )
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What happened in battle of battle Trenton?

The Battle of Trenton took place on December 26, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War after General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River north of Trenton, ( Full Answer )
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What were the battle strategy's for the Battle of Vicksburg?

After failing to break out, Pemberton had no choice but to sittight and wait for relief. Grant encircled the town, sent a portionof his forces to screen against attack from a ( Full Answer )
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What was the significance of the battle of the battle of the bulge?

the significance was that Hitler was planning to take Antwerp spliting the allied forces and was the last offense the Germans made. It began on December 16, 1944 and lasted fo ( Full Answer )
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Why was Battle named Battle?

By the looks of it it originally a Latin word for the gladiatorial fights which was then: . Put into the French language . And then the English language beat up the French ( Full Answer )
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Why is the the Battle of Vicksburg a key battle?

It was one of three major cities, along with New Orleans and Shiloh, that led to Union control of the Mississippi river. This was part of Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan, a str ( Full Answer )
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What sort of battle was the salamis battle?

it was a naval battle after the defet of 300 it was a plan to stopthe Persians from killing the Athenians but they the Persians RazedAthins to the grownd.
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Who battled in the battle of Salamis?

A combined southern Greece fleet led by Sparts against a Persian fleet drawn from Phoenician, Asian Greek cities and Egypt.
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Why was the battle called the battle of antiem?

because it was>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------- Because the battle was fought at Antietam Creek in Maryland. the Ba ( Full Answer )
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How does death battle make battles?

first the people at death battle look for info about the twowarriors. Next, they compare all the armor, weapons, and abilitiestogether to see who will have an advantage in cer ( Full Answer )
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What was the battle strategy for the battle of thermopylae?

The overall Greek strategy was to thwart the Persian advance at the narrow pass of Thermopylae using a Spartan/Thespian/Theban blocking force , while at sea the Athenian Admir ( Full Answer )
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Why was the battle of bulge a significant battle?

Ir was a last big push of the Germans to attempt to win or at least slow the loss to the American, British, French, forces attacking Germany from the west. If they had met the ( Full Answer )
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Why was the battle of Britain an important battle?

The Battle of Britain was crucial in that the Germans were trying todefeat British defensive air power to clear the English Channel ofprotection, so they could launch an invas ( Full Answer )