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What are the lyrics to Don't Call Me a ballad on Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads Volume 4 by Oscar Brand?

Call out the members of the Queen's marine. Call out the Kings artillery. Call out me mother, my sister and me brother. But for God's sakes, don't call me.. Now, I don't w ( Full Answer )
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Who was 'Bawdy Baskets'?

they are women who carry baskets and steal linen clothes off hedges in the 16th century
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What is a bawdy basket in Tudor times?

A bawdy basket was a women who carried a basket around filled with clothes, and when she found any cloths out to dry, she would take them and put them in her basket. If anyone ( Full Answer )
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What is a bawdy basket?

someone (normally a Ladie ) would go along in the street and take any washing of any washing lines and then put the clothes into her basket
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Romeo and Juliet- what bawdy comment does Sampson make?

I think it refers to when he says that he would cut of the heads of the maids if he finds a Montague woman. Answer: Sampson and Gregory's whole discussion in Act 1 is a s ( Full Answer )
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Use the word bawdy in a sentence?

It was a very bawdy town, with trash scattered on the ground and dirty buildings
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What is sentences using bawdy?

Bawdy means vulgar or lewd, humorously coarse. Here are some sentences. . I think that play is a little too bawdy for my mother to see. . He told a bawdy joke. . Her tast ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonym of bawdy?

Some synonyms of the word bawdy are: vulgar dirty lewd racy cheap coarse salacious indecent naughty risque lecherous obscene smutty ribald rude ( Full Answer )
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What is Bawdy humour?

a sexual related humour, there are different categories which include for example explicit or miming. It is used in greek comedy theatre. An example could be: 'this is one lon ( Full Answer )
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Can anyone help me find the full lyrics to an old English bawdy ballad called Drop the Line Melody beginning Early one evening in summer last year a daring young man swam round Brighton Beach Pier?

Early one evening in summer last year, a daring young man swam round Brighton Beach Pier. Around it he swam and climb out on a rock, shacking his.... Fist at a policeman w ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell bawdy?

Bawdy. "She sang bawdy songs, such as 'A Lusty Young Smith,' to the enjoyment of all."
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What does Shakespeare mean by the word bawdy?

"Bawdy" comes from the word "bawd" which means a prostitute. Bawdy means having to do with a prostitute's stock-in-trade, which is in other words sex. For example, Mercutio s ( Full Answer )
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What does 'bawdy' mean?

The term bawdy is considered an adjective. The meaning is indecent or raunchy humor. One can find more information including synonyms for the term bawdy by visiting the webs ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones - 1976?

The cast of The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones - 1976 includes: Michael Bates as Madman Donald Bisset as Gentleman of the Hunt Georgia Brown as Jenny Jones Judy Buxton as Lizzi ( Full Answer )