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Where is The Bay Of Bengal?

Answer . The Bay of Bengal is located south of India between India's borders and China.
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Where is Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay is in Tampa, Florida. It is in the county of Hillsborough. The term "Tampa Bay" can refer to the body of water, the estuary or harbor off the Gulf of Mexico near th ( Full Answer )
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Where is Mandalay Bay?

Answer Mandalay Bay Casino In Las Vegas NV. On Las Vegas Boulevard ( the strip ) double click on mandalay bay above for more information Madalay is the second largest c ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hudson Bay?

Hudson Bay is a large body of water in northeastern Canada. ===== Hudson Bay is the udder-shaped Arctic indentation into northern Canada. Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and ( Full Answer )
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How is a bay created?

A Bay is created when water from the ocean is in constant motion moving sand and rocks against a specific area, then it will turn into a Bay
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How are bays formed?

I dont believe this. I think it is formed when the river pushes its way out to the ocean/sea. It could also possibly be that in that area the material that makes it up is mor ( Full Answer )
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What are bays?

A body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth, affording access to the sea
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Where is Dinkins Bay?

Dinkins Bay is a fictional private marina located on Sanibel Island, Florida (just off Fort Myers). It is where the fictional character Marion D. Ford (or "Doc" Ford) lives in ( Full Answer )
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What is there to do in monterey bay?

There is something to do in Monterey for everyone. Most people already know about the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. But what they don't know is that there are many more ( Full Answer )
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What is Botany bay?

Botany bay was established, by British imperialism for criminals in English Courts sentenced to transportation, as a prison colony in Australia.. Correction: Botany Bay was ( Full Answer )
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What are bay leaves?

Bay leaves are an aromatic herb that come from the evergreen Bay Laurel tree, which is native to the Mediterranean. They are used to flavor soups, stews, vegetables and meats. ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of a bay?

Tampa Bay . Hudson Bay . San Francisco Bay . Chesapeake Bay . Bay of Bengal . Bay of Campeche A bay is a arm of an ocean or sea, partly surrounded by land.
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Sentence for bay?

A bay is a body of water that forms an indentation along theshoreline. It can also mean a recessed area that is enclosed. Thesun reflected off the water in the bay.
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What are facts bays?

Bays are great for fishing and are often used to establish ports. Abay can block some waves and wind from reaching the land area. Someof the largest bays in the world are the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Jason Bay?

Jason Bay (born September 20, 1978 in Trail) is a Canadian formerbaseball player who played for the San Diego Padres, PittsburghPirates, Boston red Sex, New York Mets, and Sea ( Full Answer )
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How does a bay form?

A bay is a large body of water connected to one of the oceans or asea. They are formed like a inlet of water where the land blocksmost of the waves and so it is semi still pon ( Full Answer )
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A bay is a?

A bay is an area of water mostly surrounded or otherwise demarcated by land. Bays generally have calmer waters than the surrounding sea, due to the surrounding land blocking ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Bay bridge?

The Bay Bridge is in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. It spans the bay, connecting Oakland to San Francisco via Yerba Buena Island.
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What is Bodega Bay?

A small bay 40 miles northwest of San Francisco and the site of the Russian-American Company's California enterprise at Fort Ross.
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Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay are what?

Associated with a submergent coast, former river valleys that were flooded by a rise in sea level and excellent examples of large estuaries.
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How do you spell bay bay kids?

That is the spelling of the trademarked name "Bay Bay Kids" (child safety products). The movie title was "Bebe's Kids" (1992), more precisely " Bébé's Kids ". (from t ( Full Answer )
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Where is Walvis Bay?

Walvis Bay is the harbour city in central coastline of Namibia, located in south west africa.
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What do you do at bouffant bay?

You go over towards the end of the island. You will see three hanging plants if you have gone far enough. Hit them in this order: 3rd plant, 1st plant, 2nd plant. A piece of t ( Full Answer )
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What do you do on bouffant bay?

You go to the man hiding under the plant and look up and you will jump to the 2 plant hanging!
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What can you do in whitley bay?

go to the waves smimming pool or go to the beach but theres loads to do there
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What is a sorrel or a bay?

A bay is not a breed, but actually is a color of a horse. A bay horse has a brown body and a black mane and tail. wheather it has a strip or blaze, or socks, does not affect t ( Full Answer )
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What is a bay cob?

it is a horse when you get horses with brown bodies and black mane and tails then that horse is therefore bay so it would be the breed of horse which is "cob" so it is a cob t ( Full Answer )
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Is there a Bay called Frobisher Bay?

yes: it is the bay that the town of Iqaluit is located on. in fact Iqaluit used to be called Frobisher's Bay
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Who was the Mira Bai?

She is devotee of krishna and has gone to krishnaloka which one of the vaikunthat planets in spiritual world.
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What is Gun bay?

A gun bay may refer to a place where the gun is kept. However, according to the Internet, there is not a gun box that is specifically called a gun bay.
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What is there to do on Galway Bay?

There are awesome things to do on Galway Bay. You can go sailing, visit the islands, cruise the bay, do some deep sea fishing, or you could swim in one of the many beaches.
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Is Tampa bay a bay?

Yes, the city is Tampa, but the body of water is Tampa Bay. Severalcities make up the Tampa Bay Area.
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What is a med bay?

This is the medical facility on a Navy ship/submarine or also what the infirmary is sometimes called at a Navy base.
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Where is James bay?

Both bodies of water extend from the Arctic Ocean, of which JamesBay is the southernmost part. It borders the provinces of Quebec and Ontario ; islands within the bay (thela ( Full Answer )