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How can you make your baya 90 go faster?

put a straight through exhaust on it, clean the pipes/engine, make sure there is no limiter on the throttle so u can use the full thing. throttle cable needs to be tight. chan ( Full Answer )
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What is the baya tapestery?

The Bayeux Tapestry is a cloth that depicts the moments that leadto the conquest of England by the Normans. It also depicts William,Duke of Normandy, Harold, Earl of Wessex, a ( Full Answer )
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Where is the baya plant on panfu?

In the Jungle...You Know The Big Bush In The Jungle? Yeah There Look Around It You will see an Flower Pot...Now Throw Water Balloons At The Flower Untill it FULLY grows. Now Y ( Full Answer )
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On panfu what is the baya plant?

In the jungle on one of the coconut trees.. this probably hasn't helped much because I've been looking for it too..
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Where do you find the baya plant on Panfu?

STEPS: 1) Click the jungle (not the forest, i got confused with that!) 2) See the big bush in the middle? Well look on the right of it and you will see a flower-pot-ish thing ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in La montagne de Baya - 1997?

The cast of La montagne de Baya - 1997 includes: Nora Ait Abdelmalek as Taos Djamila Amzal as Baya Meziane Chabi as Le petit Meziane Abderrhamane Debiane as Djendel Fadil Haml ( Full Answer )