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What are bayous?

Answer . A bayou is a small, slow moving stream or creek. Bayous are usually located in flat, low-lying areas. Many bayous are home to crawfish,shrimp, shellfish and catfi (MORE)
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Are Louisiana's swampy waterways called bogs or bayous?

They are called bayous. Bogs typically get all of their water from rain and are created by sphagnum moss buildup over existing ponds or dry land that becomes saturated with ra (MORE)
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What is the English translation of the French phrase 'bayou de chien'?

" Dog bayou " and " rugged bayou " are respectively literal and loose English equivalents of the French phrase bayou de chien . Specifically, the masculine noun bayou fu (MORE)
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What state has the most bayous?

Louisiana is the state that has the most bayous. Bayous are commonin stats located in the Mississippi River region on the Gulf Coast.
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Are there bayous in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana is full of bayous. A bayou is a body ofwater that can be a slow moving river or stream. they are mostcommonly found in very low lying areas and usually (MORE)
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What are 2 bayous?

Two bayous means 2 squared. Such as i have 4 bayous. Meaning 4 squared. That is obviously 16. P.S. Im not correct just wanted to have a little fun :)