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What are bayous?

Answer . A bayou is a small, slow moving stream or creek. Bayous are usually located in flat, low-lying areas. Many bayous are home to crawfish,shrimp, shellfish and catfi (MORE)
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How do you find the VIN on a Kawasaki Bayou?

Answer- Bayou VIN location . IT's on the side of the lower left frame rail, about 6" in front of your left footpeg. The left engine cover sticks out here and crud often bui (MORE)
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What is a bayou?

A bayou is a slow-moving waterway. Common in southern Louisiana, these lazy streams crisscross the land like webbing. They connect lakes, swamps, or marshes and can be short c (MORE)
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How do you say bayou in french?

You also say "bayou" in French. UR SO STUPID A la personne qui a répondu : pas besoin d'insulter. Si t'es pas content(e) répond pas.
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Purpose of the Turtle Bayou resolutions?

The colonists declared their loyalty to Mexico. They denied that they were attacking Mexican authority. Instead colonists insisted that they were supporting Antonio Lopez de S (MORE)
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How do you remove seat from kawasaki bayou?

look on the back of your 4 wheeler you will see the muffler on the left there will be a looped wire pull and then lift the seat at the same time
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What animals live in a bayou?

Alligators, fish, snakes, birds, Bob cats, and other small animalslive on the bayou. The bayou is home to many different types ofspecies.
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Who wrote the song Born on the Bayou?

John Fogerty wrote the song 'Born on the Bayou' and it was performed by Creedence Water Revival.
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What are the Born on the Bayou lyrics?

Now, when I just was a little boy, standin to my Daddy's knee, my poppa said "Son, don't let the man get you and do what he done to me." I can remember the fourth of (MORE)
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Top speed on 220 bayou?

My friend has an old bayou 220 and we topped it out at exactly 50mph. I compared by using the speedo on my king quad 700. We were dead even when I slowed to 50. The king quad (MORE)
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How much oil in a kawasaki bayou?

4qt Actually the KLF400 Bayou takes 3.7 liters and 3.7 Liters is stamped in the housing mnext to the oil fill.
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Where is the starter on a Kawasaki Bayou 220?

Behind the Jug. Under the carb. Remove two oil lines right side of motor {keep track of were bolts came from} One oil line is held down by starter bolt. Take out two bolts hol (MORE)
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What did the Turtle Bayou Resolutions declare?

The Turtle Bayou Resolutions: . Resolved : That we view with feelings of the deepestregret, the manner in which the government of the Republic ofMexico is administered by th (MORE)
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Is a bayou a biome?

Technically, it is. However, I consider it to be a marsh biome, for it has many characteristics of a marsh.
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What is an example of a bayou?

A body of water, such as a creek or small river, that is a tributary of a larger body of water. . A sluggish stream that meanders through lowlands, marshes, or plantation gro (MORE)

What year is my kawasaki bayou 220?

The 10th digit of the VIN# is the year of manufacture. Search and you will find the list for the code for the 10th digit. Mine is "X" which is 1999. I do know that "Y" is 2000 (MORE)
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Are there bayous in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana is full of bayous. A bayou is a body ofwater that can be a slow moving river or stream. they are mostcommonly found in very low lying areas and usually (MORE)
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What is a bayou dweller?

Some of the people who live in the part of Louisiana where they have bayous are called Cajuns.
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What it bayou blaster?

bayou blaster is an herbal blend of aromatic potpourri. The results of the first very small toke were just like weed. Second toke resulted in extreme lightheadedness, dizzines (MORE)
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Where did the word bayou come from?

From Louisiana French, borrowed from Choctaw 'Bayuk' as a sluggish, marshy tributary of a lake or river
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What is in bayou blaster?

Bayou Blast: 1/2 tbsp Paprika; 2 tbsp Salt; 2 tbsp Garlic powder; 1 tbsp Black pepper; 1 tbsp Onion powder; 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper; 1 tbsp Dried oregano; 1 tbsp Dried thyme. Co (MORE)
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What is it in bayou blaster that gets you high?

When it was sold as herbal incense, it was JWH-18 (invented by a Clemson professor years ago). Since the DEA suspension of JWH-18, it is sold as potpourri and the main chemica (MORE)
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What cind of animals live in the bayou?

I have heard there are many animals including: Deer, mosquito, slugs, crayfish, grackle, turtles, crane, alligator, snakes, anole, bat, bullfrog, crab, shrimp, raccoon, heron, (MORE)
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Where is bayou boo?

you get on the fairy and go to the bayou and he is usually there.
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Do people smoke bayou blaster?

If your referring to the potpourri, it says on the package not meant for human consumption.
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What are 2 bayous?

Two bayous means 2 squared. Such as i have 4 bayous. Meaning 4 squared. That is obviously 16. P.S. Im not correct just wanted to have a little fun :)
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What kind of water is in the bayou?

The kind of water that is in the bayou varies greatly depending on the area of the bayou. Some areas that are inland offer freshwater while other areas have brackish or saltwa (MORE)
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Where in the US can you find a bayou?

Bayou is a river-like body of water that usually is found on flat land areas. One of the noted bayous would be the Mississippi River. New Orleans, Louisiana and Florida Are al (MORE)