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When is Chris Brown bday?

Chris Brown's bday is on may 5th 1989. As of may 5th 2011 he is 22 yrs old.
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What is Soulja Boy's bday?

DeAndre Way, or Soulja Boy, is an American rapper, best known forhis single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)". He was born on July 28, 1990.
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When is Dwyane Wade's bday?

NBA player, Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr., was born in Chicago, Illinoison January 17, 1982. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 220pounds.
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When is bill and tom bday?

bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz bday is on September 1 ,so whatever you need esle email me at okay kids gotta go
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Should Kayla kiss me on my bday?

yes!! Hey Kayla its wiki here from wiki answers i really think you should kiss Jon on his bday he would love that so much. he has asked me lots of questions before and i th ( Full Answer )
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What should you do for your bday?

You could rent a Hummer Limo... and have them drive you to a private movie with friends
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When is lebrons bday?

Lebron James is born on December 30 1984. He is also in the Miami heat right now, but he use to be in the Cleavland Cavaliers.
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What should you get your boyfriend for his bday?

Buy him a video game for his favorite console, make sure it's a genre he likes and a game he doesn't already have. He will love you forever.
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What is a good teen co-ed bday party?

my friend is having a bday party and we r having trouble finding ideas... laser tag is good, but there r no places in our town.... therefore we would have 2 buy all the suppli ( Full Answer )
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When is Big Time Rushes bday?

Logan Phillip Henderson: September 14 1989 carlos pena jr: August 15 1989 james david maslow: July 16 1990 kendall francis schmidtt: November 2 1990
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Whose bday is on November 22?

1450 - Jacob Obrecht, composer 1458 - Jacob Obrecht, Dutch composer (d. 1505) 1511 - Erasmus Reinhold, Germany, mathematician (calculated planetary table) 151 ( Full Answer )
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What do turtles use as candles for their bday cakes?

Turtles don't make birthday cakes. They don't make use of candles either. In fact, the evidence would suggest that turtles do not make much effort at all to celebrate their bi ( Full Answer )
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What is a leap year bday?

Well a leap year is were ur bday happens every 4 years & ya know how they say a year is 365 days with a leap year added on it's 365 & 1/4th so that's how I know cuz my bdays o ( Full Answer )
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What do 14 years old like for their bday?

14 year old boys would like video games, money, sports equipment, or food. Girls like makeup, jewelry, music, money and gift cards, clothes, nail polish, etc. But it really de ( Full Answer )
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What are some good ways to propose to a girl at Disneyland on her bday?

There are many magical places in Disneyland. Pick her favorite place ( with a few questions you can find this out) and have one of the Disney characters deliver flowers to her ( Full Answer )
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Girls 13th bday?

are you throwing the party?what does she like?when is it?are you going?where is it at?are you just getting her something?please add more detail so people can acually answer yo ( Full Answer )
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What is mindless behavior bday?

prodigy's is december 26th princetons is april21st rayray's is janurary6th rocroyal's is july 23rd i love you roc
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What are the names of all the songs on beyonce's bday album?

On the original B'day album the songs are: . Deja vu ft Jay-Z . Get me bodied . Suga Mama . Upgrade U ft Jay-Z . Ring the Alarm . Kitty Kat . Freakum Dress . Green Lig ( Full Answer )
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When is Liam Paynes bday?

August 29, 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England or look you One Direction on Wikipedia
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When is matty bs bday?

Matthew Morris aka "MattyB" is a 10-year-old rapper from Atlanta, GA. He was born on January 6, 2003. hope this was helpful!
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Why is that last year my bday was on a Friday but this year is on a Sunday?

Normally a birthday changes by one day each year, because there are 52 weeks and 1 day in a year. In a leap year there is an extra day, so your birthday has moved on by two da ( Full Answer )
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What is all one directions bdays?

September 13- Niall August 29- Liam February 1- Harry January 12- Zayn And Lou is a Christmas Eve baby!
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When is the group One Directions bdays?

Harry Styles - February 1st, 1994 Louis Tomlinson - December 24th, 1991 Niall Horan - September 13th, 1993 Liam Payne - August 29th, 1993 Zayn Malik - January 12th, 1993
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When is god bday?

If you believe that God is a holy trinity composed of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, then the birthday of the Son is celebrated on Christmas; the other two entities ( Full Answer )
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When was Beyonce's BDay album released?

Beyonce's BDay album was released in September 2006. This R&B album was the second album release by Beyonce Knowles under the Columbia Records label.