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What are c-beams?

While I'm unable to say for certain what Roy in "Blade Runner" was refering to, the C-Beams in use today are heavy ion beams. They are currently used in two forms, 9 C and 1 ( Full Answer )
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What is a beaming device?

QUite a bit of newer computer hardware is equipped with Infra-red beaming technology. It allows you to send data between computer devices without wires or radio frequency conn ( Full Answer )
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What are the masonry beams?

A masonry beam is more often called a "bond beam." This is where a block is cut or manufactured with a slot to lay down one or two pieces of rebar down inside the block horizo ( Full Answer )
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What is beam on a boat?

The beam is the width of the boat at its widest point.. If something is 'on the beam' it is to the side of the boat. Themore typical nautical expression for this is "abeam" f ( Full Answer )
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What is balance beam?

A balance beam is a long, hard piece of material that you can do flips and other hard activities on if you know how to. You must have practice to even stay on the balance beam ( Full Answer )
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What is a plinth beam?

According to Webster, a plinth is a block upon which the moldings an an architrave or trim are stopped at the bottom, or the lower course of stones forming a foundation.
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What is a infrared beam?

An infrared beam is often used on a security alarm. When the beamis broken, an alarm sounds. The beam is invisible because infraredis electromagnetic radiation that has longer ( Full Answer )
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What is a steel beam?

A steel beam is a long piece of metal (steel), which is commonly in the shape of an "H", but which comes in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, and W/F (weight per foot).. Als ( Full Answer )
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What are T beams and I beams?

Beam refers to the structural of the material after bending due tothe force of load. There are several types of beams and structure.I -beam as its name applies has an I cross ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get hyper beam?

you get it from the game place in cealadon. the slot machine place. you have to pay or it in coins
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What is an aurora beam?

According to Sci-fiction. It is a beam created by the infamous Aurora Cannon, created in 2014 AD During WWIII. This cannon fires a mesospherifical beam that induces an aurora ( Full Answer )
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Are columns beams?

No. A beam is a horizontal member. A column is a vertical member. They may, however, be made of the same part.
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Beam of a boat?

The beam of a boat is the measured width of the broadest part of a vessel
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What is the difference between an you beam and a beam?

An 'U' beam is a beam that is shaped like the letter 'U'. It is usually made of 3 parts; 2 sides and 1 bottom piece. A beam would normally refer to an 'I' beam (A beam that ( Full Answer )
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What is beam or ray?

Beam is a ray or collection of parallel rays emitted from the sun or other luminous body; as, a beam of light, or a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation ( Full Answer )
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What is a low beam?

Well, assuming that you are talking about headlights, the low beams are the dimmest settings for the drive headlights, while high beams are the brightest setting.
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What is a beam in music?

A beam or curved line connecting two notes is called a "tie". The duration of that note then is equal both note values.
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Is overhanging beam a determinate beam?

Yes, It is ofcourse a determinate beam of degree of indeterminacy = 0 if we remove the moment at support, it works as a mechanism. So, it is determinate...
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What is the zeta beam?

Zeta Beam is a sort of teleportation device used by Adam Strange. It began when a scientist name Sardath on the planet Rann developed it to speak with aliens over vast distanc ( Full Answer )
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What is beam in gymnastics?

The beam is a narrow beam of covered wood set a few feet off the floor. You do basically everything you do on floor on it, but in a more limited area.
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What is rider beam?

Perhaps a beam balance is the subject of your enquiry? If so, a rider beam is the beam along which one moves the small pointers till the point of balance is reached. A Tripl ( Full Answer )
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What is a hinged beam?

It is a beam that is attached at aboundary that is free to rotate, like a hinge. It cannot develop a bending moment. It is often used to idealize a simply supported beam
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Where are beams used?

Beams are used when you are driving with no one in the affected area, and you lack the extra light that you would normally have when in "town" or suburban area.
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What is a beam in structure?

take example as a building Basically there are slab, beams and columns The loadings are applied on the beams and slabs wall on the beam is beam load. wall on the slab is ( Full Answer )
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What is the length of the beam?

A Balance beam is 16 feet long and 4.5 inches in width and height varies.
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How did the I-beam develop?

The first I-beams made entirely of wrought iron were produced in Paris about 1847. The Trenton Iron Works in Trenton, New Jersey, began rolling wrought-iron I-beams in 1854
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What do you do on the beam for Gymnastics?

It depends what level you are in. Lower levels normally just do kicks and stuff and as you get higher handstands and jumps and as you get even higher flips and saults.
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What are loads on a beam?

Compressive load on the top of the I beam and tensile load below the I beam. By increasing the depth of the I beam the it can bear more load capacity
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What do you do on beam in gymnastics?

Spins,leaps.turns,jumps,front/back flips,flicks you name it a top gymnast can put most gym moves on a beam with practice for more info on beam ( Full Answer )
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What is a beam splitter?

A beam splitter in its simplest form is a glass prism. the laser enters one face of the prism, and is split into two identical beams which exit at different places.
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What is the beam?

any of various relatively long pieces of metal, wood, stone, etc., manufactured or shaped especially for use as rigid members or parts of structures or machines.
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What is beam and wall?

Beam is a member which transfers the load of slab and walls to column. Wall is use for partition in between rooms,kitchen,bath to maintain privacy
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What does beams mean?

Beams can be a noun. A beam is a strong supporting structure in the ceiling of buildings. Think of a log suspended across opposite frame walls, and ceiling pieces going from t ( Full Answer )
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What is a beam bridge?

A beam or "girder" bridge is the simplest and most inexpensive kindof bridge. According to Craig Finley of Finley/McNary Engineering,"they're basically the vanillas of the bri ( Full Answer )
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What are beams?

They can be a number of things: Smiles Rays of light Structural units holding up a roof or ceiling and made of wood oriron.