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Why were beds made?

Beds were made because when people wanted to sleep they wanted to sleep on something comfortable so their back wont hurt.
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Fear of beds?

The fear beds is known as clinophobia, as is the fear of going to bed. This fear is usually associated with sleep phobias or sleeping disorders.
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What are beds made of?

Beds are made of all sorts of things. My favorite new material is memory foam and it is the new rave.
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Why do you have beds?

we have beds to keep us warm at night time. when you buy a bed they come with ma tresses and a nice cosy duvet most people have one.
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What is heterolithic beds?

This means a rock which is formed of many layers (or beds) of two or more different sedimentary rocks. For example, a rock which was formed in a river delta may contain sandst (MORE)
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How do bedbugs get in your beds?

Do not confuse bedbugs with garden bugs. Bedbugs are pests and virtually always live in a home not a garden and can be brought into that home in various ways, such as one or (MORE)
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Why are beds called rice beds?

Rice beds are where the rice grow. so its kind of like how you sleep in a bed they grow in a bed. I guess.FART!
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Where can you get hamster bedding?

Most pet shops have good quality pet bedding. I would not recommend using fresh wood shavings or sawdust as they can be dusty and dangerous for your hamster. You can get it (MORE)
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What is animal bedding?

Animal bedding is basically name of those bedding which are based on animals themes. Animal bedding has pictures of animals or bedding seems like real skin of animals like tig (MORE)
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Do ducks have beds?

Yes they do. They use the intestines of dismembered piglets to make a mattress, then they go on to make pillows out of disgust and orphan's tears.
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What is bed-wetting?

Bed-wetting is the unintentional (involuntary) discharge of urine during the night.
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What rhymes with bed?

bread, bred, dead, dread, fed, fled, head, lead, read, red, said, shed, shred, sled, sped, spread, stead, thread, tread, wed
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What do rabbits do with bedding?

Many rabbits eat their bedding and thats exactly what my rabbit does we put hay in her cage and she eats it so we have to put more hay in it like every week.. Hay is good but (MORE)
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What do beds do in Minecraft?

You can sleep in them during the nights, and when you wake up it's morning. It was made so you don't have to wait the whole night for the monsters to dissapear.
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Where can you buy beds?

You can buy a bed in IKEA!! ( only if your in Canada ) you can buy a bed in a furniture store. Save
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Where can you get bedding at? has got some cute things. also try target, ikea, and overstock
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What can you use for bedding?

shredded news paper, pellets, shavings, artificial dirt, shredded toilet paper, or just go to your local pet store and look in the hamster section or ask an enployee for help! (MORE)
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What is bedding?

Bedding is the bottom layer.