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Do you say make the bed or do the bed?

"Set the bed." To "Make" the bed implies I am a carpenter, mattress worker, or someone who assembles the metal framing that holds the mattress in it's place. . When you "set" ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have beds?

we have beds to keep us warm at night time. when you buy a bed they come with ma tresses and a nice cosy duvet most people have one.
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How do you get in bed?

Most people sit down first, then put their feet up and recline. Kids may just dive in head first.
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Do you get bed bugs from eating in bed?

No, you don't get bed bugs from eating in bed. The bed bugs will be eating in bed when they are feeding on you though.You can keep bed bugs at bay with bed protectors.
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Does every bed have bed bugs?

No bed bugs are not in every bed in fact they are in only a smallportion of american households. They generally found ineconomically depressed areas. They are about the size o ( Full Answer )
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Are there bed bugs in all beds?

No. What are commonly known as "bed bugs" are not present in all beds. It depends on where you live and the conditions. Some areas have a greater incidence of bedbugs, especia ( Full Answer )
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What is bed?

A bed is something compfy you do naughty things in. Since you put this in the Food and Cooking section, I will assume that you mean the cooking term. A bed is the bottom ( Full Answer )
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Is a 140x200cm bed a double bed? The pages above say that a 140x200cm bed is slightly narrower/shorter than a Queen (15 ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a bed from?

Beds can be purchased from many places. Many super stores sell themand all furniture stores sell a variety of them .
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Why are beds called rice beds?

Rice beds are where the rice grow. so its kind of like how you sleep in a bed they grow in a bed. I guess.FART!
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Are bed bugs just in your bed?

No Bedbugs sometimes nest in your bed and sometimes nearby but not necessarily in your bed. They may be in furniture near your bed or under the carpet or in a hole in the wall ( Full Answer )
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In the bed or on the bed?

In the bed means under the covers on the bed means on top of the covers.
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How do you get out of bed?

Get up, splash some cold water on my face, and get a HUGE cup of coffee.
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Do you say you have to be in bed or on bed?

It depends you could say you have to be on the bed, or you have to be in bed. If you are referring to having to be asleep at or having a bedtime, the correct form is "have t ( Full Answer )
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How come a bed is called a bed?

first of all in olden days when man try to speaks, he learn from bird, what they speaks, from animal, what they speaks. in my country INDIA a crow speaks 'kaown' 'kawon' we ca ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into a bed?

There is no specific way. You can jump in, roll in, fall onto it, or any other way that pleases you. simpler answer lie on it pull the covers over you and go to sleep
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How do you get in your bed?

Step 1: Stand by the bedside approximately half-way down its length, ensure you have all the necessary equipment and note the position of bed-side tables, lamps and other obst ( Full Answer )
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How many bed bugs can you get in your bed?

Quite a few more than you want. It is like asking how many ants can be on a doughnut. Bedbugs also lay eggs so they will keep sucking your blood until treated. I used isopr ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in your bed?

Sleep or what do you mean do you want me to say sex or masturbation perv.
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How do you test your bed for bed bugs?

You should inspect around the seams of the mattress and box spring. Look for live insects (adults are mahogany colored and about the size of an apple seed and the young are sm ( Full Answer )
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Can bed bugs get in water beds?

Bed Bugs cannot get INSIDE a water bed or else they would become dead bugs. However they can thrive in the cracks and spaces between the sheets and the bed and the bed and the ( Full Answer )
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Can you do Pilates on a bed such as your dorm bed?

For safetly and proper form it is best to perform Pilates exerciseson a firm-stable foundation such as on a mat or towel on the floor.
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Can bed bugs get in tanning beds?

No because it would be to hot for them to live in that heat Incorrect, bed bugs wont die until exposure for several minutes at approximately 115 degrees. This would also ( Full Answer )
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Bug in bed bed bug or not?

Bed bugs are a specific type of bug their classification is as follows Classification: Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Arthropoda Class - Insecta Order - Hemiptera ( Full Answer )
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Can bed bugs get in your bed?

"Bed Bugs" can, in fact, get into your bed, in your bed, and on your bed.
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How does a canopy for a bed attach to the bed?

the canopy is attached to the four posts of the bed and the four top rails by a wire or with four simple hooks one in each corner off the the four poster bed
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Do you sleep 'on' your bed or 'in' your bed?

In English, the idiom is "in bed". There's a subtle distinction inthat people tend to use "in bed" to mean "lying down, under thecovers" (and thus technically "in" the beddin ( Full Answer )
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Do the bed or set the bed?

Set the bed because do means to perform the action which in this case would be the bed and you can't perform the action of bed
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Where to get bed covers for bed bugs? would be a good start. Some hardware stores may havethem as well. You just need to make sure they are designed for bedbugs. But before buying try to search on the i ( Full Answer )
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How do you not let bed bugs get into your bed?

make sure before you enter your home you do not have any of the bugs on you. they spread faster than mayo on bread . they dont only live in your bed but anywhere they can fit ( Full Answer )
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Do I throw out my bed if I have bed bugs?

No it is stupid and pointless throwing out the bed if you have bedbugs. That is firstly because bedbugs are almost certain to be breeding in places in your home other than in ( Full Answer )
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Where can bed in a bag bedding be purchased?

Bed in a Bag bedding can be purchased from several locations, both online and in-store. Most major department stores, such as Kohl's, Walmart and Target, carry this brand of b ( Full Answer )
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What are the measurements for bunk bed bedding?

The measurement for bunk bed bedding usually are twin over twin bedding. It depends on the bed's foundation however most measure at 30" or 36" by 75" long.
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Do we say in bed or on bed?

Both are correct but refer to different things. "In Bed" refers to a when a person/object is under the sheets of abed, but above a mattress (and possibly other sheets). "On ( Full Answer )