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What is a bee?

a bee is a insect which is known to sip nectar Bees are insects which belong to the Superfamily Apoidea. They have 4 wings and forked hair. A bee is an insect that lives in a (MORE)
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Why do they called the spelling bee but it has a bee?

Spelling bees do not have real-life bees in them. It is just a name of a contest of people who spell words. The people who tell the students to spell the words usually start o (MORE)
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Which are bigger bees or honey bees?

The common bumblebee is usually larger than the honey bee worker, and of comparable size to the honey bee drone.
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Why do bees kill other bees?

Bees kill other bees to protect the hive or to steal honey from other hives through a hole in the hive.
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Can a bee sting a bee?

Yes. A newly-emerged queen will look for and sting through any other queen cells to kill the developing queen inside, and guard bees at the hive entrance will sting any bees (MORE)
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What makes a bee a bee?

the honey bee has been around for millions of years. . honey bees are enviromentally friendly and are vital as pollinates. . it is the only insect that produces food by man (MORE)
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Where can i get bees from i want bees?

If you want to start keeping bees, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a nearby beekeeper or contact your local beekeeping association. There is a lot to learn an (MORE)
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Why do bees make bee hives?

Obviously bees don't make the hives - humans do that. The hives we see today were designed to make it easier to keep bees and harvest honey. Before the current type of h (MORE)
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Why is the bumble bee not a bee?

A bumble bee is a bee -- just a different sort of bee. Bumble bees do collect nectar and make honey, but not in large enough quantities to make it worth harvesting. Howev (MORE)
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What bee mates with the queen bee?

Male bees are called drones. The queen mates with up to 20 drones on her mating flight about a week after she emerges from the pupal cell.
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How many bees are in a bee colony?

At the height of summer there will be one queen, 200 to 300 drones (males) and 20,000 to 50,000 worker bees. In winter, there will be one queen, no drones, and the number of (MORE)
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Do bee keepers help bees?

Yes, very much so. Because of the endemic varroa mite which is a bee parasite, beekeepers have to take continual measures to keep varroa under control otherwise the bees wou (MORE)
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What does a worker bee do to the drone bee?

The drones do no work in the hive, and for most of the season the workers will feed them. But at the end of the season the workers will stop feeding the drones and will evict (MORE)
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How do bees get it on?

honey bees get it on in flight. the queen flies out of the colony and the males (drones) find her and mate with her in flight. sadly the male does after he finishes "called po (MORE)
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Akeelah and the Bee what is the bee?

One might be mistaken, but believe the (Bee) in the title refers to a spelling contest or spelling Bee as they are generally known.
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Can you kill bees if they are not honey bees?

no because they could be those afrain killer bees. when u kill one they make a scent that the bees can smell from far away and they go to find the body and wills tring u. just (MORE)
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Are there bees with stripes that are not bumble bees?

Yes, there are many bees with stripes that are not bumble bees. Honey bees for one have stripes, along with many other bees, wasps and bee and wasp mimics. Black and yellow an (MORE)
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What does a bee eat and what eats a bee?

Bees collect pollen, make and eat honey. Anything that can get to them: birds, bears, raccons, spiders, ants, wasps, frogs/toads - it's a dangerous life! For a complete (MORE)
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What do bees do if a bee is born?

They leave them in a capsule thingy. The queen kills the male babies as they have no use for them. Once the female are out of their capsule they get straight to work; producin (MORE)
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Can bees live in a bee farm?

Yes. The purpose of a bee farm is to house a colony of bees so that collecting their honey might be made easier.
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How do you get rid of a bee hive when the bees are in it?

I think you can use smoke, I'm pretty sure they dislike that. You need to buy a special spray or foam that kills/suffocates the bees first. Spray this into the nest, or fil (MORE)
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Why is a bee called a bumble bee?

The original name used to be Humble Bee, but that has now been almost completely displaced. Perhaps Bumble Bee is onomatopoeic for their sound.
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How do you know which bee is queen bee?

Most likely you will never see the queen bee. She is under guard deep in the hive. If you happen to destroy the hive to find her, she will be a large distorted bee with most o (MORE)
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What happens if the bee stung the bee?

They both willl be dizzzy...after a few hours, sick....includes vomiting excessively...and then willl die. you're right
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How do bees communicate with other bees?

Most bee communication happens through pheromones, or scents. They will also brush each other with their antennae, and honeybees have developed a type of "dance" to communicat (MORE)
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Are nurse bees the friendliest bees?

The friendliest bees in a hive are the drones (males), because they don't have a stinger. Otherwise, any bee will sting something close to her if she feels it is threatening h (MORE)
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How do bee make bee nest?

Depends on what type of bee you're talking about. Honeybees build their hives in hollow places by secreting wax and forming it into combs. If you're talking about wasp nests, (MORE)
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How do bees make more bees?

the queen mates with some bees and gives birth to lots of mini bee babies LOL XD
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How do bees talk to other bees?

well its just like diffferent cultures its a fifferent langugage but if you notice almost every beee makes a sound but thats from its wings but thats how they communicate
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How do you get a bee stinger out of a bee sting?

Scrape it with a knife or credit card or something similar. Neversqueeze it because you will allow more venom into the puncturewound. Tweezers would be a bad idea, because tha (MORE)
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What do bees do?

Bees can do a lot of things. Bees are used mainly for making honey. Produce honey.
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Why are bees called killer bees?

They aren't. There is a hybrid strain of honey bee which isproperly called Africanised bees, and they tend to be moreaggressive than normal honey bees. They are only found in (MORE)