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What does beer do to you?

Answer . It can get you drunk, you will do crazy stuff.. It can make you think more about sex than usual (and women look sexier than usual).. When you're drunk, your real ( Full Answer )
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What is in beer?

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around the globe.It mainly contains malted barley, hops, yeast and water. The tasteof beer may vary according to the method an ( Full Answer )
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What is port beer?

I believe you are referring to "porter." This is a style of beer made popular in the 1800s in England. The name "porter" is a reference to the dock and transit workers with wh ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the alcohol out of beer?

Are you brewing? If so, you simply don't add yeast; or only let it ferment for an hour or two to create an NA.. I assume, though, you're referring to packaged beer. In this c ( Full Answer )
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What is in a beer?

The short answer is: 'awesomeness', but luckily there is a long answer that's significantly more detailed. Most generally, beer is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented ( Full Answer )
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What is added to beer in beer commercials?

nothing ...they are true beer commercial ...its true that most of time they are commercial. you can get more releted videos here
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How much beer is in a can of beer?

Your average can of beer is 12 ounces, but beer cans can come in many other sizes.
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Why do they call beer Beer?

The Chinese word 'Beer' originates in yung foo, off the south coast of china. As you imagine words do change, beer origionally started as Beerkeereeeba, and as you would ima ( Full Answer )
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What does the beer come from in root beer?

i think its because its fermented just like beer is but root beer doesn't have alcohol It originated from the chikoree root and was stored in barrels the same way beer was st ( Full Answer )
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What brands of beer is light beer?

Popular light beers include: Bud Light Miller Light Coors Light Michelob Light Keystone Light Natural Light Amstel Light Corona Light etc..
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Why is beer called beer?

I don't know about the whole sperm part but i do know that beer mabey the oldest drink around next to water and whine beer actuley gets it's name from the latin word bibere me ( Full Answer )
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What is colder a beer bottle or beer can?

A glass bottle will hold the cold longer. But I suppose that it depends on the starting coolness of the container.
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What beers were served at the beer summit?

Red Stripe (owned by Diageo - UK) Blue Moon (owned by MillerCoors / SABMiller - S. Africa & UK) Bud Light (owned by ABInbev - Brazil & Belgium) Disappointing results...
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Beer and beer festivals are common in?

Beer is an international and ancient beverage, popular worldwide. But Germany has Oktoberfest, and a rich culture of world famous beers. The Great Beer Festival held in L ( Full Answer )
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How much beer in a beer keg?

31 US gallons This is wrong! 31 Gallons would be a full keg however full kegs are NOT available in the us because they would weigh over 300 lbs. a half barrel is 15.5 US gal ( Full Answer )
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Who sings beer beer beer?

Bubba 'Whoopass' Wilson from the Monsters morning show in Orlando Florida. . Actually the song has been recorded by many artists including "the Asylum Street Spankers" and ( Full Answer )
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Can you have a beer?

nope not yet. But you can get all different kinds at kroger. Don't forget you can get drunk and drive under the influence.
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Where did beer from?

While no one knows when beer was first used brewed. However, the existence of late Stone Age beer containers demonstrates that fermented beverages existed at least as early as ( Full Answer )
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What beer distributor has Tyskie Beer?

Depends on the area in which you live. Tyskie is owned by SABMiller, so the Miller wholesaler, in most markets, will be the one who carrries Tyskie, as brand families tend to ( Full Answer )
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Do you have beer?

Well i do not own beer but i do have a sip or two every now and then(: .
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How do you 'beer' in Spanish?

cerveza=beer tomar=drink (as in beer, not water, but some hispanics, like me, use tomar for everything)
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What are the best beers for beer pong?

Sam Adams Utopias. It is uncarbonated which makes it easier to chug. Also, it got a stellar 100% from "Ratebeer" (though a paltry 98% on style) Refer to my link below. - ( Full Answer )
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How much beer is in a mass of beer?

At present (if you were to go to the Oktoberfest, for instance): 1 metric litre.
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What is lager beer and ale beer?

Ales ferment roughly at room temperatures (upper 60's, lower 70's) and the yeast typically feeds from the top portion of the fermenter. Lagers ferment at lower temperatures ( Full Answer )
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Is root beer made of beer?

No. Root beer was at one time made in essentially the same way as beer (mash up a bunch of stuff, let it ferment), but it has never been made out of beer. Modern root b ( Full Answer )
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Which beer is advertisd as the king of beers?

The "King of Beers" is slogan developed by the Anheuser-Busch company to promote their beer, budweiser. Budweiser is an American beer. Budweiser is located in St. Louis, Misso ( Full Answer )
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Is there a beer called beer?

Yes all beers are called beer, but no one specific style is called simply beer. Beer is made up of two families. Ales are the older of the two having been discovered as long a ( Full Answer )
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Is mickeys beer a malted beer?

Yes, it is a malt liquor. It is best drank when very cold. It is bottled in small round barrel shaped bottles.
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How are root beer and beer different?

Beer is an alcoholic beverage. Beer is fermented and made with grain. Root beer is made with sugar or corn syrup and has no alcohol content. The only thing they hold in common ( Full Answer )
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Is butter beer real beer?

Umm, nooo, butterbeer is in the Harry Potter series. It's fictional, like the books. And just so you know, that was only a movie you saw... you didn't really go to Hogwarts. O ( Full Answer )
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What kind of beer is Chang beer?

Chang beer is a beer that was created in Thailand. This beer is created from deep well water, quality malt and hops. It is stated that it became the number one Thai beer af ( Full Answer )
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What is beer-?

Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification ofstarch and fermentation of the resulting sugar. The starch andsaccharification enzymes are often derived from ( Full Answer )