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Who are the characters in Beka Lamb?

grany ivy, lilla lamb, bill lamb, beka lamb, her 2 brothers,toycie,aunt ella(toycie's aunt), soldier tophy(the village prostitute), emilio(toycie's boyfriend),his family
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What is a summary of Beka Lamb?

The basic theme is the struggle of the Creole population of Belize to hold on to their ethnic heritage and assert their civil rights while faced with opposition from the Hispa ( Full Answer )
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What are the themes in Beka Lamb?

Some themes are: Growth and Maturity Education Politics (as a whole) Political Change Social Change Social Values Role of Women Love Death Friendship Reli ( Full Answer )
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Where is beka cookware made?

Founded during the year 1899 in Betzingen, Germany Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler were the originators of Beka cookware. After many successful years in Germany, Beka cookware ( Full Answer )
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How was Beka abused in Beka Lamb?

She got beaten one time and got a cut on her face, but she deserved it because she lied, and in the Caribbean getting a few "Good Claps" like Beka got is nothing really.. ___ ( Full Answer )
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How did Toycie die in Beka Lamb?

In chapter 24(pg158) of the book "Beka Lamb" Beka's father Bill comes home from work and brings the news of Toycie's death.They receive a letter from Miss Eila saying that Toy ( Full Answer )
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How do beka parents feel about her lies?

How did Toycie Died? During the night of the heavy storm near the end of the book, Toycie who is in a weak mental condition wonders away during the preparation for the stor ( Full Answer )
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What is Toycie's role in Beka Lamb?

Toycie Qualo is a secondary character in the novel Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell . She is the best friend of main character Beka Lamb and girlfriend of Emilio Villanueva ( Full Answer )
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Who died in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb was written by Zee Edgell and was published in 1982. Themain character's best friend Toycie Qualo dies at the age of 17from complications due to a miscarriage.
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How old was beka?

In the novel "Beka Lamb" by Zee Edgell, the main character (Beka)is 14 years old. "Beka Lamb" was published in 1982 and deals withthemes of racial prejudice and social insecur ( Full Answer )
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Why is education important in Beka Lamb?

Maybe Beka Lamb can't afford to buy a school and nobody can teach them. Education was important because females in this time was only domestic workers, as shown in the novel. ( Full Answer )
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In the book Beka Lamb what type of relationship does beka and toycie share?

Toycie and Beka had a sister-sister relationship.... they were like best friends and Beka looked up to Toycie. She saw her as a rode model. Beka and Toycie spent alot of time ( Full Answer )
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Who was bill lamb in the novel Beka Lamb?

Bill Lamb is the father of Beka Lamb in the novel. He is basiccally the breadwinner of the family with an extreme temper.
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Who was grany ivy in Beka Lamb?

Granny Ivy is Bekaâ??s grandmother, her mom's mom. She shares herattic bedroom with Beka in her son's family home.
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Character sketch of Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb lives in a middle class Belizean family. She is theoldest child in the family. Her best friend is a 17 year oldpregnant neighbor.
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A summary of chapter 7 in Beka Lamb?

It may be true to an extent, that Beka lamb is 'boring' to quote a few previous answers...but one must take the text-a literature text book, in context. It is a metaphor for M ( Full Answer )
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What was the community like where Beka lived in the story Beka Lamb?

well i think it's a thrid world contry.... sooo i think it's simple and a lot of chickens... i tink where beka lamb lived was or probly still is a place where there was high ( Full Answer )
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Summmary of Beka Lamb?

Sesrch "Beka Lamb" on google and then go to google and if you scroll down it should say google book results and then u click on that and it will give u a summary of beka lamb ( Full Answer )
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What is are the descriptions of the characters in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb is the central character in this novel. This novel is about change and the change in the political climate mirrors the change taking place in her life. At the beginn ( Full Answer )
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What does beka mean?

a complete b***h. tiny(not skinny, just short). blonde. thinks shes sooo cool and can play sports but she cant play for s**t!!
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In Beka Lamb how is beka loyal?

Beka can be considered loyal in the sense that when everyone had abandoned her friend Toycie, who was 17 and pregnant, and looked down their noses at her Beka's view of her ne ( Full Answer )
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Who is the writer for Beka Lamb?

the writer of Beka Lamb is Zee Edgell, a Belizean writer and a professor in the United States. She is also a joint winner of the 1982 Fawcett Society Book Prize.
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Why was Beka suspended from school-Beka Lamb?

In the book Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell, the main character Bekaattends a Catholic school. Beka is suspended because she refuses toanswer the priest when asked whether or not she ( Full Answer )
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Sumarry of chapter three in Beka Lamb?

\n. not to be bad so you wont get in trobble.and not be BAD AT ALL IN IF YOU DO YOU ARE OUT THE GAME.
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How did Beka Lamb die?

She didn't die Toycie did. Toycie was wandering around during a hurricane and a mango tree fell on her and cracked her skull, killing her instantly.
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Why did Beka dislike Emilio?

Becka Lamb disliked Emilio because she felt as if Emilio was trying to take her best friend Toycie Qualo away from her.
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What are the physical appearances of Beka in Beka Lamb?

She was black: . 'The Lamb family was black' - Chapter 2 . 'She pulled dark brown knees under her chin' - Chapter 4 She had a cut on her face: . 'the buckle end of the be ( Full Answer )
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From what language does the term mobil bekas come?

Mobil bekas comes from the language of Indonesian. The Language is used by people of Indonesia, the country has around 300 ethnic groups and has many historical features.
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What does the name beka mean in Hebrew?

"Beka" has no meaning in Hebrew, but if this is a nickname forRebecca, then it might mean "snare," but because this name didn'toriginate in Hebrew, the meaning is really unkno ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Beka Horton written?

Beka Horton has written: 'Book of the Revelation' -- subject(s): Study and teaching (Secondary), Bible, Eschatology, Church history 'Genesis-- first things' -- subject(s): ( Full Answer )