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How do you get a flat belly?

A great abdominal exercise is the Captain's Chair. Sit-ups don't normally work well. Still, it's impossible to focus entirely on one area of the body. I suggest working you ( Full Answer )
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How do you have slim belly?

Answer purchase "the bean" at a Walgreens or Walmart. Takes 5 min's a day. Excellent results in one week. You can locate more info at It has a lifetime guarantee ( Full Answer )
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How do you bloat your belly?

There are 2 ways to successfully bloat your belly. 1. Eat lots of food or 2. Drink lots. The best non-alchololic way to bloat is with Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the most carbonat ( Full Answer )
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Why does your belly hurt?

Your pregnant You have got your period You ate too much You have not ate anything
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Why does your belly grow?

Because you eat fatty, greasy foods with too many calories to burn off and your body saves those calories as fat.
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What is a belly?

The belly of a person or animal is typically considered to be theirgeneral abdominal area. This is on the front of bipedal animals inthe area around their belly button or pouc ( Full Answer )
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Why does belly grow?

Your belly grows if you eat more than your body uses for energy or if you get pregnant. There are exceptions like gas and water retention though.
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What is a belly shirt?

A belly shirt is a shirt where half of it is cut off so it shows off someones belly. Some girls just tie their shirts in a knot and it shows off their belly. If you're looking ( Full Answer )
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Do you get air out of your belly?

Sometimes the foods that we eat produce gas due to the digestiveprocesses. This air can escape through the mouth or bowels.
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How can you reduce your belly?

You cannot spot reduce anywhere on your body. You can spot tone your muscles in the area you are targeting, but you cannot spot reduce. Here's an example. Look at your belly ( Full Answer )
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How do they pierce your belly?

They clean it. . Mark where the piercing will be. . Ask if you like the placement. . Clamp it with sterilized clamps. . Pierce. . Put in the jewelry. . Clean it again. ( Full Answer )
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How do you inflate your belly then deflate your belly?

Two inflate your belly there are two ways: 1. Drink some water until it hurts. Next time, drink more. Each time you drink more water. 2. Take a bike/aquarium pump. Insert the ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with your belly?

I could play with it but people with normal bellies can (like me). Also, most people choose not to because that is just a little odd. I can do what most other people can do to ( Full Answer )
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What is a double belly?

A double belly is when your upper and lower abdominals form fat and a crease forms horizontally across the naval. This causes fat to build up seperately making two rolls.
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What is a 'pork belly'?

Pork belly just means the belly section of a pig - you get bacon from the pork belly, and Chinese cooks use pork belly to make sweet and sour pork. On the stock market, pork b ( Full Answer )
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Do you have a belly button?

Yes. Some are not as obvious as others, but the connection of the umbilical cord has residual tissue either above or below the skin. The only exception is surgical removal of ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a belly?

The Belly has many possible meanings and is a colloquialism often used to refer to the stomach, the abdominal area and the womb. The stomach is a J shaped organ that doesn' ( Full Answer )
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How can you get your belly hairy?

i dont know why anyone would like to know this answer but put fresh home made grape jelly on your stomach for 2 hours. it worked for my grandpa.
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Where is your belly bar?

Well it's not called a "belly bar" by anyone who works in the industry and knows what they are doing. It's called a navel gem or a bent banana bell. These are used in navel pi ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a big belly?

My belly is quite round and soft because i eat lots of fattening foods and don't do much exercise. All the energy from the food is stored as fat because it isn't used up.
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What is a ball belly?

When a person, typically a male, gains so much weight his stomach becomes circular. And his stomach literally looks like a ball. The cartoon is a bit of an exaggeration, bu ( Full Answer )
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What is a belly roll?

Two answers. #1 A belly roll is also known as a 'spare tire' or 'muffin top' and is simply unwanted/unneeded fat deposits. This can happen from inactivity. genes, caloric ( Full Answer )
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What do they pierce your belly with and how?

The use a needle..just like with any other pericing. They clean you up with alcohol and mark the place to peirce with a pen. They use a large clamp to hold the skin then they ( Full Answer )
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How do you pirece your belly?

The pro have clamp to hold your belly button up ((where your ring is going to be)) it has two holes then they put this special needle through then the ring ((you chosen) throu ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a ball belly?

Try going to bed with a full gut And try beer and pizza that works well but you need to tighten up your and first
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How do you excise your belly?

Just 10 min. of crunches from different angles has always kept my abs strong and cut. It doesn't take fancy machines or alot of different types of exercises to do the job just ( Full Answer )
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Why is your stomach in your belly?

Because God put it there you got a problem with that!?!? huh!?!?!?!? thought so... punk
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How baby get in belly?

The Baby doesn't get in belly, its just that its starts its life from there. Its grows from a single cell fertilized egg to a multicellular, multi organ baby inside.
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What is a belly buttins for?

there just there cause after you get out of your parents vagina or tummy they cut that thing on your belly buttin then after a few weeks it forms :))))))
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What is a sentence for belly?

Well there is: My belly is really hurting today. I wish that my belly would stop grumbling. My sister has a really slim belly. After eating a whole apple pie, 5 large c ( Full Answer )
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Why belly emerges?

The belly emerges may be because of you can't defecate very well ,and there are some toxin in your body ,so what you should do is clearing up the toxin first .so you can drink ( Full Answer )
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Is belly an adjective?

It depends how the word is used. Most often, belly is a noun. example sentence: Our dog likes to have her belly scratched. Belly can be an adjective as in the sentence below ( Full Answer )
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Is belly a noun?

Nouns are persons, places, things, or ideas. Therefore, yes, belly is a thing, and is a noun.
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What is a belly pun?

There is nothing found for the term belly pun. A pun is a play onwords.