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Where is the belt tensioner?

Answer . \nThe idler pulley usually has a square cut hole which is designed for you to use a 1/2" drive socket breaker bar to relieve tension on the belt.
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How do you remove belts?

Answer . \nYou don't say which engine or year but see my post under "How do you change a serpentine belt on a 93 Buick Skylark" for a possible answer.
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How do I tension a belt?

Answer . Anything that uses a belt tightens one of two ways. There is either a tension pully that is spring loaded and adjusts the tension. Some of these are always mova ( Full Answer )
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Belt changing belt on trailblazer?

You can change the serpentine belt on your Chevrolet trailblazer,by loosening the tensioner pulley. With the loosened tensionerpulley the belt will come off easily. Tighten th ( Full Answer )
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What are fan belts?

Fan belts are used to turn the fan in an automobile to cool off your radiator, or in a computer to pull cool air into the motor to keep it from overheating.
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What is a wind belt?

There are many wind belts. Doldrums receive the most heat from theSun. Trade winds extends past the doldrums 30 degrees. Horselatitudes is a wind belt that forms between 30 de ( Full Answer )
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Is an accessory belt a serpentine belt?

No, an accessory belt is not considered a serpentine belt. However,a serpentine belt is considered a specific type of accessory belt.
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What is an astriod belt?

An asteroid belt is were large and small rocks orbit the sun.This belt is located in between Mars and Jupiter.
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What rhymes with belt?

Celt, felt, gelt, melt, knelt, pelt, welt.. spelt, felt, dealt, melt, celt, knealt, pelt, svelte, welt smelt, delt, felt. Many words are. I'm sure you can think of some!
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Is the Kuiper Belt an asteroid belt?

Not exactly. Asteroids are rocky, metallic bodies whereas the Kuiper belt consists mostly of icy frozen bodies
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What belts are beyond the Kuiper Belt?

There are no know belts beyond the Kuiper belt, but there is the hypothetical Oort cloud. See related question
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What are the parts of a belt?

The parts of a belt are the panel, top stitching, the tongue, thebuckle, the belt loop, the tip, and the punch holes.
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What is arteroid belt?

Its the body of asteroids that lie in between the inner and outer planets. They also like pancakes with syrup on top. -Caleb Hardin
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Were to get WWE belts?

order them buy them at wal-mart places that have wrestling toys like target get a real one at a live performence i would not because real titles are $100
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What is a Kupiter Belt?

There is an asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter, and another one out there - thekuiper belt. It is the reason that pluto is no longer a planet, because several other obj ( Full Answer )
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How do you spank with a belt?

First have your ADULT spankee lay over something with there bottomhigh in the air. Make sure there bottom is bared too, a goodspanking is never done with any form of pants on. ( Full Answer )
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Why is the asteroid belt there?

Most of the asteroids are pieces of rock left over from the formation of the Solar System and they stay between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt.
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What is a shelter belt?

A windbreak or shelterbelt is a plantation usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted in such a manner as to provide shelter from the wind and to protect s ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a red belt?

Well that depends on what martial art you are learning. In taekwondo you will earn this belt by completing a test that the academies should do every now and then. If they do s ( Full Answer )
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Did slaves have belts?

No they had twine which they made into belts and tied around their waists to hold up their breeches.(pants)
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Did he hit you with a belt?

She or he hits you is because she or he is mad at you .
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What are belted cables?

Belted cables have a "belt" of insulation around each sector of conductor. These were a Pre~1927 design. The belted conductors now incorporate a screen or shield to reduce the ( Full Answer )
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What is a transition belt?

Well a transition belt is a belt you put on around your stomach, just under the belly button similar to a regular belt. However, a dildo is attached on both the front and back ( Full Answer )
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What is the belt before black belt?

It depends on the style of martial art. First Kyu, the rank right before Black Belt is identified differently by different schools and styles. Originally it was a brown bel ( Full Answer )
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What planets have a belt?

Planets have rings, not belts. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the planets in our solar system with rings.
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What is an astoid belt?

oh dear, oh dear! what a shame! oh well. its a ring like thing surrounding our solar system and it made out of astroids.
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Is the asteroid belt Orion's belt?

No. The asteroid belt is a ring-shaped region around the sun wheremost of the solar system's asteroids orbit. Orion's belt is a setof three stars in the constellation Orion.
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What is an earthquake belts?

An earthquake belt is a narrow zone on the Earth's surface wheremost seismic activity occurs. These are usually located at plateboundaries or fault lines.
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Is the Kuiper Belt the asteroid belt?

No. The asteroid belt is an area between Mars and Jupiter wheremost of the solar system's asteroids orbit. The Kupier belt is muchfarther out. It is a region that contains a l ( Full Answer )
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What is an astro belt?

The total weight of all the asteroids in the asteroid belt is about 1/35th of our moon!.
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What is a belted cow?

It is a breed that has a white "belt" around its middle. Such breeds include Belted Galloway, Dutch Belted and Buelingos.
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What the next belt after the black belt?

There are different levels of blackbelt. You start off as a First Dan, then go to second, third up to tenth. Traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts indicate a 7t ( Full Answer )
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What are belt or belts used for?

Different types of belts have many different uses depending on the need. Drive belts are used for an engines's fly wheel. Weightlifting belts are used to support a person when ( Full Answer )