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What is being detained?

Answer . \nA legal definition that is best described as 'just short of arrest.' You are not free to leave, and your freedom may be restricted. Most often when a person is ( Full Answer )
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Are all beings Divine Beings?

That's a religious question, not necessarily something that can be asked reasonably of someone who doesn't adhere to your spiritual beliefs. Some religions, sects, and group ( Full Answer )
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What is being still?

If you feel still this is stillness. In silence there is a stillness . When the mind is quiet this is stillness. Stillness is also when the mind is active too. Otherwi ( Full Answer )
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What is being played?

\nIt means someone acts like they like you and you believe it but they really don't like you.
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What is being in the black?

It means profitable, or not in debt. It's the opposite of being "in the red".
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What is a human being?

A human being is a member of the species Homo sapiens . We are mammals, which means we are endothermic, have hair, and give birth to live young who are fed milk by their moth ( Full Answer )
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What is to be a human being?

to be the race and speies of a human on earth all there is is animals cause humans are animals like lions, monkeys etc so really there is no such thing as the "human race"
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What did bes do?

Bes was the Egyptian god of the home, childbirth, infants, humor, song and dance. .
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What does 'being qua being' mean?

as your self how to i get a girl? well girls are attracted to things. if i could be that thing then what girls will be attracted to me. Well one thing is different from anothe ( Full Answer )
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What is is am are was were be being?

Helping Verbs are as follows, am is are was were be being been have has had do does did shall will should would may might must can could
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What is ''being there for her''?

Making Her happy when she's sad. Being there for her wheneVer she needs you. Being her shoulder to cry on.
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Is being spiritual being a hypocrite?

no only if you have said that there is no god then when jesus comes again become a christian straight away.
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What to do about being?

Do what you want and be what you want. God gave us the free will to do so. Use it
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What is being objectivity in being a scientist?

being objective means to base your conclusions purely on the evidence and on good reasoning. it means to not include your emotions and your biases.
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What do you do if you are being cyberbullied?

i was cyberbullied so imma tell u this delete the page or block the person that wat i did and tell a adult or some one u can trust i got cyberbullied couse my friend made a fa ( Full Answer )
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What about being in a or a gang?

Look basically life sucks. Do the best you can with what you have and be proud of it.
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Is being a president about being famous?

yes, but being a president not all about being famous. its about being fair and protecting the country. what would u do if u were a president.....going around and tell that ( Full Answer )
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What to do if you are being sued?

Your first action should be to consult an attorney. They will know how to answer the accusations in the most effective manner. An attorney in your jurisdiction is going to be ( Full Answer )
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What are you being taxed on?

YOU are being taxed on all of your gross worldwide income from all sources that you have reported on your income tax return for the year.
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What to do when being extorted?

my ex and her husband tell me if i do not sign their agreenment. they will call child family services on me.
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What if you were being recorded with out being told?

Depending on who it was that was doing it, (wiretaps with warrants ARE lawful) and you can prove it happened, you may have cause for filing a criminal complaint against the pa ( Full Answer )
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What is being hospitality?

Being hospitable means being nice to your guests and care for those guests who are in need.
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What is being rich?

being rich is not always about how much money you have but how good your life is
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What is incorporeal being?

Tere is no proof you have one, but if you are religious it would be your spirit.
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Is being in the army being a patriot?

Yes, Because You may have seen the movie Patton, in which GeorgeC. Scott gives a rousing speech. This movie moment is based off ofa speech given to the Third Army just before ( Full Answer )
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What is a Holy Being?

A Holy Being is the Head entity in a religion such as God, Ala, or the Goddess in wicca
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Is being emo being suicidal?

Some emos can be suicidal, but alot of the time it's just a stereotype that they are.
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What is being valedictorian?

Valedictorian is the person that graduates on top of their class with the highest GPA.
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How do you get out of being a juror?

Get yourself sick. 1.Drink old milk 2.Eat something your allergic to 3........That should do it 4.Come in with raggedy cloths and say your house caught on fire 5.Beat your sel ( Full Answer )
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What is being mugged?

Being mugged is the urban slang for a Robbery, a person threatening another person with violence in order to steal cash or property.
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What is the being in The Silmarillion?

The Silmarillion is a novel about the events of Middle Earth in the First Age, giving us a glimpse of the Second and the early Third Ages. It is like a precedor to The Lord o ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between is being and was being?

It's the difference between past and present. She is being supportive. This is an action in the present that is on-going. She was being supportive. This is an action that hap ( Full Answer )
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What is being a Christian?

being christian is believing in God and the birth of Jesus and the fact he saved us even though we didnt deserve it.
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What is meant by being by you and being with you?

"I'll be by you tomorrow" often means "I'll be at your house tomorrow." "I'll be with you" means "we'll be together." The exact usage of these phrases differs considerably ( Full Answer )