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What is the best tattoo ink?

the best Pigments (we do not use Ink ) is the pigment your artist likes to use if your a scratcher you have no biz asking the world of tattooers on here what the best brand is (MORE)

Which tattoo school has the best reputation?

Definitely the World's Only Tattoo School. They have been around the longest and I've heard their program is the best. My friend John went there a couple months ago and said t (MORE)

What is the best numbing cream for tattoo?

ive tried a few creams and tbh none of them will last over an hr or so. they all do quiet a gd job but the only cream i thought was the best was super numb on ebay i found tht (MORE)
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What are the best tattoos with words?

usually the ones that have a bible passage or a tattoo to remember someone who died, but some people have song lyrics or famous quotes. There for a minute i wanted one on my f (MORE)

What are the best tattoos?

A tattoo is a personal preference. Since everyone is different there are different "best tattoo's" for everyone. If there was a uniform set of tattoos it would go against ever (MORE)

What is the best tattoo?

The tattoo from Rob and Big is by far the best tattoo. Link Below

Is a and d the best on tattoos?

The petroleum jelly is said to draw the ink out. Not all of it but it may cause it to fade quicker. When i got mine i was told i could/should use it for the first few days but (MORE)

What is the best household ink for tattoos?

Honestly man, There is NO "best" household ink, as a tattoo artist, i would suggest only either getting a professional tattoo or get a friend with a kit (and professional in (MORE)

What is the best aftercare for tattoos?

NEVER use vaseline on fresh ink, petrolium jelly withdraws tattoo ink, makes your tattoo patchy, and will hurt like HELL! Any creams that aren't petrolium based are good to u (MORE)
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How do you protect tattoo when playing sports?

To protect a tattoo when playing sports if it is real it will not come off because it is permanent. But if it is one of the fake little ones you cannot protect it. Some tattoo (MORE)

Where is the best tattoo shop in the world?

No solid answer to that. its not really he shop that counts, but the artist. Look up different artists that are skilled in the style that you want. look through their portfoli (MORE)

What is the best Tattoo Ink in the US?

This is a question that is more of a matter of personal opinion than anything, but the most highly regarded and most used inks on the market are Eternal Ink, Intenze Ink, as w (MORE)