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What are the uses of beta-glucanase?

Uses of Beta Glucanase . Beta Glucanase digests fiber. It helps remedy digestive problems such as malabsorption. . Beta Glucanase is a very important enzyme because the (MORE)
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How do historical betas adjusted historical betas and fundamental betas differ?

In the investment world, betas refer to the standard deviation between the stock and the market index average. Historical is based on past performance. Adjusted takes into a (MORE)
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What do betas eat?

betas eat beta food noe u cant buy the cheap goldfish food b/c that will more than likely kill ur beta GOOD LUCK!
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When do Betas lay eggs?

I have 17 Betas (Molly, Sophs, Jinger, Pete, Small, Bob, Lima, Tink Tinks, Raul, Timothy, Marley, Toby, Flur, Dino, Randy, Honey,and Tammy) They lay their eggs when they are 9 (MORE)
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Do betas need filters?

bettas do not need filters unless you do not chang its bowl every week
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What is beta-carotene?

β-Carotene is an organic compound which is classified as a terpenoid, a type of hydrocarbon. It produces the red-orange pigment in various fruits and vegetables. The body c (MORE)
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What is Beta-Oxidation?

the break down of fatty acids so that they can enter the Krebs Cycle in cellular respiration
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Do betas blink?

No, they do not blink.. I have had mine for three months and it has not blinked once.
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What is the betas nest?

The nest is a mass of bubbles on the surface of the water made out of air filled sacs These are produced from a material similar to our spittle/saliva that is produced in the (MORE)
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How are betas used?

They are kept as pets and are simply there to be looked at for most owners. Some people breed them for fun others breed them for profit.
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Can crownttail betas live with regular betas?

2 male Bettas can not be kept together. Crowntails are the same species (Betta splendens) the only difference is in the tail shape.
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What is Beta-olefin?

Olefins are a type of hydrocarbon containing a double bond with at least on of the substituents on both sides of the double bond being a H.The alpha and beta specify the prior (MORE)
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What are the steps in beta-oxidation?

first you must split the atom of the said inigma then a squad of veloci-raptors will come out. You must bring several pre-calculus books with you so they are distracted doing (MORE)
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What are beta-blockers used for?

to calm people down like if you are doing archery you want to be precise and accurate so they make you calm down and relax
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Are male betas prettier or female betas?

Hmmm..... I've had females, and they are prettier than males, because their colors are brighter, and their tails longer. Females are prettier, though males are quite dashi (MORE)
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What is a 'Beta user'?

A beta user, or beta tester, is somebody who tries out a software that has not yet been officially released. This allows the user to get a preview of what the software is goin (MORE)
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What is beta-lactamase?

Beta lactamase is an enzyme, which is produced by some bacteria. This enzyme brakes the beta lactum ring that is present in beta lactum antibiotics. You have four groups in be (MORE)