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What is a bete noire?

Answer . Sorry for the delay... French Bête Noire is Black beast (game). Une bête noire is someone whom you detest, you can't stand.
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What does bete noire mean in NCIS?

it means nightmare because at the beginning of the episode kate and tony where talking about night mares and kate brought up the word bete noire
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Did the la bete de gevaudan really exist?

La Bete was a wolf. The people of the town thought it was a werewolf or man wolf. He killed 113 peolpe, 98 were torn in half. King Louis XV was giving an award to the person w ( Full Answer )
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What is la bete du gevandan?

La Bete Du Gevaudan is suposely a wolf type shape shifter whitch is also called an alpha of the wolf pack la bete du gevaudan killed over 50 people about 113 la bete du gevaud ( Full Answer )
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What does Bete pas quera Jo mean?

There is nothing close to this spelling or pronounciation in French, please provide a better transcript or context. "bête" could be either "beast" or "stupid", "dumb" "pas" ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Timothy P Bete written?

Timothy P. Bete has written: 'In the beginning-- there were no diapers' -- subject(s): Fatherhood, Fathers, Humor