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Who is Marki Bey?

Marki Bey is an African-American TV and film actress of the 70s. She starred in "Sugar Hill" and had a recurring role on "Starsky and Hutch."
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What does bei bei represent?

I do not yet know what animal Beibei represents but it represents the blue ring in the Olympic symbol and Bei in Beijing
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Who is Liu Bei?

Liu Bei is an emperor of the Shu kingdom, there is a game called Dynasty Warriors, where Liu Bei comes in as the king of Shu. He is the father of Liu Chan and dies before conq ( Full Answer )
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Who are the true beys and els?

Bey is the title given to the males and El is the title given to women. These are Moorish titles. The one main source is the mother temple in chicago the other sources are n ( Full Answer )
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Bei Maejor She Aint You lyrics?

Oh Girl She ain't you No So I miss you It's Bei Maejor And Jukebox Boy I think back On when we used To be So happy Me and you together Me and you toget ( Full Answer )
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How old is Turhan Bey?

Turhan Bey was 90 years old when he died on September 30, 2012 (birthdate: March 30, 1922).
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Who does Justin bei ber have a crush on?

j-bieb has a crush on Selena Gomez,beyonce, and tay swift......,....but he practicaly flirts wit evry girl he meets
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When is next Bey blade tournament?

the next tornament is at newyork city at the wbba palace cool rite on march 16 2011 5.00 pm and another at clifton park 7.00 at the wbbo palace interducing the beypointer mach ( Full Answer )
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How do you win a bey battle?

Make it spin as hard as you can. If you lose again, buy a new bey. :P
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What does bei mir mean in English?

That depends on the context. "Bleib bei mir" means stay with me, whereas "Ich habe eine Party bei mir" means I`m having a party at my place. So it can either mean "with me" or ( Full Answer )
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How do you make the ultimate bey blade?

the ultimate bey is well i don't know the actual name but its a custmised one but it trashes fire blaze or what ever his name is normlly kills him 1 or 2 hitsim sorry i cant t ( Full Answer )
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What is the strongest Bey?

there is no most strongest bey, but gravity destroyer ad145 wd ts good. It beat my unbeatable bey earth lacerta wa130 jb it was unbeat until i got gravity destroyer. earth lac ( Full Answer )
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What is the best bey in the world?

there are many kinds of beys like attack,defense,stamina,balance.. my opinion on beys will be:-. attack:. storm Capricorn- i think this bey is good because of its bouncy sp ( Full Answer )
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Where to buy bey blade pointer?

Well I'd say u could buy it on eBay amazon and other online stores just make sure u have enough money to buy it
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Who is the best bey?

It depends on what type of bey you want; BEST ATTACK: ultimate meteo ldrago assault BEST DEFENSE: twisted tempo BEST STAMINA: phantom orion OR you could take a balance type(de ( Full Answer )
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Is earth eagle a good bey?

Earth Aquila is not just a good bey, its an amazing bey! All i can tell you is that it is one of the strongest season 1 beyblade. Earth Aquila has both Stamina and Defence,whi ( Full Answer )
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Which bey is best?

The best bey I think is made of the face bolt of evil gemios ,the fusion wheel of dark gasher ,energy ring rock, spin track of Evil gemios and performance tip of rock Scorpio. ( Full Answer )
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What is the strongest bey blade?

Me and my friends think hell cerbix is but we havent tested him against other good beyblades like aquila. He beat gravity perseus, meteo lDrago and galaxy pegasus.
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Is galaxy pegasus a good bey?

Yes it is an amazing beyblade Different answer(this is from a different person) Are you kidding me he sucks! Storm pegasis beat him and he's terrible
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Which bey is the best?

burn fireblaze,evil gemios, and earth eagle the worst is rock Capricorn if you want a great bey go to toys r us and get midnight bull
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What do you do with bey points?

In the show "Beyblade" you can use those bey points to enter tournaments if you have enough points.
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Is bey blade cool?

no. only complete losers and nerds play this game. if u obssesed you will never get laid.
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What kind of bey is rock Libra?

I'm guessing but not sure but I think it's a balance bey plus i don't think its a real bey
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Who his the best bey blade in the world?

Gravity Destroy it has great defense i have ever seen and it can usually nock its opponet out in a flash but other beyblades get lucky some time and nock him out maybe if you ( Full Answer )
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Is bey an official Scrabble word?

It depends on the definition of "official". It is in Webster's Unabridged, but it is actually a Turkish word: a title of respect, or a rank.
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How old is Yusuf Bey?

Yusuf Bey was born on December 21, 1935 and died on September 30, 2003. Yusuf Bey would have been 67 years old at the time of death or 79 years old today.
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What bey can beat Hell Kerbecs?

there are very few beys who can to be specific there are 3 l drago destroy has a chance if he kills him in 2 seconds basalt herogioum has a chance because when kerbecs triesto ( Full Answer )
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What bey can beat Rock Zurafa?

the most common bey blade you will find that beats rock zurafa is flame byxis a few others are meteo l-drago and gravity destroyer[both left spin]
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How do you write a story about bey-blade?

First, know your universe -- learn all about the characters and theworld of bey-blade so you can write a good storyinstead of a bad one! Then, imagine what's going to happe ( Full Answer )
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What bey can beat wing pegasis?

the answer is flash sagitario with it`s high spin track it can`t reach it`s foision wheel.
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What bey can beat flame byxis?

Flame Byxis is a major character in the anime series "Beyblade: Metal Masters" it can be beaten with attack/defence type bey moves, if the bey is short enough it can easily be ( Full Answer )
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What does bey bey mean in slang terms?

It has been found that the term bey bay can mean a number of things in slang terms depending on the country of use. In the Bahamas it is used to refer to a person of colour. ( Full Answer )
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Where is bei jing?

It is the capital of China , it is the biggest city in China and itis where the Great Wall Of China is!