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Who is Marki Bey?

Marki Bey is an African-American TV and film actress of the 70s. She starred in "Sugar Hill" and had a recurring role on "Starsky and Hutch."
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What does bei bei represent?

I do not yet know what animal Beibei represents but it represents the blue ring in the Olympic symbol and Bei in Beijing
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Who is Liu Bei?

Liu Bei is an emperor of the Shu kingdom, there is a game called Dynasty Warriors, where Liu Bei comes in as the king of Shu. He is the father of Liu Chan and dies before conq (MORE)
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What is the strongest Bey?

there is no most strongest bey, but gravity destroyer ad145 wd ts good. It beat my unbeatable bey earth lacerta wa130 jb it was unbeat until i got gravity destroyer. earth lac (MORE)
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Who is the best bey?

It depends on what type of bey you want; BEST ATTACK: ultimate meteo ldrago assault BEST DEFENSE: twisted tempo BEST STAMINA: phantom orion OR you could take a balance type(de (MORE)
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Which bey is best?

The best bey I think is made of the face bolt of evil gemios ,the fusion wheel of dark gasher ,energy ring rock, spin track of Evil gemios and performance tip of rock Scorpio. (MORE)
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Which bey is the best?

burn fireblaze,evil gemios, and earth eagle the worst is rock Capricorn if you want a great bey go to toys r us and get midnight bull
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What do you do with bey points?

In the show "Beyblade" you can use those bey points to enter tournaments if you have enough points.
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What does bey bey mean in slang terms?

It has been found that the term bey bay can mean a number of things in slang terms depending on the country of use. In the Bahamas it is used to refer to a person of colour. (MORE)
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Where is bei jing?

It is the capital of China , it is the biggest city in China and itis where the Great Wall Of China is!