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What is a bis molecule?

"bis" means bi-substituted in the way that there are two identical groups attached to a molecule. For example, if you have a bis-amide, you have a molecule that has 2 identica (MORE)
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What is bi-sex?

liking men and women.
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What is a bi-pod?

an i pod for bi sexuals Might you be thinking of "biped"? That's an animal which walks in two feet, and since this is in Animal Life...
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What is bi-monthly?

It means twice a month. For example, we pay our water and electricity bills bi-monthly.
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What is bi-pole?

Bi-pole can be used to refer to a type of surround sound speaker. . Bipole Speakers . Bipole surround speakers have two or more speakers that output sound from both sides (MORE)
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What is bi-estrogen?

Would bi- estrogen cause soreness along my right/ left hip bone and tail bone if cream is applied at the lower part of my abdomen near the hip?
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What is in bi-estrogen?

BI-ESTROGEN(BIEST) Bi-estrogen, as the word might indicate, is a combination of two estrogens; Estriol (E-3), and Estradiol (E-2). These two estrogens are 2 of the 3 natura (MORE)
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What is bi-turbo?

Biturbo is the same as "Sequential Twin Turbo" . Basically, you have 1 smaller turbo for lower RPM range, and a larger turbo for higher range. It helps greatly reduce turbo l (MORE)
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What is bi-pedal?

Bipedal describes a manner of movement in which one moves using two legs or feet. (Biped in latin is literally "two footed") Humans are bipedal, as are some animals like kanga (MORE)
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What is bi-cameral?

Bi-cameral means: having two houses, like the U.S. goverment. The U.S. has the house of representatives and the Senate which makes up their Bi-cameral congress:)
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What does 'bi-' mean?

"Bi-" in biology means " two ".. Some examples:. "binary" as in "binary fission", which means splitting in two; "biped", which refers to an animal that walks on two feet, (MORE)
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What is bi-curios?

Bi-curious is when you feel attracted to someone of the same sex but you're attracted to people of the opposite sex too
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What is a bi-plane?

An aircraft with 2 front wings, one on top of the other, sandwiching the fuselage and at right angles to it, supported by vertical struts and cross wires.
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What is bi-racial?

it is where you are two races. for example if you are white (caucasian) and black (African American) you will be bi racial because you are two races like black and white. Im b (MORE)
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What is bi-lingualism?

Bi-ligualism is someone's ability to speak two languages.
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How bis is Australia?

I assume you mean *big :) In terms of area: 7,617,930 km 2 or 2,941,299 sq miles. In terms of population: 22,612,617 people.
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What is Bi-media?

The sharing of production and transmission between Radio & Television (from Understanding Media Economics by Gillian Doyle, 2002)
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What is the the prefix of bis?

It is a Greek Prefix meaning two or of two. There is no prefix of bis due to the fact that it is a prefix. You can thank me. Zaragotha (Zara)
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What is BIS?

BIS stands for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, an attempt by Gordon Brown and the British Labour government to prove that they DID save the world from rec (MORE)
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What is IT BIS?

Sorry! It is not German word. But there are some answers on Google under those two words. Maybe you will find your answer there.
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Why do you have bi-sexuals?

You have bi-sexuals in this world because people may feel like they just dont like one gender but another gender they feel their gender is atractive to them and they like them (MORE)
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What is the purpose of BIS?

To promote financial stability and monetary support for central banks and other international organizations.
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What is bi-color?

Bi-colour simply means "having two colours".
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What is a bi-product?

A by-product is what results when a process is done or when things are combined. This is a basic chemistry principle. For example, when ethanol is fermented, brewer's yeast (MORE)
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What bis science?

The root word for science comes from the old Greek, scienta meaning'to know'. Thus science concerns itself with things that may beknown. As distinct from things which are the (MORE)