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Why are you bi?

you are bisexual because you like guys and girls, you don't care who's in the bed with you so to speak
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What is bi-monthly?

It means twice a month. For example, we pay our water and electricity bills bi-monthly.
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What is bi-pole?

Bi-pole can be used to refer to a type of surround sound speaker. . Bipole Speakers . Bipole surround speakers have two or more speakers that output sound from both sides ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to be bi?

yes of corse it is. you belive you whatever you want to belive and other people should respect that
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What are bi?

Bi means Bisexual or Two. Bisexual means a individual liking both sexes and not just one.
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What is BIS?

BIS stands for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, an attempt by Gordon Brown and the British Labour government to prove that they DID save the world from rec ( Full Answer )
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What is IT BIS?

Sorry! It is not German word. But there are some answers on Google under those two words. Maybe you will find your answer there.
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Why do you have bi-sexuals?

You have bi-sexuals in this world because people may feel like they just dont like one gender but another gender they feel their gender is atractive to them and they like them ( Full Answer )
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What if you are bi?

If you are Bisexual, then you like both males and females at the same time.
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What is the bi in bicarbonate?

It is actually Hydrogen. Sodium Bicarbonate is properly known as Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, and sometimes Sodium Acid Carbonate (Hydrogen makes it an acid) Compare NaHCO ( Full Answer )