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What is the meaning of Bib and Tucker?

Answer . \nI was told it was an old fashioned starched collared blouse or shirt (tucker) that you tuck into your skirt or pants and the bib is a sort of vest that is tight ( Full Answer )
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What is a hose bib?

A hose bib (or bibb) is a threaded faucet also known as a wall hydrant. The simplest example would be the standard exterior faucet of a residence. They typically can be found ( Full Answer )
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What is a bib tap?

A bib tap is a plumbing part. This is what allows the water to flowwhen you turn on your faucet and is what stops the water flow whenit is turned off.
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How often do you wash a horses bib?

If you mean BIT. the thing that goes in his mouth so you can steer.. Then I do it every time I ride, so mine is quite clean anyway. Just a wipe over with a clean damp cloth w ( Full Answer )
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Why are dental bibs used?

They are used so that you don't get any toothpaste or dental gunk on your clothes.
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What is a jewelry bib?

a special apron that can attach to a desk or workstation that will catch small pieces of metal, gems, and other assorted valuable but tiny pieces one might work with when mak ( Full Answer )
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Why wear lobster bibs?

So da lobster juice wont get all over ur clothes and mess dem up.. =)
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Is bib a palindrome?

Yes, 'bib' is a palindrome because it is spelled the same way forward and backward.
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What is a bib number?

a number placed on a baby's bib so you can keep track of your children if you forget their names.
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What is a bib in the Olympics?

A bib number is the number that the athlete wears on their person and is how they are identified. Same as marathon runners.
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What is a bib apron?

Bib aprons are aprons that are worn around the neck like a baby bib. It covers the chest area down. There is a strap that goes around the neck that hold the apron up. You can ( Full Answer )
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Why do people wear bibs?

Bibs are usually made for babies feeding but can be worn by adults also. It is to stop the spilt food from staining the clothing underneath.
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What are the netball bibs?

GA goal attack, GS goal shooter, WA wing attack, WD wing defence, C center, GD goal defence and GK goal keeper.
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How do you make netball bibs?

Netball is a ball game played with 7 players on opposing teams;each player has a different position this is shown by lettering ona bib. To make a netball bib measure 2 rectang ( Full Answer )
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How do you do a bib card using a dictionary?

This is a writing/reference question, not a Credit Card question... I suggest you use web site called Landmarks Citation Machine. Select the type of cite you want, type in t ( Full Answer )
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What do the letters on netball bibs stand for?

The letters on the bibs are positions. For instance these are the seven positions: . GA-Goal Attack . GS-Goal Shoot . WA-Wing Attack . C-Centre . WD-Wing Defence . GD-Go ( Full Answer )
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How bib are Pterosaurs?

There are hundreds of known species of pterosaur, and that is only a fraction of the total number of species of pterosaur that existed, as people have only discovered a small ( Full Answer )
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What does bib mean in England?

A bib is a protective cloth covering worn around a baby's neck and covering his or her chest and stomach, during feeding. Any spilled food will go onto the bib, rather than th ( Full Answer )
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How do you make bib cards?

Okay, if you are going to make bibliography cards for a class project or something then all I know is that you need to put the authors name backwards and pot when it was publi ( Full Answer )
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Where did best bib and tucker come from?

This is English so this comes from England. Surprisingly, this is not an idiom. There is no figurative aspect to this saying. Bib and Tucker refers to clothing. Specifically a ( Full Answer )
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How was bibs event eplus?

EPLUS closes today! It was a great entrepreneurship training event. It was all the more special as Times of India sponsored some very famous corporate houses and invited execu ( Full Answer )
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Why do babies wear bibs?

Babies wear bibs, to stop the food they dribble or miss by eating staining their clothes, they can also wear bibs to stop getting their clothes wet by dribbling, this is becau ( Full Answer )
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What are netball bib?

netball bibs are something for you to wear so you can know what team you are in and what position you play
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Does bib have a short I sound?

Yes. The word "bib" has a short I sound, to rhyme with crib and fib.
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What are cycling bibs used for?

Cycling bibs are used for another word for them is cycling shorts. They often are black made of lycra, and tight, fairly short and made with a flexible material. Some brands ( Full Answer )
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Where could one get bib tights?

Bib tights are available for purchase on Amazon's website. They are also available through various sports websites, particularly those for cycling enthusiasts.
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Who first designed the bib necklace?

The bib necklace was first designed by the ancient Egyptians. This is a very trendy and popular style of necklace that is worn with any top or dress with any kind of neckline ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase adult bibs?

Adult bibs can be purchased in many different places. They can be found in drug stores such as Walgreens, or in office supply stores such as Staples.
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Where can someone buy bib overalls?

Bib overalls can be purchased in most DIY stores, builders merchants and garden shops. They can also be purchased online from companies like Wickes or Screwfix.
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Which store sells bib necklaces?

Many stores sell bib necklaces, some of them are: "Polyvore", "Forever21", "Shopstyle", "Etsy", "ioffer", "sulit", "stelladot", to name a few. Price start from as little as â ( Full Answer )
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What is the material that ski bibs are made of?

Ski outfits are primarily made out of tightly woven polyester or nylon which helps keep it waterproof and if the suit is insulated it may be down or more polyester.
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Where can one purchase a Carharrit Bib?

A Carharrt bib can be purchased from stores such as Carharrt itself as well as from ruggedtough online. It can also be bought online from stores such as Amazon and eBay.