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What are the Bibles of Islam?

Answer . THERE are no bibles in Islam.Instead there is the book, the Quran which Muslims believe is the book of Allah sent to His last prophet, Muhammad (P.B.U.H),through t (MORE)
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What are Bibles?

Bibles hold information The word bible has been used on the frontof book covers for various subjects from cooking recipies tocomputer terminology offering a person information (MORE)
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How many Bibles are there?

The only true Bible is the King James AV1611. Why you can believe the Bible and since the Bible is true, then you can believe in God,because the Bible speaks of Him exis (MORE)
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Why do hotels have Bibles?

A: Groups such as the Gideons know that hotel residents often have a lot of time on their hands. These groups hope they will use some of that time reading the Bible and becom (MORE)
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Are there satanic Bibles?

Before I give you an answer you have to remember that there are different branches of Satanists. And some Satanists have nothing but hate for other Satanists who follow a diff (MORE)
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Do Jews have Bibles?

The Jewish Bible is called the Tanach. The Tanach is made up of: Torah, Nevi'im, and K'tuvim. The Christian Old Testament is based on the Tanach.
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Are there Arabic Bibles?

YES BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE IT IS CALLED QURAN. If you are asking if the Christian Bible has been translated into Arabic, the answer is yes, it has.
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What is the Bibles purpose?

The Bible (old and new testament) is a collection of documents altered, exempted, and fabricated by the priests in an attempt to maintain religious control over as large a pop (MORE)
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Where did the 'Bible' originate?

The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is the one who assembled the Sacred Canon of Scripture as we now know it. It was the Catholic martyrs who chose to defend the scr (MORE)
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Why Bibles in the pews?

Bibles are in the pews for those who visit church and do not have a Bible so they can follow the sermon as it is being preached.
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How do you get free Bibles?

i am not sure if you can actually get free physical bibles,apart from at a church maybe? . Another answer is Gideons International/
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Are Bibles expensive?

No. Some handwritten ancient Bibles are worth millions. However, if you wish to buy a Bible in a shop their prices range from a few pounds (or dollars) up to twenty or thirty (MORE)
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Where can you get free Bibles?

There are a number of Non-Profit groups that will give you free bibles. One such organization is Bible Senders (see related links). All of their bibles are donated to them and (MORE)
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What are the differences in Bibles?

One was written by man, one was written by God. The New King James Version was written by man. The King James Version was written by God. But, there is an argument that God di (MORE)
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Did Bibles have illustrations?

Well yes indeed the bible had illustrations, infact when Jesus was here on the Earth he used alot of illustrations. I suggest that when you have the time you can read the gosp (MORE)
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What is the definition of bibl?

There is no such word. The Greek word biblios means a book. The Bible, whose title just means "the book", is the holy book of Christians and Jews. Words containing the Greek (MORE)
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What is the Definition.-What-is-the-BibleS?

The bible is the word of god that the christians use to follow god commandments and stories that happen in it. The bible was written by 40 men or more.
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Are Bibles endangered?

No, bibles are made everyday and are still read throughout all the earth. Although this is a fact I wish more people would come to their sences and get to reading the book tha (MORE)
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Why were the Bibles in Latin?

Bibles were in Latin because that was the official language of the Catholic Church. It also meant that only the educated people, (mainly priests or those working for the churc (MORE)
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Which bibles have concordances?

The KJV has a concordance and dictionary which takes one back tothe original words translated from the Hebrew Chaldee and Greeklanguages
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Does Mexico have a 'bible'?

Yes. Most Mexicans profess the Roman Catholic faith; just like most Spanish-speaking countries, Mexico uses the Reina-Valera translation of the Bible (1602) which is as valid (MORE)