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If you're biding on a job will your base bid need to cover the alternate too?

\nDepends on how you bid is structured. \n. \nYou can either give an all inclusive bid and try to estimate upcoming changes.\n. \nOr you can give a base bid on the actual wo ( Full Answer )
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Would the secretary of state be acting president if obama and bided disqualified?

at the supreme courts request the secretary of state is empowered to tell the president elect and his running mate two both voluntarily step down from office enaugerated or ( Full Answer )
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What biding website do you bed the lowest to win?

Not E-bay LOL =D. It really depends on what you want to buy. E-bay will get you decent prices with the buy it now option but you might want to check out Bidazzeled
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How powerful is the move Bide in Pokemon?

It would depend on how much damage you or the foe takes. whatever the damage, the attack pays it back with double the hit points it loses. If the user does not get attacked, t ( Full Answer )
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How do i get source code for bide algoritham?

You can get the Java source code for the BIDE data mining algorithm here : (link moved to link section) It is an open-source data mining framework that includes the BIDE ( Full Answer )
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Is Kroger biding to buy winndixie grocers in 2011?

The supermarket chain Winn-Dixie is being sold for $560 million to Bi-Lo LLC. The combined company will have about 690 stores and 63,000 workers in eight states in the south ( Full Answer )
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Is bided adieu is correct?

No, bided adieu is not correct. It "bid adieu" as in 'He bid adieu to the planes Indians.'
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Where is the best place to buy a secondhand sass and bide dress?

If you are looking to buy a sass and bide dress secondhand, the first place you should go to is a family member. A family member would be a good source because you could trust ( Full Answer )
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What kind of clothes does Sass and Bide make?

Sass & Bride make western clothing. This clothing can range from old time western clothes to modern day clothes. Western clothing is the biggest thing at this store but there ( Full Answer )
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Where could one purchase a Sass and Bide dress?

A Sass and Bide dress can be purchased from a wide variety of clothing stores and websites. These include Gumtree, Polyvore, and Sass and Bide's official website.
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What does safe in a ditch in the bides mean?

In Shakespeare's play Macbeth, he decides that he needs to get rid of Banquo and his son, Fleance, because the witches prophesied that Banquo's descendants would be kings of S ( Full Answer )