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What are bidets used for?

Bidets are a means to clean your genitals and anal area after usingthe restroom.
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How do you take out a toilet and its hole for adding vinyl tile to the room since this is a bidet that we want to go away hole in slab and all?

The toilet can be removed fairly easily. 1. shut off water supply to toilet 2. flush toilet to get most of the water out of the tank and bowl 3. with a cup or a wet-vac remove (MORE)
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What is a good brand of toilet bidets?

The most commonly found brand of toilet bidets is made by Kohler, however other good brands to by toilet bidets from are Nameeks and Sunpentown, which are both also very trust (MORE)
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What are some reasons that people use bidets?

People use bidets for a number of good reasons. It is more comfortable and hygenic to use water to clean yourself instead of using dry paper. It's hands free. Your hands stay (MORE)