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Fall of dien bien phu?

French forces at Dien Bien Phu fell to the communist Viet Minh May 7th 1954 .
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Tre bien m'amor?

"très bien" (note spelling, including grave accent on e) is French for "very good" or "very well". . "m'amor" is not French. On the other hand, "mon amour" means "my love" (MORE)
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What is 'a bien tout'?

The phrase 'a bien tout' contains a misspelling. For the word 'tout' needs to be spelled 'tot' and added to the end of 'bien'. The corrected phrase 'a bientot' means [See you] (MORE)
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What does 'Tout est bien qui finit bien' mean?

The sentence 'Tout est bien qui finit bien' means All's well that ends well . In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'tout' means 'all, everybody, everyone, everything'. T (MORE)
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How do you translate into English 'Dormiste bien Has dormido bien'?

The question 'Dormiste bien' means Did you sleep well ? In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'dormiste' means '[you] did sleep, slept'. The adverb 'bien' means 'fine, we (MORE)
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What is esta bien?

It´s important to use the accent here. "Está bien" means "it (or he/she or you formal) is well". "Esta bien" would be "this good".
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What does dor bien mean in french?

Dor bien means many things depending on how you use it in a sentence. Here is what Dor Bien means: 1.) Well. 2.) Indeed. 3.) Many. 4.) A lot. 5.) Good. 6.) Property. 7.) Very (MORE)
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What does si Muy bien mean?

Si muy bien = Yes, very well (Where 'si' has accent over 'i') (If no accent, 'if very well')
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What is the German 'Biene' in English?

" Bee " is an English equivalent of " Biene ." In simplistic terms, bees are appreciated by people for their production of honey. They also must be appreciated by many of the (MORE)