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How big is the singularity of the Big Bang?

Mathematically speaking, singularities are infinitely small and have no size or volume. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle dictates that all of the matter and energy may ha (MORE)
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How big is the Big Ben volcano?

The Big Ben Volcano is 2745 meters above sea level and its diameter is 25 kilometers. it is located on heard island in Australian territory and is one of 2 active volcanoes in (MORE)
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How big is big foot?

Bigfoot is described in reports as a large hairy ape-like creature, ranging between 6-10 feet tall, weighing in excess of 500 pounds, and covered in dark brown or dark reddish (MORE)
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Is your brain as big as a peanut how big is it?

Approximately the size of your two closed fists held together. A human brain weighs around two to three pounds. Now, since your brain doesn't stop growing until you become old (MORE)
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What are the lyrics of big big world?

[Chorus] I'm a big big girl In a big big world It's not a big big thing if you leave me But I do do feel That I do do will Miss you much Miss you much I can see the first lea (MORE)
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How big is the big bang?

Now How Would We Know EXACTLY How Big It Is And/Or Was?! We Aren't That Clever You Know! ¬¬ Go Ask Alister... The big bang is still happening today, as the universe (MORE)
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How big is England and how big is Egypt?

Answer United Kingdom has 244.820 square kilometers of land while Egypt has 1.001.450 square kilometers of land. . What is the answer in miles or kilometers???
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How big is the big dipper?

It's about 25 degrees. If this answer doesn't make any sense to you, it's because the question didn't make a great deal of sense to us. The 25 degree figure is correct, though (MORE)
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Do big plants have a big seed?

no the seed of a sunflower for example is small but the sunflower itsself can grow huge
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Is Oklahoma a big state and how big?

Yes Oklahoma is a BIG state and Oklahoma is 69,960 square miles, 68,735 of which is land area. It is 230 miles wide.
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Why is the Big Apple the Big Apple?

There are three main theories as to how the Big Apple got its name: 1) In the 1910s and 1920s, the purse (prizes) for horse races used to be called an 'apple'. New York, as (MORE)
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Do big men have big penises?

Some do, some don't. Would be great if it was that easy to find out but it's not. And if someone do have a big penis it often mean it doesn't get much bigger when erected. So (MORE)
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How big is the bell in Big Ben?

The great bell is 2.2 meters tall, 2.9 meters wide. It strikes out the hours in the tower and is nicknamed Big Ben. It weighs 13.7 tonnes.
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How big is big butt?

For a 'big' butt to be 'big' it must be one of the first things you notice on a female or male figure. For a butt to be considered big it should look almost fake and like it d (MORE)
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How big is big show relly?

Big Show has been billed by various wrestling promotions in the height range from 7 feet tall all the way up to 7'2" and in a weight range of 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. in years pas (MORE)
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How is big show a big guy?

Big show the wwe wrestler.He weighs 484 pounds(220 kilos) and stands 7 feet tall.Big daddy V weighs 1 kilo more
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How big is a big dog?

Guinnes Book of World Records has a Great Dane being the tallest dog in the world. Gibson is 42.2 inches tall. Large Dog Breeds: · Irish Wolfhound 28-35 inches 90-12 (MORE)
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How big are the hands on big ben?

As in any other clock, the Big Ben hands have different sizes: -The hour hand is 9ft (2.7m) long. -The minute hand is 14ft (4.25m) long. . +++ Big Ben is not the clock, nor t (MORE)
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Why is the big five a big deal?

'The Big Five" is a human ego-trip. Kill the five biggest game animals and you're a REAL hunter...
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Do big dogs do big poop?

Probably, but I don't have a dog, but I may consider as one cause my poop is very very very big and smells like poop and also my neighbor has a big some type of breed mix. It (MORE)
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How big is the earth and how big is the sun?

The Earth has a diameter of 8825.25(12756.28 km) and a circumference of about 25000 miles (40000 km). The Sun has a diameter of about 865000 miles (1391780km) and an equator (MORE)
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Why do big cats have big teeth?

Large species of cat have such large teeth as they take down much larger prey. For a large cat such as the lion, they will prey on zebra or antelope or wildebeest or deer so t (MORE)
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If you have a big head do you have a big brain?

Generally I believe so! However, this is not always the case and even then sometimes a smaller brain can have a higher IQ than a larger one.
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How big are big ears?

Big. to big to fit in the coffin when they die that's why we call them wingnut
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How big is the sun and how big is a star?

The Sun is 875,000 miles across, though scientists usually use kilometers, in which case it is 1,392,000 kilometers across. It is also very heavy. To write its weight in kilog (MORE)
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How big is the sun and how big are the stars?

The sun and the star are the same size. The sun only appears bigger because it is closer to us than the stars. answ2. To get a better idea, look up 'Hertzsprung - Russell' (MORE)
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Is the earth big or very big?

The earth is "very big" compared to Mercury or Mars, but the earth is only "big" compared to Saturn or Jupiter. It really depends how you wan to look at it, optimistically or (MORE)
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Why was big Al called big?

He was called big because, he was the allosaurus with the most bones discovered (95%).
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How big is Big Time Rush?

Well big time rush is over 8 million GIRLS that just love them just like me
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How big can a pride of big cats get?

Only lions live in prides and they can get quite large (approximately 30 cats) but typically consist of less than ten or fifteen individuals, including cubs.
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Why does Big Foot have big feet?

Big Foot has big feet because he is giant.big foot is giant because he has big feet.big foot got his name because he has big feet .
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How big was it big bang?

The expansion of every part of our Universe was as big as our Universe -- which, if not infinitely large, is pretty big.
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How big is a big?

It depends on the context. A molecule that is visible to the naked eye would be impossibly big while a star that is as large as the Earth would not be big!