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What are bikes made from?

There are plenty of materials that can be used for bike production. Usually the frame/fork is steel or aluminum, with steel also used for spokes, sprockets, chain and axles. h (MORE)
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Description on bikes?

Most typically, bikes have two wheel, a set, and handle bars. Foryounger children, bikes can have four wheels so they do not have toworry about balancing.
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Which bikes are the best?

It all depends on what your looking for. Like racing, doing tricks, or casual riding. I ride for a local shop and for tricks my best advice is to get a flyfit. There rea (MORE)
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What does biking do for you?

Simply biking is riding a bicycle. But if you view it in a broaderterms, it is an adventure sport. Biking lets you go foradventuruous trips on amazing settings, off roads, rou (MORE)
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What is biking?

biking is when you ride a bicycle
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Where do you get bikes from?

Pretty much the same places you get anything else from. You can buythem in specialty shops, inexpensive, usually poor ones fromdepartment stores, used from yard sales, craigsl (MORE)
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Where can you do biking?

Depends what kind of biking you want to do and where you live.
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Why are bikes called bikes?

Bike is an abbreviation of bicycle, with Bi as another word for two and cycle from cyclic, something that goes around. Two-wheeler basically. cause its a bike
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How are bikes manufactured?

Depends on the material, but basically in factories like any other series production item. For metal frames it start with raw length tubing which is cut, mitered, placed in a (MORE)
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Why were bikes built as they were?

Kinda hard to answer, as bikes have evolved some over the years. Very early bikes had equally sized wheels and were powered by kicking yourself along the ground with your feet (MORE)
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What are mountain bikes?

A mountain bike is the bicycle equivalent of a SUV or a Jeep, it's a bicycle made to go off-road.
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How do bikes reproduce?

Only living things reproduce, so bicycles do not. Bicycles gets produced, or built though, but that is all by humans putting them together just like any other mechanical const (MORE)
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Where do you do mountain biking?

You can ride a mountain bike pretty much anywhere because the tires are big and they're easy to handle. Most countries have some kind of trail designated for cyclists as a way (MORE)
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Do bikes rust?

Yes, bikes will rust if left out in the rain for long periods of time without protection from the elements.
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Can bikes shrink?

Not unless you cut parts off and then put them back together again.
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Can you recycle bikes?

Sure. Once it's worn out beyond repair, disassemble and sort out the metal parts according to material, then turn the parts in at a recycling center.
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What is the toruq in bikes?

I think you can turn to They are a specialist of car obd2 tools. I think they will give you the answer.
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Is bikes a pronoun?

No, it is not. Bikes is either a plural noun or a third-personsingular verb form (to bike).