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What does biking do for you?

Simply biking is riding a bicycle. But if you view it in a broaderterms, it is an adventure sport. Biking lets you go foradventuruous trips on amazing settings, off roads, rou ( Full Answer )
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Bike for extreme bike riders?

It all depends on what type of riding you do. If you do cross country, the best bike for that is probably some Cannondale, downhill/freeride would be a kona, orange or a giant ( Full Answer )
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A quad bike or motor bike?

definatly a quad bike!! :P but afterall it depends, speed or comfort.... there are lots of factors that can change your mind, eg: safety, enjoyment, use of vehicle, pric ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get bikes from?

Pretty much the same places you get anything else from. You can buythem in specialty shops, inexpensive, usually poor ones fromdepartment stores, used from yard sales, craigsl ( Full Answer )
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Pocket Bike or Dirt Bike?

Pocket Are you kidding? Pocket bikes are little kiddies toys that you can only ride in private parking lots. Get a dirt bike and do some REAL riding, enjoy some REAL speed ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a bike a cute bike?

There are a lot of different things that you can do. Starting with the Frame. I repainted one. I took off all the parts and spray painted it with some cool designs that I tape ( Full Answer )
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How To Attach A Bike Light To A Bike?

Well, usually they come with mounting brackets included, which for the huge majority of modern lights means something that goes onto the handle bar.
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Is a Fit bike a good bike?

if your gonna get a fit, dont get a 2010 model, they are designed to make you buy more and more fit products and most other parts never fit. if you can get a fit flow, there ( Full Answer )
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Why are bikes called bikes?

Bike is an abbreviation of bicycle, with Bi as another word for two and cycle from cyclic, something that goes around. Two-wheeler basically. cause its a bike
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Do you drive a bike or ride a bike?

Rule of thumb, if it has two wheels, you are a rider, if it has 4 or more wheels you are a driver.
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What is a GS bike?

GS bikes are a type of motorcycle made by Suzuki starting in the early 1970's. They started out as normal type bike's then evolved into different models such as cruisers and s ( Full Answer )
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Where is the pulley on a bike?

Bicycles with external gears have two, one guide pulley and onetension pulley, both in the rear derailleur. Some bicycles havefurther pulleys on the frame for either the brake ( Full Answer )
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What is a sturdy bike?

by sturdy if you mean durable,any bike $300+ will probably last a couple years(depending on how hard you ride).
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What is a roll out on a bike?

Well, the way I'd use it is to describe how to set up a cyclocomputer. You get on the bike, mark a starting point, then scoot forward until the wheels have turned one full rev ( Full Answer )
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What kind of bike is it when you combine a mountain bike and a trick bike?

There is no such combination. Trials bikes are mountain bikes that one could construed as being "trick bikes" as trials require riders to "hop" around a complex obstacle co ( Full Answer )
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What type of bike is a 2003 bike?

2003 sounds more like the year of manufacture than anything else, and doesn't say anything about what type of bike it is.
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Does bike doctor assemble bikes?

a bike doctor tunes and works to fix bikes, they can assemble bikes, but you should get a manufacture to do that. a bike doctor can put new pads on your brakes, they can, if y ( Full Answer )
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What bike is the fastest bike?

Dodge Tomahawk (Worlds Fastest Bike) 8.3L V10 engine producing 500HP! A Very Very Fast Bike.
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How do you tell if a bike is a bmx bike?

Well, there is a look to them. 20" wheels, long, low frames. Handlebars look a certain way. Do a net search for bmx pics and you'll soon figure out what to look for.
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How do you put a bike on a bike rack?

I would suggest placing it on the very end. Roll the bike wheel onto the space you choose. You may need a bike lock, if you want to keep your bike from being stolen on the rac ( Full Answer )
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How do you tell if your bike is a mountain bike?

The first thing I'd look for is rear suspension. MTBs are pretty much the only bikes equipped with that. Next I'd look at the wheels. If it has wide, knobbly tires, odds are i ( Full Answer )
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What makes a bike a bike?

Now, I'm no expert, but I think a bike must have 2 tyres because thats what divides something like a bike with a tricycle. The long name for a bike is bicycle, bi-meaning 2. T ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on a bike?

You can lean it to your side, step over the bike, pull the bike up from under you, and get on!:)
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How can you convert a bike to hybrid bike?

Depends on where you're starting from. A drop bar road bike can be made a bit more user friendly by switching to a flat handlebar, and some slightly wider tires. Do note that ( Full Answer )
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How do you turn a bike to a bmx bike?

With great difficulty. Your typical BMX use 20" wheels. If you take a bike built for bigger wheels and put 20" wheels on itthe bottom bracket(the mounting point for the pedal ( Full Answer )
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Why are a bikes pedals not in the front of a bike?

Hey, that's a good thought! In fact, there are bicycles that lielow to the ground that do have the pedals in front of therider. Of course, they get pretty wet when it's rain ( Full Answer )