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Where is bile produced?

Bile is made in the liver but stored in the gall bladder. Bile is produced in the liver from cholesterol. It is stored in the gallbladder which is situated just below the liv ( Full Answer )
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Where does bile come from?

In most vertebrates, bile which is a greenish color is produced bythe liver. Once produced by the liver, bile is stored in thegallbladder until the food being digested (at thi ( Full Answer )
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What is bile made of?

Bile is a composition of the following materials: water (85%), bile salts (10%), mucus and pigments (3%), fats (1%), inorganic salts (0.7%) and cholesterol (0.3%).
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What does bile mean?

Answer . Bile is a fluid which is secreted from the liver, which aids to digest food. For more details, got to:
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What is the function of bile?

Bile(produced by the liver) breaks fat particles into smaller ones. it has 3 main functions- 1. DIGESTIVE FUNCTIONS- bile salts, major constituents of bile,help in fat digest ( Full Answer )
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Why is bile brown?

Bile can range in color from pale yellow to brown. The most commonly seen color in vomit is greenish yellow. Bile is excreted from the liver, and is a bright grass green when ( Full Answer )
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Where is bile made?

The liver produces bile and then is stored in the ball bladder until needed. Then it is sent to the small intestines to break down fats. Bile is made up of bile salts, cholest ( Full Answer )
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Functions of bile?

Bile has an enzyme that helps break apart fat so that it can be more easily absorbed in the small intestine.
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Where is bile made and how?

Bile is made in the liver from the breakdown of old and dying red blood cells, a substance called bilirubin.
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What is bile made out of?

The bile produced by the liver is mainly made of the breakdown of red blood cells.
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What is a bile duct?

Bile, a green fluid that aids digestion, is secreted by the liverand carried to the gallbladder. From there it's carried by a tubecalled the bile duct into the intestine
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How does bile work?

Bile is said to emulsify fats. By that I mean that it breaks fats up into tiny globules so that digestive enzymes called lipases can go to work digesting it further.
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Were is bile released?

It is released into the intestine. In the intestine, the bile then helps to make the mashed up food to be digested.
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What is bull bile?

Bull bile is the liquid that comes from the gall bladder of a bull. Bile is made from the liver and stored in the gall bladder to be used in the abomasum of the bull for diges ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need bile?

Bile assists in digestion; without it we wouldn't be able to obtain as much energy from the same food, and would either need to eat far more or starve.
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What job does bile do?

Bile neutralizes the acidity of the chyme in the duodenum, which allows it to be broken down into smaller molecules by enzymes. yellow colour of the fecal matter is due to i ( Full Answer )
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What is Bile?

Bile is a fluid produce in liver and stored in gallblader that helpdigest food. Bile is a yellow (not greenish) fluid secreted by the pancreas (not liver) and stored in the ga ( Full Answer )
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Where is a bile produced?

Bile is produced in the liver, and then is taken to be stored in the gall bladder.
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How does bile get to the duodenum?

The bile is produced in the liver and the bile duct which drains the bile comes down to join the pancreatic duct, and forms an ampulla called ampulla vater which opens in the ( Full Answer )
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How is bile concentrated?

90% of water from it is absorbed back into the bloodstream from the gallbladder
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Where does the bile duct carry bile?

The bile duct carries bile to the proximal duodenum (the first part of the small intestines) and to the gall bladder (in most species).
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Is bile the same as bile salts?

no, bile is different from bile salt.bile is the secretion of the liver consisting of water, bile salt,bile pigment,cholestorol,lecithin and several ion it emulsifies lipids p ( Full Answer )
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Where is bile manufactured and what does it do?

It is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It helps tobreak down large fats into smaller fats so that they can be moreeasily digested.
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What is bile responsible for?

Bile is secretory as well as excretory product of liver. It secretes bile salts and excretes bile pigments. Bile salts (Sodium glaucocolate and Sodium taurocholate.) are respo ( Full Answer )
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Is Bile good for you?

Bile is good for you if it stays in the small intestine where it belongs. It breaks fat particles into smaller ones (emulsifies it) so it is easier to digest.
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What is the composition of bile?

In addition to water, bile contains bile salts, bile pigments (bilirubin and biliverdin), cholesterol, and electrolytes.
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What is human bile?

bile is an enzyme secreted from human liver,excess of liver toxification secretes more bile juice.
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Is bile a noun?

yes, bile can be defined in two ways: a. either of two humors associated in old physiology with irascibility and melancholy. b. inclination to anger.
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What are biles in the stomach?

bile never goes into the stomach unless you are throwing up it is secreted into the small intestine.
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What are facts about bile?

It is produced in the liver but is stored and concentrated in the gallbladder. It is released from the gallbladder in response to fats entering the duodenum of the small intes ( Full Answer )
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Where does bile have its affect?

STOMACH obviously, where the food is located once it has been consumed and travelled down the epiglottis then larynx leading to the trachea and down to the last stop, the stom ( Full Answer )
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What bile salts are in bile?

Bile contain many types of salts, generally sodium salts of steroid acids. See the link below.
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Is bile are not digested?

BILE is digested. BILE gives the color to your feces. It helps to break down fats.
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What can stop bile?

Food can stop bile. If you find that you are struggling with vomiting bile, eat a piece of bread. If your bile ducts are clogged, gallstones can cause this.