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What is binge eating?

Binge eating is defined by a person consuming an unnaturally large amount of food of over 2,000 calories within the space of two hours. Binge eating is characterised by a s ( Full Answer )
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What is binge drinking?

When a lot of alcohol is consumed in one session. Binge drinking is periodic drinking (on weekends, for instance) for the express purpose of getting drunk. It is a form of d ( Full Answer )
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Binge on food?

I'm sorry, but that is not a complete or logical question. Please re-phrase and re-submit your question so that WikiAnswers can provide you with the best answer possible. Than ( Full Answer )
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What is binge-drinking?

A 'binge' is a short period of excessive indulgence. It usually refers to alcohol or food consumption. The word 'spree' is a similar concept. Someone who engages in binge-dr ( Full Answer )
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What does bing mean?

Bing doesnt mean anything its a search engine which is called bing!! But it is a dialogue of sound!! Bing means: Because Its Not Google! or Because I Need Google!
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What is the bing bang?

the big bang is a theory. scientists believe that there was an explosion and now it keeps expanding. the world is 14.7 billion years old. the big bang isn't true because God c ( Full Answer )
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What is a bing cavy?

Bing Cavy is a guinea pig on the internet, popular among cavy owners like myself.
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How do you pronounce binge?

The first part of the word 'binge' is pronounced like a garbage 'bin.' The last part is pronounced like the end of the word 'bridge.' (e.g., binj)
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How do you avoid binging?

Eat small meals often, eat foods that are very filling, and drink plenty of water.
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What does Bing stand for?

because it's not Google BING is a replacement to Microsoft previous search engines and stands for BROADBAND PING
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What rhymes with bing?

sing, ding, king, wing, fling, Ming (Chinese Dynasty), swing, cling, thing, zing, Ling (surname), Ning (social networking site), ping (ping-pong game), ring
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What is the characteristics of binge?

Yes because they barf up what they eat and they starve themselves and also eat big amounts of food at one time.
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What is bing and bong?

its an 7-9 old old children show on noggin but sadly they dont show it anymore when i was 5 or 6 i loved it
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Who created Bing?

Bing, previously Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search,is a is a search enging built by Microsoft in 2009. Bing boaststhat their search results are better than Goog ( Full Answer )
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Is Bing good?

Bing is really good. I recommend everyone to use it as it really does find the best results. Google, although fast and easy to use, is nothing in comparision to Bing's amazing ( Full Answer )
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What is a Ritalin binge?

a binge on riatlin. Ritalin is a CNS stimulant used in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and if abused can cause euphoria similar to cocaine.
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Who invented Bing?

Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego
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How do you search with Bing effectively?

Just get on your mind and type phrases you want to search forrather than direct questions. I have observed many users searchinglike they are talking with the search engine. No ( Full Answer )
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What does a food binge do to you?

Food binges can cause weight gain, mood swings, chemical imbalances within the body, and an unhealhy relationship with food.
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What is binge dieting?

It is something that people do to make them look skinnier (making them self barf) Don't do it
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Why lil bing in prison?

He killed somebody that was messing with his cousin (in prison for life) free bing!!
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When do Club Bing tickets expire?

They expire if your Windows ID or Windows Live account has been unactive for 180 days, according to the Terms of Service. (700 tickets down the drain after a year of high sc ( Full Answer )
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What does bing stands for?

Because It's Not Google... Bing is a great and reliable search engine, just like google. I prefer bing because they have a rewards program that you can take advantage of and ( Full Answer )
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Is Bing evil?

They could be, if they are they must be doing a good job at hiding it.
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How do you get to bing?

Bing is a great and reliable search engine, just like google. I prefer bing because they have a rewards program that you can take advantage of and earn points to apply towards ( Full Answer )
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Who helped bing?

The devil. There have been a couple of legal issues between Google and Bing, where Google claimed, with evidence that Bing was copying their search results. Bing is Microsoft' ( Full Answer )
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What is Club Bing?

Club Bing is a website run by Bing. You can play games and win real prizes.
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When was bing published?

bing was publised in the 21st centery so pretty much it was made in new york and publised december 1st 1999
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What is binge dirking?

Binge Drinking is when somebody may not have a drink at all for a week or a month (extended period of time) then they go say on a Friday night or a weekend and get drunk(have ( Full Answer )
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How is Bing awesome?

Bing is awesome because it has so many good search sites and it can be amazing.
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Is Bing accurate?

No is not the awnser is is very acurite these people only say because they like google sh*&
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Do binge eaters admit they binge?

Ofcourse not,its like hoarders dont admit they hoard since they are embarresed or dont know it.
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Who is Jaquan Bing?

youtube star, borned in 2000. you could read more about him through facebook and/or twitter. =) check out his youtube page on facebook, join it and it'll be a good resource ( Full Answer )
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What does ''bing'' stand for?

Because It's Not Google Bing is the new name of what used to be MSN SEARCH. . "Bing Hitler" was a name used by Craig Ferguson as an onstagecharacter when he worked early co ( Full Answer )